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Facebook Video Call Recorder - How to Record Facebook Video Call

Facebook is one of the most popular social network services among the world. You can use it to send messages, contact your online friends, share your daily life and so on.

Is there any way to record Facebook messenger video call for further use?

This tutorial is going to tell you a comprehensive instruction to record Facebook video calls. Due to there are different OS platform, here we offer three different methods to record Facebook Messenger calls for iOS users, Android users as well as Windows & Mac users.

Facebook Video Call Recorder

Part 1: How to record Facebook video call on computer

If you are used to video chat on your computer, the best way to help you record messenger calls is to use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. As the top screen recording tool, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is capable for capture any screen activitie, including game videos, online movies, as well as Facebook messenger video calls easily.

Moreover, it features with multiple recording modes and real-time editing functions. Above all, this all-in-one Facebook messenger video call recorder enables you to enjoy the greatest fun in video calling.

Follow the next tips to learn how to record Facebook Video Call on your PC or Mac with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder:

Step 1: Launch Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

Download and install this Facebook Messenger video call recorder on your computer, and then tap on its icon to start this software.

Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2: Adjust recording settings

Choose the option "Video Recorder" from the main interface. Then tick both system audio and the microphone to make sure the checkmarks appears. You can also set the recording hotkeys, output formats and more.

Video Recorder Feature

Step 3: Record Facebook video call

Go to your Facebook and start a video call with your friends. After adjusting the recording frame, simply tap on the REC button to record. During the recording process, you are able to make drawing or add annotations based on your need.

Video Recorder Interface

Step 4: Save the video call

Once the video call is done, you are able to preview the recorded video and check the effects. If you are satisfied, save it to the destination folder.

Preview Video

Part 2: How to record Facebook video call on iOS

If you are an iOS user, you should know that Apple disables any screen recorder app in Apple Store. But for all this, you are capable to record messenger video chat on Facebook without jailbreak.

iOS Screen Recorder should be a good choice. With this wonderful Facebook messenger recorder, you can easily record iPhone screen and video calls or download audio from Facebook messenger in one click. In addition, you are supported to customize the record resolution, video format, audio input and many other recording settings.

Here are the detail steps to record Facebook video calls on iPhone/iPad/iPod with this powerful iPhone/iPad screen and audio recorder:

Step 1: Install and start this app

After downloading Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder on your computer, install and launch this Facebook messenger recording tool.


Step 2: Connect to same network

You need to put your iPhone/iPad and computer into the same Wi-Fi connection. Under the same network, you can start to record iPhone screen smoothly.


Step 3: Mirror iPhone/iPad to computer

You need to mirror your iPhone screen with the help AirPlay feature. Turn on the Mirroring functions in Control Center.

iOS 11

Step 4: Record Facebook video call

When everything is already, make a video call with your Facebook friends. Click on the record button to record the massager video call.


Want to know more iOS screen recorder apps, you can check this post.

Part 3: How to save Facebook video call on Android

Though there are a wide variety of facebook messenger recorders in Google Play Store, most of them are unable to capture video with audio from both sides, or full of annoying ads. In order to have a hassle-free experience, what you need is a professional Android recording program. And Apowersoft Android Recorder deserves you to take into consideration.

Different from other screen recording tools, Apowersoft Android Recorder guarantees a high definition as well as lossless audio effect. What’s more, you do not worry that there will be any lags when sounds from both parties are synchronized to the PC monitor.

Following is a general guide about how to record Facebook manager video calls on Android via Apowersoft Android Recorder:

Step 1: Connect phone to computer

After downloading and launching Apowersoft Android Recorder on your computer, use Chromecast to connect your Android phone to computer wirelessly.

Step 2: Mirror phone screen to PC

Slide down the notification shade in your cell phone, and then hit the "Cast" option. Then you are capable to capture Facebook video call to computer in real time.

Step 3: Make a Facebook video call

Once the screen of your Android phone is mirrored to the computer, start a video chat in Facebook and tap on the red REC button to record Facebook this messenger call.

Apowersoft Main Interface


The article is the ultimate guidance about how to record Facebook messenger video calls on 3 different platforms (Android/iOS/computer). Have you managed to save your own video calls? Please share your experience in the comment! If you have any other problems about how to how to record Facebook video calls, write down your query in the article.

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