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5 Websites of Naruto Shippuden Download and The Best Download Way

Do you like Naruto? Are you the fan of Naruto Shippuden? Do you want to download Naruto Shippuden episodes free to enjoy them everywhere? If you are one of the fans of Naruto Shippuden, you can get the easiest method to get the desired files.

Download Naruto Shippuden

Here the article lists top 5 websites to download Naruto Shippuden, as well as the movie list of Naruto.

Most importantly, you can know the best way to download Naruto Shippuden episodes in what follows. Just begin reading this article and get useful information now!

Part 1: Top 5 Websites to Download Naruto Shippuden Episodes

Top 1: Narutoget

Narutoget is a professional website that is rated as the best way to stream and download Naruto Shippuden. If you are a big Naruto fan, you must know this website. You can know the professionalism of the site from its name.

In fact, it is first and foremost dedicated to Naruto. When you open this website, you can see all the information and images are related with Naruto. If you can’t find an episode here, chances are you can’t find it everywhere! Therefore, Narutoget is worthy of the top 1 website to download Naruto Shippuden.


Top 2: Naruto Base

Naruto Base is a wonderful site where you can download Naruto Shippuden episodes free. You can easily know this website concentrates more on Naruto from its name, and it can be said one of the great gifts to Naruto fans.

If you afraid of streaming watching takes up too much data, you can choose to use this sites to download Naruto Shippuden on your device.

Naruto Base

Top 3: Crunchyroll

For some anime fans, Crunchyroll is the ultimate anime authority, which brings them too much enjoyment. It does offer videos in really high qualities, although you have to pay for it. But you will feel it is worth to pay for the fee. What’s more, you can also enjoy and download Naruto Shippuden from iOS, Android device, as well as website.


Top 4: KissAnime

KissAnime is one of the most famous anime sites you may want to try. You can find nearly anything you’d need in regard in anime. It is worth to check out if you are looking for a specific episode.

The most important thing is you can download Naruto Shippuden episodes free with the help of this anime site.


Top 5: Phantom Anime

Phantom Anime is the last website to download Naruto episodes we recommend to you. The reason why Phantom Anime is on the list is it lists all the genuine websites that lists episodes available for free download.

What’s more, it has a server base of its own, and you can easily download Naruto Shippuden from its server.

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Phantom Anime

Part 2: Movies Lists of Naruto Shippuden Episodes

So far, Naruto has spawned 10 full-length movies. Three of them followed the plot of Naruto, and others from Naruto Shippuden.

In the following form, we list a part of the movies that you can download Naruto Shippuden.

1Naruto Shippuden the MovieIn this story, the villain Yomi attempt to take over the world by reviving the spirit of the demo Moryo. Naruto and his friends fight to save the world.Naruto
2Naruto Shippuden the Movie: BondsThe story of the movie revolves around the attack on Konhda by the ninja of the Land of Sky. Naruto begin the journey to save the inhabitants of a distant village.Bonds
3Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of FireThis movie revolves around the potential outbreak of the Fourth Great Ninja World War and the race to stop it.Inheritors
4Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost TowerIn this movie, Naruto and his friends have to travel through time to find Mukade, and stop him before he change history.Lost
5Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood PrisonThis story tells Naruto’s attempts to escape from the prison to prove this innocence.Blood

Part 3: How to Download Naruto Shippuden Episodes

To download Naruto Shippuden, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is strongly recommended to you. Though it doesn’t like other downloaders to download Naruto episodes, Screen Recorder provides a professional way to record animes, apart from Naruto episodes on your Windows or Mac. You can simply enjoy the easy way of downloading Naruto Shippuden on your computer.

Screen Recorder

4,000,000+ Downloads

Recording any video/audio and capture screen on your Windows or Mac.

Easily recording online movies and radio, games, tutorials, capture webcam videos, etc.

Set recording area with full screen or customized screen size.

Preview the recording video and save it as the format you need.

If you are interested in how to download Naruto Shippuden, you can follow the next detailed steps. Here we take Apeaksoft Screen Recorder in Windows for example.

Step 1: Download Screen Record

Go to Apeaksoft official website firstly. Here it provides you Windows and Mac version of Screen Recorder for you.

Just choose the suitable one and then download it. After that, you need to finish the installation according the guide.

Audio Recorder Feature

Step 2: Open Naruto Shippuden

Now you can launch Apeaksoft Screen Recorder on your computer and choose Video Recorde to download Naruto Shippuden. Then you need to open the Naruto Shippuden you want to download in video player.

Audio Recorder Feature

Step 3: Record settings adjustment

Back to Screen Recorder, and now you are able to adjust some settings about recording Naruto Shippuden. Firstly, you need to choose the recording area according the video. Then you can make audio settings. You can choose system audio or microphone as you like.

Video Recorder Interface

Step 4: Record Naruto Shippuden

After all things done, you can click on REC button which is on the right side of this video screen recorder, and play the Naruto Shippuden on your computer to begin the recording. When it is finished, you can preview it before saving it.

Preview Video


This article summarizes 5 best websites to download Naruto Shippuden, as well as some movie lists of Naruto Shippuden. If you want to know how to download Naruto Shippuden episodes free, you can also find the answer in this article. You can get more professional Mac screen recorders from here. Hope you like this article and enjoy Naruto.

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