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Download Any Audio from SoundCloud to Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

- "Is there any way to download audio from SoundCloud with instrumental?"

- "How to download any song from SoundCloud?"

- "Which SoundCloud recorder do you use to capture SoundCloud songs to PC?"

Soundcloud Recorder

SoundCloud has been one of most popular online music and podcast streaming platforms for years. You can get over 120 millions of audio tracks from established and emerging artists. Then here comes the question, is it possible to download audio from SoundCloud?

If you subscribe SoundCloud with $4.99 or $9.99 per month, you can download some songs for offline listening. However, not are songs are available to be downloaded. So how to download SoundCloud files and playlists without restrictions? Well, here are 5 ways for you based on different situations.

Part 1: The Official Method to Download SoundCloud Songs

Actually, SoundCloud allows users to download certain audio tracks officially. You can search the song you want to download first to see if it is downloadable. If the answer is "Yes", then you can see a valid "Download" icon under the audio track. Just click it to download off SoundCloud in 320kbps and more.

You may wonder why some tracks cannot be downloaded. Actually, every artist in SoundCloud has the right to allow or disallow audio downloading before uploading. Thus, it seems impossible to download the entire SoundCloud playlist in the official way.

Download Soundcloud Official

Part 2: How to Use SoundCloud Downloader Free on Google Chrome

There is also a SoundCloud downloader Chrome extension you can get, which is SoundCloud Downloader Free. This tool can add a download button to most SoundCloud tracks. Therefore, you can choose the newly-added "Download" icon to download a song on SoundCloud directly.

Furthermore, you can even get a "Download" icon under a SoundCloud playlist. Just click "Add to Chrome" icon to enable this feature. In a word, SoundCloud Downloader Free offers one more way to download audios with the SoundCloud desktop browser.

Soundcloud Downloader Free

Part 3: How to Download SoundCloud Songs to iPhone

If you try to download SoundCloud songs to iPhone, then you can run Soundflake as your SoundCloud downloader app for iPhone and iPad. In spite of downloading SoundCloud songs, you can discover and follow more artists that match your taste.

Step 1: Download and install Soundflake on your Apple device.

Step 2: Run the SoundCloud downloader app for iPhone.

Step 3: Search any song you want to download with the built-in browser.

Step 4: Choose "Offline listening" from the "Options" list.

After that, you are able to play the downloaded audio tracks for offline playback or get the audio into video to create your own video files.

Download Soundcloud Songs iPhone

Part 4: How to Download Music from SoundCloud on Android

There used to be lots of SoundCloud downloader apk that offers direct download links. However, they are warned by SoundCloud. So you may not download all songs from SoundCloud at present.

Step 1: Download and install SoundLoader app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Search the song with "SoundPlayer" in the SoundCloud downloader app for Android.

Step 3: Choose the “Floppy" icon to download SoundCloud songs to Android.

Step 4: Head to "Storage" > "Music" > "SoundCloud" folder to find your downloaded music.

Download Soundcloud Songs android

Part 5: How to Record SoundCloud Songs with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

So how to deal with songs that SoundCloud does not provide "Download" options? Well, you can try to record on SoundCloud on computer with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. By using this SoundCloud recorder software, you can record any audio from Soundcloud without downloading. Furthermore, you can use Screen Recorder to record other streaming audio for offline listening and customizations.

Key Features of the SoundCloud Recorder Software

  • Record any video and audio on your Windows and Mac computer smoothly.
  • Record SoundCloud music from streaming audio, online audio, microphone voice and more.
  • Export your recorded video (MP4 as the video default) and audio (MP3 as the default audio format) to different formats.
  • Manage video and audio settings before recording SoundCloud songs.

How to Record a Song on SoundCloud and Export as MP3 Audio in High Quality

Step 1: Launch Screen Recorder

Free download and install Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. Double click its icon to launch the SoundCloud recorder app on your computer.

Choose “Audio Recorder” on its main interface. Well, if you want to record a music video, you can choose "Video Recorder" to capture both the streaming video and audio together too.

Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2: Manage audio settings

There are two options including "System Audio" and "Microphone". Just trigger the one you need to the "On" state manually. Of course, you can record both SoundCloud audio and your voice simultaneously. Moreover, there are volume sliders you can adjust with.

Record Audio

Step 3: Record audio from SoundCloud

Open the SonudCloud song you want to record, and then start the audio recording process. Well, you can pause, restart and stop SoundCloud recording process with no time limitation. What’s more, you can view the real-time file size and recording time on the top. When the process finishes, a new preview window pops up. So you can pre-listen the SoundCloud audio recording file before exporting.

Pre Listen Audio

Step 4: Export your SoundCloud recording file

If everything goes well, you can choose "Save" option on the lower right corner of the screen. Change the destination folder if necessary, then click "Next" button to move on. At last, you can see your recorded SoundCloud audio file in the left panel. Head to the "Share" section to upload the audio recording file to social media if you want.

Record Skype Video

As a result, you can record on SoundCloud and export as MP3 files quickly and easily. In another word, you can bypass these or those limitations to download audio from SoundCloud freely. So just get the SoundCloud recorder free download and have a try right now.

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