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4 Best Methods to Download Ustream Video Effectively

Ustream is one of the most popular online video stream services that allow you to broadcast and view contents in various categories, including high school sporting events, political events, talk shows, music and etc.

Download Ustream Video

In addition to watching live broadcast, it also supports storing favorite Ustream videos. When meeting some live shows you are interested, you are likely to download those Ustream videos offline, which you can share them with your friends.

However, Ustream doesn’t provide the options of built-in download. So it is essential to find some excellent tools to help you download Ustream videos. In this article, we recommend 4 methods for you to download Ustream videos with ease.

Part 1: The best method to download Ustream videos directly

When you want to download Ustream videos, video downloader should be a nice option to get the desired files with ease. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is able to convert, download, and edit videos or music files in more than 1000 formats.

Additionally, this software is equipped with full of features to satisfy all video requirement of users. Next, we will demonstrate how to use Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to download Ustream videos.

Step 1: Install and launch Aiseesoft Video Convert Ultimate on your computer. Go to Ustream web and find the video you want to download. Then, copy the URL of video on the top.


Step 2: Paste the URL of video into "Add URL" column of the program. After that you can click the button "Analyze" in the right of URL box, and then select the proper format and quality you need.


Step 3: Click "OK" to begin your downloading Ustream video offline. It takes a few minutes to download the files to you computer, you can check and sync the Ustream video to other devices.


Part 2: The best method to record screen for Ustream videos

What should you do if the video downloader does not detect the Ustream videos due to multiple reasons? Is there any alternative solution to download Ustream videos? As for the case, you can record the video in the original quality with some on-screen recorder. Here, we will recommend you a professional Ustream video recorder.

If you want to download Ustream videos in order to watch or share videos offline, you can try to use recorder to save videos directly. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is a reliable tool for you to save Ustream videos with rich features.

1. Record all on-screen activities, make video tutorials, capture webcam video, record games and more in high quality.

2. Capture the Ustream videos, audio files and even take screenshot for some beautiful scenes for the TV shows.

3. Customize recording area, make the audio setting, preview video recording before saving video from Ustream.

4. Schedule the recording process without waiting aside; it would save a lot of time.

5. Annotate Ustream videos with text box, highlights, arrow and etc. during the process of recording Ustream videos.

Following are some steps about how to record screen for Ustream video with this recorder.

Step 1: To begin the recording steps, first you need to download Apeaksoft Screen Recorder from official website, install it on you Windows computer. After that you can launch the program on your computer to record the videos.

Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2: When you want to record Ustream videos, choose the option "Video Recorder" in the left of the interface. The program also helps you to record audio or take snapshots for Ustream broadcast online.

Video Recorder Feature

Step 3: In order to download the Ustream video without background, you should click the third button in the interface to set the recording area. You can choose to capture full screen, a fixed region or a custom region as you need.


Step 4: Make sure that you have opened your microphone. In the main interface, you can find a microphone-alike button in the right and adjust the system sound and microphone into proper position.


Step 5: After setting the area and sound, click the big red button "REC" in the right. You can click "pause" and go to webcam to open Ustream video, which you want to record. Then, go back to Apeaksoft Screen Recorder to continue recording.


Step 6: When you finish Ustream video recording, you are able to click "Save" on the bottom right to save the Ustream video to your computer.

Preview Video

Part 3: How to download Ustream videos online

If you were not willing to install any Ustream video-downloader, online video-downloader would be a better choice. When you search online video-download on Google, there are many websites that can be used to download Ustream videos, such as keepvid,, and etc. Next, we will set the example on to introduce how to download Ustream videos online.


Step 1: Visit the official site:[]

Step 2: Enter your Ustream video URL in the blank box, then press "Download video" button.

Step 3: Before downloading Ustream videos, it will appear the options and you can select the video format and quality as you like.

Step 4: Then, click "Download video" and wait a few minutes, your Ustream video will be downloaded and saved on your computer.

Part 4: How to download Ustream videos with Browser add-on

In addition to the desktop software, another effective way to download Ustream videos is using browser add-on, such as Video-Download Helper of Chrome or Firefox browser.


Step 1: Download the browser add-on to your computer. Restart your browser, you can find those browser extensions in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Go to Ustream and find the video you want to download. Then click the icon of download helper, it will provide some download links and the only thing you should do next is choosing the needed one and download it.


Download Ustream videos would not be a difficult thing with these methods mentioned above. From this article, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is the best downloader to download Ustream video directly. When you meet some videos can not be download directly, Apeaksoft Video Recorder will be a excellent alternative. If you don’t want to install desktop program, try to use online video downloader and browser add-on. We hope that this tutorial is helpful for you.

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