How to Download Netflix to Watch Offline without Expire

- "I was wondering if someone knows a way to capture movies from Netflix on my laptop. Do they provide such a service? Well, I guess not. But is there another way to get Netflix download? I’m travelling a lot and I would love to watch series or movies on my way, but I really don’t want to buy anything"

How to Watch Netflix Offline

Now, let’s solve above questions together.

You can download Netflix movies to computer of certain types in a limited time period.

In another word, you can download Netflix movies for offline watching within the available time.

Then here comes the question, what if you want to watch Netflix offline videos that are not downloadable?

To get rid of Netflix download limit, you can try to record streaming Netflix video for offline viewing permanently.

Wanna know how to download movies from Netflix? Let’s read together to solve the problem.

Part 1: How to Record Netflix to Watch Offline with Screen Recorder on Computer

If you want to watch Netflix offline on Mac or Windows, you can turn to Apeaskoft Screen Recorder for help. It is your best way to watch Netflix on Mac or PC. The Netflix movie downloader allows users to record any streaming without downloading. There are no restrictions of recorded Netflix movies. What’s more, you can apply video editing features and take snapshots while recording.

What can You do with the Netflix Download Software

  • Record online video from YouTube, Netflix, Tumblr, and other video-streaming sites.
  • Capture system audio, microphone audio or both with adjustable settings.
  • Use hotkeys to record and capture Netflix videos.
  • Record and download Netflix movies to computer offline in WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
  • Customize recording area for all onscreen activities including Netflix downloading.

How do You Download Netflix Movies and Watch Offline Permanently

Step 1: Launch Screen Recorder

Free download and install Apeaksoft Screen Recorder software on your computer. Launch the Netflix download app.

Then choose "Video Recorder" option to prepare to record Netflix for offline watching.

If you want to download videos from Twitch, then run Twitch immediately.

Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2: Set the customized screen

Draw the area you want to record. To be more specific, you can record Netflix streaming video only instead of the whole desktop. Of course, it is also supported to record the fixed region, you can get related options under downside arrow next to the "Screen" icon.

Trigger the on-off options before "System Sound" and "Microphone". You can also turn off the certain audio source manually.

Custom Screen Size

Step 3: Adjust Netflix download video settings

Choose "More settings" if you want to change the default output format. When you locate "Preferences" window, click "Output" in the left panel. Now you can change the destination folder, video/audio/snapshot format, video/audio quality, frame rate and other settings. Just click “OK” to save your new change.

You can enter into related sections to personalize hotkeys and others about Netflix download movies, too.

Output Setting

Step 4: Download and watch Netflix offline

Choose the red “REC” icon to start to record Netflix on laptop. If you want to skip the certain part, you can click "Pause" followed by "Restart". Later, choose "Stop" to finish the Netflix video recording process. Well, you can preview the video file instantly.

Preview Video

Take a snapshot if you want. Then choose "Save" to move on. Set a new destination folder by clicking the three-dot icon. You can also skip it and then click "Next" on the lower right corner.

Set Output Folder

At last, rename the Netflix download file. Then you can play, edit or share your file easily. Just head to the certain section to achieve.

Record Skype Video

Part 2: How to Download Shows from Netflix to Watch Offline (Android & iPhone)

If you can find your favorite show in Netflix download list, then you can download and watch Netflix on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android and other portable devices directly. After that, just download "select TV shows and movies" to watch Netflix offline.

Step 1: Locate Netflix menu

To start with, you need to update Netflix app to the latest version first. The Netflix app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Later, choose the three-line menu icon on the top left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Download Netflix to watch offline

Select "Available for Download" from its list. Then search the Netflix show or movie you want to watch offline. If it is downloadable, you can see the “Download” button besides. So click it and select the video quality, then you can download Netflix movies offline to smart phone.

Download Netflix to Watch Offline

After that, just download "select TV shows and movies" to watch Netflix offline with no Wi-Fi. Be aware that your downloaded Netflix movies are not available all the time.

When you cannot download movie from Netflix directly, you need the iPhone screen recorder apps to help you download any online videos to iPhone, and Android screen recorder apks to download videso from Twitter, Facebook, etc. on Android.

Part 3: What to do about Netflix Download Expire

Just as above mentioned, your Netflix download movies expire sooner or later. Well, it differs according to the certain Netflix download content. For instance, some movies downloaded from Netflix app expire 48 hours after you press play. Moreover, you will be notified in "My Downloads" section when the expiration is less than 7 days.

It is quite frustrating when you plan to watch Netflix offline but are notified with its expiration. So is there any way to watch Netflix movies when Netflix download expire? If you can connect to Wireless network, you can download Netflix movies again. But if you are not sure, then you can use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder to download Netflix movies offline without time limitation.

That’s all for how to download Netflix to watch offline on Mac/PC/iPhone/Android. If you encounter any problem while downloading Netflix, feel free to contact us.

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