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[Tutorial] Download Movies from Movie2k and Movie4k

Is there any method to download movies from Movie 2k and Movie 4K?

Download Movie2k Movie4k Movies

If you are a new user for these movie websites, you might only use Movie 2k and Movie 4k to watch the free movies instead of watching in the cinema. In Movie 2k and Movie 4k, you can watch any movie and TV show you want, which contains cinema movie, latest updates, random movie, featured TV shows and etc.

When you meet some appreciate movies, you want to download and share them to others. It should be a complicated task to download movie from Movie 2k and Movie 4k.

This tutorial will introduce three different methods about how to download movie from Movie 2k and Movie 4k.

Part 1: What are Movie2k and Movie4k

Movie 2k is one of the best and earliest free movie websites where people can share and upload movies and TV programs in a comprehensive way. Because of MPAE2K being infringed on copyright in 2013, Movie 2k was banned and developed into Movie 4k.

Actually when you need to download movies from Movie2k, you can find the download button instead.


Movie 4k is similar to Movie 2k. In Movie 4k, you can watch all the latest cinema movies even the movies being on the cinema, including action, adventure, animation, etc. Its worth to point out that Movie 4k has achieved to use three languages, English, German and Russian. It should be another free platform to access and download movies.


If you search Movie 2k or Movie 4k on Google, you can get many results, such as Movie, Movie, Movie, Movie 4k.TV, Movie 4k.ME, Movie 4k.ORG and etc. These are all the branch channels of official site.

Part 2: How to Download Movies from Movie2k and Movie4k Directly

Certainly, you can watch movie online very conveniently. It’s very easy for you to find Button "Download" to save movies from the hosting website. However, when you download movie from Movie2k and Movie4k directly on the website, it still has some tips you should notice. Sometimes, this "Download" button will connect with some other ads and when you click it, and you will download some other adware by accident. You should pick out those useless plug-in or software carefully.

If you are tired of collecting whether the "Download" is proper, you can choose to use useful software to download movie from Movie 4k and Movie 2k. Following two professional downloaders with lossless video quality may be helpful for you. I will introduce how to use that software to download movie from Movie2k and Movie4k step by step.


Part 3: Best method to download movies from Movie 4k

When you need to download movies from Movie 4k, Freemake is one of the most popular movie downloader to download full-length movies from Movie 4k with fast speed and high quality, such as full HD, 8K, 4K HD and other quality.

It also lets you download videos from Twitch, YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, etc.

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Freemake on Windows. It is a lightweight application to download movies. After that, you can launch the program on your computer to download movies from Movie 4k.


Step 2: Copy the URL of the movies from Movie4K, which you can film, clip and further edit the video files you want to save. Now you can paste the URL of the Movie 4k to the Movie 4K video downloader.


Step 3: Choose the video quality and file format. The program is able to detect the several different video qualities and file formats, and you can choose the desired file before downloading the video to computer.

Choose Quality

Step 4: You can click the "Download & Convert" to extract the movies from the website to your computer. It takes a few minutes to get the videos from Movie 4k offline.

Part 4: Best method to capture movies from Movie 2k

What should you do if you cannot download movies from Movie2k or Movie 4k? In order to find a 100% workable way, you can record movies from Movie2k or other websites.

As for the case, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder should be the best alternative to get the video files, which can create a video with decent quality on both sound and picture. Here are the detailed processes to capture videos from Movie 2k.

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. After that launch the program to record videos. Make sure you start the program before the movie starts from Movie 2k.


Step 2: Select the button "Video Recorder" in the main interface. It is very important to set the area of recording. You can choose to record the whole screen of your computer or just a fixed area for the Movie 2k.

Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 3: Choose the system audio instead of the microphone audio file. Adjust the parameters according to your requirement. After then, you should to click the button "REC" in the right to start recording movies in Movie2k.

Video Recorder Interface

Step 4: When you get everything done, you can click "Stop" in the right to stop Movie video recording. Save this recording on your computer before you preview the movie, or share the video to social media websites.

In this way, you are able to save YouTube videos, Dailymotion movies, TED lecture videos, etc. to your computer.

Preview Video


1. Before you record the movies, in order to take advantages of the program in high quality, you should open up your setting and set up a better condition to make your video a higher quality.

2. Before starting your recording, you should set the area, such as recording whole screen of computer or a fix area. But we recommend you to setting a fix area around the movie player or use the full-screen mode when playing movie.

3. Check and close some applications you needn’t to avoid your computer makes some noise during recording the movie.

4. Try to find a quite environment without a lot of noise to affect the quality of movies.


Downloading movie from Movie 2k and Movie 4k with some professional software is not difficult as you think. When you meet problems in the process of downloading movie from Movie 2k and Movie 4k directly in the website, do not give up, and try to download and install proper software to solve this problem.

I hope this tutorial will help you and when you meet the similar situation, you can remind this tutorial to try the methods mentioned above.

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