The Best Data Recovery Tool for Windows/Mac Users

Apeaksoft Data Recovery offers professional solutions for Windows/Mac users to deal with various data loss issues. All types of data like pictures, songs, videos, documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TXT, RTF), emails and more can be recovered from PC/Mac with ease.

Recover Data from Various External Memory Cards

Except data recovery from computer/laptop, Apeaksoft Data Recovery is also able to help Windows/Mac users recover deleted/lost data from various drives and memory cards effortlessly.

Recover Data from External Memory Card
Recover from SSD Hard Drive SDHC Data Recovery Recover from Memory Card Compact Flash Data Recovery Recover External Hard Drive Recover Data from RAID Hard Drive Recovery Recover RAW Partition Flash Drive Recover Recover from USB Drive

Fix Problems on Mac Computer

Your Mac computer doesn't function well? Suffer data loss because of Mac issues? Mac Screen goes black? Your Mac is frozen? Don't worry! We are here to help!

Fix Problems on Windows Computer

Windows users may encounter with different kinds of issues with their computer or hard drives, such as the blue screen of death issue, windows won't start, the external hard drive not showing up on Windows computer, data loss from SSD, and more. If you are suffering issues with your Windows computer or external hard drive, check the articles below to see if you can find a solution.