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How to Download 8 Tracks Music Playlists

8 track is a popular internet radio and social networking website revolving around the concept of streaming user-curated playlists consisting of at least 8 tracks. You can create a free account, browse the site and listen to other user-created mixes, and also create your own mixes. If you want to download music from 8tracks, you need to pay some fees.

Download Musicplaylists From 8tracks

Fortunately, there are some free ways for you to download music playlists from 8tracks. This passage lists the best three methods among them. If you are interested with this topic, read on and learn how to make it with ease.

Part 1: How to download 8 tracks music playlists with professional program

When it comes to download 8 tracks music playlists, the best way is to use a professional app. And here you are suggested to use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, the best recording tool among the market to record your favorite songs. This wonderful 8 tracks downloader is equipped with a lot of useful functions, and you can easily record all music playlists with the highest quality. In addition, it is available for a wide variety of output formats.

video/audio recorder

  • Fast downloading speed and multiple output formats.
  • Freely record system audio, microphone audio or both.
  • Come with advanced audio editing functions.
  • No ads and spyware, absolutely safe and secure.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Follow the detailed steps to learn how to download 8 tracks music playlists with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder.

Step 1: Launch Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

Double click the download button to free download and install this professional 8 track music playlists recording software on your computer. Make sure you download the right version. Then click its icon to open this audio recorder.

Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2: Customize recording settings

In the home screen, choose the "Audio Recorder" option, turn on "System Audio" option, and turn off "Microphone" option. Here you are also able to adjust the recording volume.

Audio Recorder Feature

Step 3: Record 8 tracks music

When all settings are done, click the REC button on this 8 tracks downloader. Navigate to 8 and then play the song track you want to download. To finish the recording, just hit the Stop button on Apeaksoft Screen Recorder.

Record Audio

Step 4: Edit and save 8 tracks music playlist

When the 8 tracks music playlist recording is finished, you are able to pre-listen the recorded music and do some basic editing on it. Finally you can save the captured 8track music on your computer in suitable format.

Pre Listen Audio

It is done! Now you have downloaded the music playlists that you choose from 8 tracks successfully! Isn’t it easy to operate?

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Part 2: How to download 8 tracks music playlists with 8hacks

In addition the recording way, you can also download 8 tracks music playlists for totally free. 8hacks is a wonderful freeware designed to help you download almost all the music from 8 tracks with the highest quality. What’s more, you are also able to extract your downloaded music or playlists to

Key Features:

  • Absolutely for free.
  • Simple to use and download 8 tracks surprisingly fast.
  • Support Windows XP or newer, and Mac OS X 10.6 or newer including 32 and 64-bit architectures.

Step 1: Download 8hacks on your computer

Search "8hacks" on Google Play Store, and click its screenshot to download this 8 tracks downloader on your computer.

Step 2: Install and launch 8hacks

After downloading, you are able to select a proper vision from Windows or Mac, and then follow the instructions to install and launch it.

Step 3: Copy and paste URL

Go to 8 tracks and find a music playlist that you want to download. Copy the link of your selected playlists and paste it to the 8 tracks downloader.

Step 4: Add songs to cell phone

Tap on the Download button, and then all the songs in the playlist will be downloaded from 8 tracks to your local device. And you are capable to add them to your mobile phone or music players manually!


Part 3: How to download 8 tracks music playlists online is also a famous online 8 tracks downloader. It supports you to rip music playlists from 8 tracks without downloading another software. In addition, its clean interface and easy instructions earn a great popularity among millions of users.

Key Features:

  • Download any music playlists and audio files from any site, certainly including 8 tracks.
  • No software or registration needed, and available for completely free.
  • Support several audio (MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc.) and video (MP4, AVI, FLV, etc.) formats.

Let’s start learn how to download music playlists from 8 tracks with this online downloader:

Step 1: Open

Launch your browser, and navigate to

Step 2: Copy the URL of a music playlist

Next go to the official website of 8 tracks, find and locate a certain music playlist that you are going to download from 8 tracks, then copy its URL.

Step 3: Paste the link address

Com back to the online 8 tracks downloader,, and paste the address you copied just now to the blank text box.

Step 4: Download music playlists

Choose "Audio" option instead of “Video”, and tick "Download playlist" option. After everything is read, click on the big "Download" button. video-downloaded.

Video Downloaded


This article is an ultimate guidance about how to download music playlists from 8 tracks. All of the 8 track downloaders mentioned above can perform well. In particularly, you are highly recommended to use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, an all-in one audio recording and editing program. Do not hesitate to download it and have a try.

At last, if you have any other query about music playlists downloading from 8 tracks, please share them in the comment below. And if you like this passage, do not forget to share it to your friends on your Facebook or other social websites.

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