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How Can I Download Videos from Facebook to Computer/iPhone/Android?

Have you ever wondered how to download Facebook videos to your computer, iPhone or Android phone? Although it's not easy to download videos from Facebook directly, there are still many options for you to download or save Facebook videos. For example, there are dozens of sites that enable you to download public, private and even live Facebook videos in an easy manner. If you want to download videos from Facebook to iPhone or Android phone, there are also special apps available. Keep reading to learn the complete guide to quickly and easily download Facebook videos.

How to Download Videos from FacebookHow to Download Videos from Facebook

Part 1. How to Download Facebook Videos on Computer

1. Download Facebook videos without any tool

It'd be better and more convenient that if we can download Facebook videos without any other third-party tools, check how to do below.

Step 1 Log into your Facebook account and select the video you want to download.

Step 2 Replace "www" with "m" in the video link, it will open the mobile site view in a computer.

Step 3 Now you just need to right-click on the video and choose the option "Save video as". Then you can easily download Facebook videos on your computer without any tools.

2. Download videos from Facebook via online sites

The easy method recommended above may not succeed every time, there will be chances that you cannot get Facebook videos downloaded only by replacing the "www" to "m" in the video URL. In this case, you can get help from some third-party tools.

There are various online sites that enable you to download Facebook videos with ease, here we have collected five online sites that can help you download videos from Facebook without any limitation.

FBDOWN is an easy-to-use online Facebook downloader that enables you to download public Facebook videos as well as private videos with ease.

Download public Facebook videos

To download public Facebook videos, you just need to copy the URL of the Facebook public videos, then navigate to on the browser in your computer, paste the Facebook video URL in the input box and click Download button, then you can see the options to download the video in HD quality or Standard quality, make a choice and start to download Facebook public video to your computer.

Download public Facebook videos

Download private videos

If you want to download a Facebook video whose privacy is set as Private, can also make it possible, please check the steps below.

Download private videos

Step 1 Navigate to in your web browser.

Step 2 In a new tab, log into your Facebook account and find the page of the private video that you want to download.

Step 3 Open the source page of the private video page. If you are using a Windows computer, press Ctrl+U. If you are using a Mac computer, press Command+Option+U.

Step 4 Copy the source code in the box on and click Get Video to save the private Facebook video to local.

Chrome Extension: This online Facebook downloader also has a Chrome Extension named Video Downloader PLUS that enables you to download video from any websites like Facebook, Viemo, Dailymotion, etc.

Another useful free online Facebook downloader is, it does not just help you download Facebook videos, but also has many other amazing features like below.

  • It hosts hundreds of thousands of Facebook videos in its directory.
  • It also helps download private Facebook videos as well as Facebook Page Photo Album.
  • It can also work as an online viemo downloader that allows you to download Viemo videos.

The way to download Public or Private Facebook videos via is similar to that of, so we do not repeat here.


It's also simple to download Facebook videos via GetFvid, the operation steps is similar as above. It can help you download and convert public Facebook videos to MP4 video files or MP3 audio files for free. Of course it's also able to download private videos from Facebook. This service works for computers, tablets and mobile devices without any limitation.


Chrome Extension: With the corresponding Chrome extension Social Video Downloader, you can download Facebook videos directly without leaving the Facebook video page.

Similar to the three free online Facebook video downloaders above, can also help you save public or private Facebook videos easily with the same operations. It also have a corresponding free browser extension "SaveFrom.Net Helper!"



Another similar online website is VIDSAVER, which can help you download public and private Facebook videos in the same manner as above. It also has a corresponding Chrome extension called VidSaver - Social Video Downloader. You can choose to download Facebook videos via its online site or with the help of its extension at your will.


3. Save Facebook videos with desktop program

Some users will worry that it's not stable or safe enough to download Facebook videos via online websites. To relieve such kind of worries, you can consider using a more stable desktop program to save Facebook videos. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder should be a good option. It's able to record any online and streaming videos/audio files in various popular formats.

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

  • Record and save any online video on Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Netflix, Hulu, etc. with high quality.
  • Custom the recording area to record Facebook public, private or live videos.
  • Record any gameplay with up to 60 fps frame rate.
  • Record any on-screen activities on your computer, including online webcam video or audio calls. You can highlight your mouse cursor with customized size and color, which makes it a good choice for E-learning.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

How to save a video from Facebook with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder?

Step 1 Download, install and launch this Facebook video downloader on your computer according to your computer OS.

Step 2 To record a Facebook public, private or live video, choose the "Video Recorder" option in the main interface, choose the recording area according to the Facebook video playing area on your computer.

Video recorder feature

Step 3 Turn on "System Sound" option to make sure the audio in the Facebook video will be recorded. Now you can click the "REC" button to start recording Facebook video. Quickly switch your screen to the Facebook video screen and start to play the video.

Note : During the recording, you are able to make drawing or add annotations based on your need by clicking the writing icon.

Step 4 After the Facebook video stops playing, you can click the red square on the top left corner to finish recording.

Finish recording

Then you can preview the recorded Facebook video to check if it's what you want. After confirmation, you can save the Facebook video to your computer.

Save video

Videos not loading on Facebook? Check solutions here.

Part 2. FAQ about Downloading Facebook Videos via Online Sites

1. Why does the Facebook video start playing when I click on Download?

It's normal to happen sometimes, especially on browsers other than Chrome. That's because security protocols of browsers do not allow download of the content from third party websites, so the browser redirects to the resource location. In this case Facebook video is opened, but you can get option to download Facebook video when it starts playing, or you can try to right click the video to get the "Save as" option and choose the location you'd like to save the video to.

2. Can I download Facebook live videos with the online Facebook downloaders recommended above?

Yes, you can. But to download Facebook live video, you need to wait until the streaming is finished, then you can download it just like other Facebook public videos.

3. Will the online Facebook downloaders store or keep a copy of the Facebook videos I download?

The online sites recommended above will not store or keep copies of the Facebook videos users have downloaded. Moreover, they will not keep track of users' downloading history either. All the videos are hosted on Facebook servers.

Part 3. How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone/Android

If you want to download Facebook videos on your mobile phone, whether videos from Facebook Messenger app or videos from Facebook app, there are also some methods available.

Download videos from Facebook Messenger

The process to save videos from Facebook Messenger is similar for iPhone and Android phones, the difference maybe that the buttons you'll need to press have slightly different labels. Here we will take iPhone as an example.

Step 1 Open the Facebook Messenger app, scroll through your contact list and find the conversation that has the video you want to download.

Step 2 Hold the video file while it is still in preview mode. After holding the video for a few seconds, tap the "Save" option when it appears on the screen. Please note that you cannot save videos that were originally uploaded on Facebook. You can only save videos that were uploaded by someone else (like a video recorded on the person's phone).

Step 3 Now you can exit the Messenger app and go to your phone's media gallery to find the saved Facebook video.

Download videos from Facebook app to iPhone or Android

If you want to download videos form the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone, you can also try to download via online sites with the Firefox Web Browser app or other web browser that allows downloading (other than Chrome or Safari).

For iPhone users

For iOS users, before you download Facebook videos via online sites, you need to download a file manager app named MyMedia to get the authority to download media content on your iOS device. But it's a pity that MyMedia is not able to download private Facebook videos.

Follow the instructions below to start the process.

Step 1 Search the free MyMedia app on the App Store and download it to your iPhone or iPad. Please note that this app requires your iOS device to run iOS 9 or later.

Step 2 Open the Facebook app or log into your Facebook account on your mobile browser, then navigate to the public Facebook video you want to download and copy the video link by pressing the "Share" button > More Options > Copy.

Step 3 Now open the MyMedia app, and select the browser tab. Enter "" and press Enter.

Step 4 When the website is opened, paste the Facebook video link in the download link area.

Step 5 Now you can choose the video quality you'd like to download the video in, from either HD quality or Normal (Standard) quality.

Step 6 Name the Facebook video and press Enter, then the video will start downloading.

Step 7 When the download finishes, tap outside of the dialog box and tap the Media option from the bottom of the screen.

Step 8 Tap on the video name you just downloaded and select "Save to Camera Roll". Give MyMedia app permission to do so when prompted.

You can also try other online Facebook download sites recommended in Part 1 with the assistance of MyMedia app on iOS devices.

For Android users

Similar to iPhone, if you want to download Facebook public videos on Android phones, you also need to install an Android file manager at first, which is called ES File Explorer. You can download it from Play Store and install on your Android phone. Then you can start to download Facebook public videos in the similar way as we have introduced above for iPhone. Just use ES File Explorer and any of the online Facebook download sites together, then you can save public videos from Facebook on Android phones successfully.

If you find that some times this method is not working for some reasons, you can also try a third-party Android app which is specially designed to help Android users download videos from Facebook using different methods. This app is Video Downloader for Facebook, you can find it in Play Store. It allows you to download videos from Facebook to your device using the video link/URL without login, or by sharing the video from Facebook to the "Video Downloader for Facebook" app, or by browsing your account and clicking on the videos you want to download and save on your device.


In this article we have made a complete collection of the methods to download Facebook videos on computer, iPhone or Android phone with or without third-party tools. Generally speaking, it's not easy to download Facebook videos without any tool, and it's difficult to download private videos from Facebook on iPhone or Android phone. The success rate will be higher to download public, private or live videos on computer via online Facebook download sites. If you find the online sites cannot download the Facebook videos you want, or the downloaded videos quality is lower than you expect, the best solution is to record the Facebook videos in original quality with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. No matter you want to record public video, private or live videos from Facebook in HD quality or standard quality, it can achieve your purpose without any limitation.

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