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4 Simple Ways to Watch iTunes Movies on TV

A bigger screen! You want a bigger screen for your phone and TV, especially when you want to enjoy some videos. Nowadays, with the help of AirPlay and other technologies, you can easily mirror your iPhone/iPad screen to Apple TV for better visual experience. Do you know how to watch iTunes movies on TV from iPhone or iPad?

How to Watch iTunes Movies on TVHow to Watch iTunes Movies on TV

You can stream various movies or TV shows from the iTunes Store on any of Apple devices signed in with the same Apple ID, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. Truth is, most of us don’t have an Apple TV. Now we back to the key point, how to watch iTunes movies on a normal HDTV? This post shows 4 simple and effective ways to help you play iTunes movies on the bigger TV screen.

Part 1. How to Watch iTunes Movies on Apple TV

First, we will show you how to play iTunes movies on Apple TV. Apple TV can connect the movies from your iTunes library to the TV. As long as the Apple TV is connected, you can sync iTunes movies from iTunes library to Apple TV. If you own an Apple TV, you can take the following guide to play iTunes movies on TV with ease.

Step 1Launch Apple TV. It is built in to Apple TV and is available on compatible smart TVs. Then choose “Movies” > “Purchased/Rental” on the main menu.

Step 2Here you can select an iTunes movie you want to play on Apple TV. All the purchased or rented movies will be displayed by show titles.

Step 3Hit the “Play” to start playing the iTunes movie on Apple TV.

Movies on TV

Part 2. How to Play iTunes Movies on TV via USB Port

Almost all new televisions are designed with a USB port. You can play iTunes movies on TV through USB port. Surely, you need to download the iTunes movies first. Then you can transfer iTunes movies or TV shows to USB flash drive for syncing them to your Samsung/LG/Sony smart TV. However, you have to remove DRM from iTunes M4V movies. Now we strongly recommend a powerful Screen Recorder to help you download iTunes movies by recording way.

Screen Recorder

4,000,000+ Downloads

Record any iTunes movies and TV shows with original image/sound quality.

Lock window or exclude window for recording.

Edit video while recording, such as draw, outline and add arrows/text to video

Record video high up to 4K on Windows PC and Mac freely.

Step 1Remove DRM and download iTunes movie

Free download, install and run Screen Recorder. Choose the "Video Recorder"option in the interface and then set the recording region as full screen, customized screen size or preset region.


Turn on the System Audio and turn off Microphone. This operation will ensure you directly record iTunes movie from original audio track.


Play the iTunes movie and then click Start button to start downloading iTunes movie by recording way. You can save the iTunes movie in any popular video format like MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI or TS.

PreviewStep 2Copy iTunes movies to USB device

After downloading, connect your USB drive to the computer. Then copy these downloaded iTunes movies to your USB flash drive. After recording, the DRM will be removed from iTunes movie.

Step 3Play iTunes movies on TV

Plug the USB stick to your TV's USB port. Your TV may prompt you that there is a new device connected to your TV. You can follow the on-screen instructions to quickly locate the USB device. Then you can find and play iTunes movies on your smart TV.

Part 3. How to Watch iTunes Movies on TV from iPhone/iPad

As it mentioned above, AirPlay provides a simple way to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your smart TV. When you have the need to play iTunes movies on TV from iPhone or iPad, you can rely on it.

Step 1Play the iTunes movie on your iOS device like iPhone or iPad.

Step 2Once you start playing iTunes movie on your iPhone/iPad, you can scroll your finger from bottom of screen to arise the “Control Center”. Here you can find the “AirPlay” option.

Step 3Tap “AirPlay” and then select your TV from the device list. Then your iPhone/iPad screen will appear on the TV. Now you can watch iTunes movie on it.

Airplay is one popular and efficient way to watch iTunes movies on TV. If you have a new smart HDTV, streaming iTunes movies to TV is very easy. Just one click on "Airplay" button, the iTunes movie playing on your iOS device will be mirrored to the large TV display. Here you may want to know how to use AirPlay without Apple TV.

Part 4. How to Stream iTunes Movies to TV via HDMI Cable

You can rely on HDMI cable to connect your computer to TV. By doing so, you can play iTunes movie on computer and enjoy it on TV. To using this method, you need to make sure that your computer has a output HDMI port. Most computers on the market are only designed with an input HDMI port. Input HDMI won’t help you play iTunes movies on TV, you should know that.

Step 1 Plug the HDMI cable of the PC into the HDMI port of your TV. Then change to the HDMI channel on your TV.

TV Source

Step 2 Open iTunes on your computer and then start to play the movie you'd like to watch on TV. Now you can see that, the iTunes movie playing on your computer will simultaneously display on your TV.



We have talked about how to watch iTunes movies on TV in this page. We show you 4 simple ways to help you stream movies from iTunes Store on your TV. Please share it in the comment if you have any better solution.

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