Where and How to Download Royalty Free Music [2020]

Are you searching for the royalty free music download and want to get some of them for your background music?

It's quite necessary to collect a range of high quality royalty free music for your project. If you often create videos for YouTube or other video sharing platforms, you should find place to download royalty free music for your video, blog, vlog, podcast and social network.

Royalty Free Music DownloadRoyalty Free Music Download

The question is, do you know where and how to download royalty free music? In fact, there are many royalty free music sites offering all types of audio tracks. Here in this post, we will show you a simple way to download royalty free music as your background music.

How to Download Royalty Free Music with High Quality

You can easily access all kinds of royalty free music like royalty free Celtic/Irish/Hawaiian music, classical/inspirational music, EDM, and more on the internet. However, royalty free music doesn't mean it is totally free. You may still need to pay for the audio track. So is it possible to download all these royalty free music without purchasing them again and again?

Here we strongly recommend a recording way to download all these royalty free music. To make the royalty free music download, you can try the powerful music recording tool, Screen Recorder. It has the capability to download any music playing on your computer with exactly the original sound quality.

Screen Recorder

4,000,000+ Downloads

Download royalty free music from any music sharing sites.

Capture sound from system audio, microphone/speaker or both.

Record any activities displayed on computer with 4K/HD quality.

Edit recorded audio/video, adjust volume and add annotations.

Step 1 To download all these royalty free music from internet, you should first download this royalty free music downloader. Just double click on the download button above, you can easily get it installed on your computer.

Step 2 Launch this royalty free music recording software, and then choose the Audio Recorder feature. As you can see, it also enables you to record video, take snapshots and more.

Step 3 When you enter the main interface of audio recording, you should custom some settings. During this step, you should turn on the System Audio and turn off the Microphone. Then you can click the Settings icon to do more settings. You can select a suitable output format like MP3 for the royalty free music.

Audio recorder feature

Step 4 Go to one royalty free music site and find the audio track you like to download. Play it and then click REC button to start the recording process. You are given the full control of the music recording.

Step 5 After recording, you can listen to the captured royalty free music. It provides you some basic editing functions like Clip to edit the audio file. Then you can click the Save button to save the royalty free music file on your computer.

Save Audio

With this method, you are allowed to "download" any royalty free music on the internet without limits. The recorded audio track can be save in any popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, and M4A and so on. This royalty free music downloading tool is able to extract audio directly from the system audio. So the output audio will keep the original high quality.

FAQs of The Royalty Free Music Download

Question 1. What's the difference between free music and royalty free music?

Free music means that you are allowed to download and listen to it for free. But it is not necessarily free to use. If you add it to your created video, you may face some copyright issues. Royalty free music refers to the songs that free of any royalty fees. After you buy or get the royalty free music, you can use it freely in your video. In that case, you don't need to worry about the copyright and being charged.

Question 2. Where to download royalty free music?

There are a large number royalty free music sites on the internet. You can navigate to there to get some royalty free audio tracks for your background music. In case you don't know any of them, we tell you some royalty free music sharing sites like Free Stock Music,, Zapsplat, Purple Planet Music, HookSounds, EnovoMusic, Foximusic, and TakeTones.

Question 3. Is royalty free music free?

No. Not all royalty free audio files are free. Royalty free music only refer to a type of music licensing that allows you to pay for the music license only once. After purchasing, you are allowed to use the music as you like. You can take it as free of royalty, not free of charge.

Question 4. Is SoundCloud royalty free music?

Soundcloud is one of the most popular and largest music sharing sites. It has collected millions of all types of songs and audio tracks. You can find lots of audio files that are both free and cleared for commercial use uploaded by creators. You are able to quickly find these free background music through the Soundcloud search filter feature. Learn how to download SoundCloud music here.

We have mainly talked about the royalty free music download in this post. You can get an one-for-all solution to download royalty free music from any music sites. You can also get some royalty free music sharing sites from there. Leave us a message if you still have any questions about the royalty free music.

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