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How to Grab Audio from Any Websites on Windows and Mac OS X/11

There are many reasons why you want to grab audio from YouTube and other websites. Firstly, almost all video and music streaming platforms do not offer the download option. If you want to listen to your favorite music offline, you have to download it.

Nowadays, artists prefer to releasing music videos to attract more attentions. However, video files are pretty large and take much space. Alternatively, you can extract audio from online music videos for listening to in the background. If you are ready, let’s start the journey.

How To Grab Audio

Part 1: Best Method to Grab Audio on Your Desktop

When grabbing audio from Internet, output quality is the biggest concern. From this point, you may be looking for a powerful tool. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder can meet your need.

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

  • Grab audio from any website simply, such as YouTube.
  • Optimize audio quality automatically while recording online audio.
  • Support a wide range of output formats, like MP3, M4A, etc.
  • Offer the basic audio editing tool, such as trim unwanted clips.
  • Pre-listen to the audio recordings with the built-in media player.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

In brief, it is the easiest way to grab audio from YouTube videos, SoundCloud, and other websites. We use YouTube video as the example to show you the workflow.

How to Grab Audio from YouTube

Step 1 Install Screen Recorder

Launch the best audio recorder after you installed it to your computer. Pick Audio Recorder from the interface to access the main interface.

Audio Recorder Feature

Step 2 Grab audio from YouTube

Enable the System Sound option while disable Microphone. If you want to add your voice to the audio, turn on Microphone too. Hit the Gear icon to open the Preferences dialog. Now, you can set the custom options related to Output, Hotkeys and more.

Open the YouTube video that you want to download in your browser. Click the REC button once the video starts playing.

/images/screen-recorder/Audio Recorder Interface

Step 3 Save audio recording

When the audio grabbing is done, click the Stop icon to access the Preview window. Listen to the recording and remove unneeded clips with the Clip tool. Adjust the volume and click the Save button to save the audio file.

Save Audio

Part 2: Free Ways to Grab Audio from Website

Freeware is another option to grab audio from CD or websites. The biggest advantage is free to use. However, they all have some drawbacks, such as time limit, output quality, etc. If you do not mind, we share three free tools to help you grab audio from any website.

Method 1: Grab Audio from YouTube Online

As its name indicated, Apeaksoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a free tool to grab audio from website online. Unlike other web apps, it does not have recording time limit. Plus, the output quality is pretty good.

  • Record audio from YouTube, SoundCloud, and more for free.
  • Save streaming audio recordings in high quality MP3 files.
  • No requirement of software installation.
  • Easy to perform and beginners can master quickly.

So, it is a good starting point for beginners to grab audio from website online.

How to Grab Audio from YouTube Online

Step 1 When you find a music video on YouTube that you wish to listen to offline, create a new tab in browser and visit the online audio recorder directly.

Start Recording

Step 2 Click the Start Recording button to access the launcher. Make sure to turn on the System Audio option and turn off Microphone. Next, play the video and hit the REC button on the launcher.

REC Audio Record

Step 3 Once the audio recording finishes, click the Stop icon, and then decide to download the MP3 file or start recording another video.

Download Audio Recording

Method 2: Grab Audio from CD with VLC

VLC is a well-known media player that supports almost all media file types without extra codecs. Of course, it can play the streaming content and optical discs. If you want to grab audio, the record feature is available.

Step 1 Insert the CD into your computer and run your VLC. You can get the media player from the official website.

Step 2 Select Open Disc option from the Media menu to launch the open-media dialog. Choose the disc type, and select the disc from the Disc device box. Then hit the Play button to open the media play window.

Vlc Windows Open Disc

Tip: To play streaming content, select Open Network Stream from the Media menu, copy the URL into the box and hit the Play button.

Step 3 Hit the Pause button, and then check Advanced Controls from the View menu to display more buttons. Now, play the CD and hit the Record button to start grabbing audio from CD. When the playback is complete, you can find the MP3 file in your library.

VLC Advanced Controls

Method 3: Grab Audio from Internet Using Audacity

Audacity is another open-source project as well as an all-in-one audio solution. In addition to edit audio files on multiple tracks, it can grab audio from Internet as well.

Step 1 Find the music you want to grab from SoundCloud or YouTube in a browser. Make the media file buffer but not playing.

Audacity Record

Step 2 Start your Audacity, which is available to Windows, Mac and Linux. Once play the desired online music, click the red Record button at the upper left side to start grabbing audio from Internet. Then hit the Stop icon when the music is done.

Audacity Record Button

Step 3 Finally, choose Export Audio from the File menu, fill out the profile dialog, and save the audio recording to your hard drive.

Audacity Record Export


This article has shared four ways to grab audio from websites and CDs on your computer. For people who have limited budget, Apeaksoft Free Online Audio Recorder is the best option to grab audio from YouTube and optical discs. If you are sensitive to audio quality, we suggest you try Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. It is not only easy to use, but also able to generate high quality audio files using advanced technology. More troubles? Please leave a message below this post.

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