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How to Download Music from Jango Radio

Jango Radio is a free custom radio that makes online music easy and fun. Jango provides a free online music streaming service so that you can create custom radio stations. Jango has hundreds of ready-made stations divided by genre like Hip Hop, Rock, Country or Classical and themes like Hits from the 80’s, Christmas Classics or Today’s top 100. What if you want to enjoy your favorite Jango music for offline playback? In this post, we will show you two ways to download music from Jango Radio with ease.

Download Music from JangoDownload Music from Jango

Part 1. Does Jango Provide the Music Download Service

According to the official explanation, Jango doesn’t provide the download service since it is a custom online radio station. That means you can't download any songs from But you can create as many stations as you like, rate songs to teach your station what to play more often and play any of the songs available on whenever you want. For example, you can go to any Artist Page to see all songs by that artist and play a music video at any given time.

For getting free songs from Jango, there are other ways you can try. You are able to use a professional audio recorder to help you download Jango free music for offline enjoying. in the following part, we will show you two ways to capture songs from Jango.

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Part 2. How to Download Music from Jango Using Audio Recorder

If you don’t want to buy songs from iTunes or Amazon, you can use an audio recorder to help you record the song that you want to download from Jango. You can make use of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, the most professional audio recorder that allows you to capture any sound and save to MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, etc. for easy playback. It can record any kind of audio and music from computer audio, microphone and online music sources like Jango, YouTube, Spotify, etc. With the help of task scheduler, it allows you to schedule music recording by setting the recording start time and end time. As an intelligent music recording tool, it allows you to edit music tags manually, manage and play recordings in media library easily.

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

  • Record streaming audio, online audio, microphone voice with high sound quality.
  • Record all video files and sound that are played on the computer screen.
  • Support adjusting various preference settings, like bitrate, sample rate and more.
  • Trim the recorded Pandora music, set output audio quality and support real-time drawing.
  • Work on both Windows and macOS operating systems.
Download for WinDownload for Mac
Step 1

Download and install this audio recorder

After downloading the best audio streaming recorder, install and launch it on your Mac or Windows. Then, select Audio Recorder from the main interface to enter into the audio recorder window.

Audio Recorder
Step 2

Record Jango Songs

Enable System Sound and adjust the volume. If you wish to add your voice to the audio recording, toggle on Microphone; if not, disable it. Hit the Settings icon to open the Preferences window where you can customize the output format, hotkeys, and more. When you are ready of playing music on Jango, click the REC button to begin the recording process.

Step 3

Save the recording files

When the audio recording is completed, click the Stop icon to open it in the Preview window. Here you can pre-listen to the capturing Jango music and decide to remove unwanted clips. Finally, click the Save button to export the captured audio file to your computer.


Part 3. How to Download Jango Free Music Online for Free

If you prefer to record Jango music online, you can try Apeaksoft Free Online Audio Recorder. It is a free platform for capturing and downloading audio from your built-in system audio, external resources or the microphone voices, this audio recording software can get them with ease. With this free online audio recorder, you do not need to install any software on your computer and you can get your favorite songs from Jango.

Step 1

Just visit in your browser. Click the Start Recording button to access the launcher.

Start Recording
Step 2

Find and play the song you want to record, meanwhile, hit the REC button to start grabbing the streaming music on Jango. After the recording work is done, you can click Stop to finish your recording.

Step 3

Preview the files within the program and make further edits for the captured audio file. After that you can save your captured Jango music to your computer or share it YouTube, Instagram, etc.


Part 4. FAQs of Downloading Jango Music

1. Is Jango free?

Yes! Jango delivers unlimited music for free and our iOS and Android apps are free too!

2. How can I buy songs from Jango?

If you feel like buying a song you're listening to, just click the "Buy" button in your player and we'll take you to that song's page on iTunes or Amazon.

3. What devices does Jango work on?

Jango is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android devices.

4. I'm an artist/label - how can I submit my music to be included on Jango?

Jango has a special promotion program called "Radio Airplay" which helps unsigned artists and independent labels get their music played and promoted on and on Jango mobile apps.


Consider what we have talked about Jango free music download, we highly recommend Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, which could not only help you download Jango music, but also record desktop sound and microphone with high quality on your Windows or Mac.

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