Download Twitter Videos on iPhone – The Ultimate Workarounds You Should Know

How to download Twitter videos on iPhone? As one of the most popular social media applications, Twitter does not provide a direct method to download videos just as the other social media programs. Moreover, Apple has a strict copyright rules for the video downloader app for Twitter. It makes it difficult to download videos from Twitter on iPhone. What should be the best workarounds in order to get the desired Twitter videos offline?

The article shares 3 different methods to download Twitter videos on iPhone. Whether you want to download few videos online, or a large amount of video files from Twitter, you can always get a desired method from the article with ease. Learn more about the methods and choose the desired one according to your requirement.

Download Twitter Videos iPhone

Part 1: How to Download Twitter Videos Online with iPhone

Online Twitter video downloaders are frequently used methods to get the desired Twitter videos offline. Not all the online video downloaders are available on your iPhone, not even mention about downloading Twitter video. Here is the detailed process to download videos with Twitter Video Downloader.

Step 1. Launch Twitter Application on iPhone and spot the video that you want to download. Tap the down arrow at the upper right corner to select Tweet video or GIF files.

Step 2. Press the "Share Tweet via…" option and then choose the "Copy link to Tweet" to copy the URL of the Tweet video or GIF file you want to download on the iPhone.

Step 3. Go to on Safari or another browser. Paste the copied link of Tweet videos you want to download. Click the "Download" button to download Tweet videos.


Actually, there are lots of online Twitter downloaders, such as,, and more others, which works with browsers on Windows and Mac only. When you enter the URL into the browser on iPhone, you are not able to access the online video downloader.

Part 2: How to Download Twitter Video via File Manager on iPhone

It is impossible to search for a Twitter downloader app on the App Store. You still have chances to download File Manager Apps, which is able to download Twitter videos and GIF files. Just learn more about how to download Twitter videos with Documents 6.

Step 1. Download Documents 6 from App Store on iPhone. Launch the app and go to the browser by clicking the Safari icon on the lower right corner to get the URL of the Twitter videos. Then go to or onlinevideo

Step 2. Open the video URL from Twitter with the same process. Go to the video of Tweet, select the "Share Tweet via" option and choose the "Copy link to Tweet" icon. After that you can copy and paste the URL when you resume to Document 6, then tap the "Blue Go" button.

Step 3. It will reload and display the download link. You can select the video format and file size you want, then tap the "Download" button to download Twitter video or GIF file on iPhone. You should name the video before starting the process.

Step 4. In the case, you download the video to the default folder of Documents 6 instead of Camera Roll. Of course, you can also share the videos to social media or save to Gallery on iPhone.


Besides Documents 6, you can also find more other file manager apps to download Twitter videos or GIF files, such as My Video Manager and File Transfer, Video Downloader Pro+ and more. If you cannot watch the videos on iPhone, the program also enables view the videos with ease.

Part 3: How to Transfer Downloaded Twitter Videos to iPhone

What should be the best method to download Twitter videos on iPhone? Compared to download Twitter videos on iPhone, you do not have to worry about the download speed, complicated process and limited video files when you download Twitter videos and GIF on the computer.

Once you download the videos from Twitter, Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer should be the professional method to transfer and manage the video files on iPhone with ease. Moreover, you can also edit the videos with multiple features within the program.

  • Cross transfer Twitter videos between iPhone and other devices with ease.
  • Preview and add Twitter videos and folder from your computer into iPhone.
  • Edit ID3 information, such as name, artist, album, genre, artwork, etc.
  • Import audio and make ringtones and add the created ringtone to device.

Step 1: Download Twitter videos on computer

Just click the video of Twitter and then choose the "Copy link to Tweet". Then you can copy and paste the URL of Twitter video into The online Twitter downloader will analyze the video automatically.


Step 2: Choose format for the output Twitter video

After that you can choose the video format and size of the output Twitter video. Click the "Download" button next to the desired video to download Twitter videos on computer.

Note: In order to download a large amount of videos from Twitter, it should be much more convenient to download the videos from Twitter in the way.


Step 3: Connect iPhone to computer via a USB cable

Connect iPhone to computer via a USB cable. You can launch Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer, which will recognize the iPhone automatically. After being connected, it will remind you to tap "Trust" on your iPhone.

iPhone Transfer

Step 4: Select the downloaded Twitter videos

Here you can find the file types in the left menu. Choose the "Media" option and click the "Add" button to import the downloaded Twitter videos on your computer. When you choose the video, you can click the "Open" button.


It only takes a few seconds to download Twitter videos on iPhone. If you have a large amount of Twitter videos, you can export some viewed videos or backup music on iPhone to your computer beforehand.


The article shares some workable methods to download Twitter videos and GIF files on iPhone. For most of the online Twitter downloaders are workable on Windows and Mac only, you can use Twitter Video Online or other limited online tools. If you do have some file manager applications on iPhone, you can try to download Twitter videos with a complicated process. In order to download and manage the videos from Twitter with ease, you can just choose any Twitter downloader on the computer together with Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer. It is able to download and transfer the Twitter videos to iPhone with ease. If you have any other query about how to download Twitter videos, you can share more comments in the article.

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