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What Music Streaming Service to Choose? Apple Music V.S. Amazon Music

What should be a better music streaming service, Apple Music or Amazon Music? Apple Music becomes more and more popular since 2015, what are the differences against giant Amazon’s rival premium streaming service? In order to make choice, you can learn more about the detailed comparison between Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music.

In this Amazon Music V.S. Apple Music comparison, you can learn more about the reviews for the two music-streaming services. Moreover, you can also check out the supported devices, special features, music library and more others from the article.

Amazon Music vs Apple Music

Part 1: Brief Review for Apple Music and Amazon Music

Both Apple Music and Amazon Music are outstanding music streaming services. Amazon Music delivers the largest catalogue of music library while Apple Music delivers better music quality.

Brief Review for Apple Music

  • PROS
  • Sync the music files between different devices.
  • Family sharing up to 6 devices with AirPlay support.
  • Come in with great podcast integration.
  • In-built parental control to choose desired content.
  • CONS
  • Take a large space to make it difficult to maintain.
  • The AI based recommendation and algorithm is messy.
  • iTunes Windows is buggy and often reported with a hang.
Apple Music

Brief Review for Amazon Music

  • PROS
  • Come in with a high speed Internet connection.
  • Prime Music provides music service for free.
  • Super sleek and highly convenient for smartphone.
  • Offer 256 KBPS MP3 with an excellent music quality.
  • CONS
  • Cost far more than Apple Music and other services.
  • Does not offer any kind of music uploading features.
  • The desktop app is much clunky.

Part 2: Apple Music V.S. Amazon Music, Which One is Better

When you have the review for both Apple Music and Amazon Music, what are the differences between the two music-streaming services? Just learn more details as below.

1. Apple Music V.S. Amazon Music, Supported Device

Apple Music is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PC. But it does not allow you to listen to music through a web player. You can always use it will smart speaker HomePod of Apple. You can download Songs from Apple Music.

Amazon Music is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC as well as a web browser. The streaming service also works on Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo speakers, Fire TV and sonos devices.

Both Apple Music and Amazon Music support both CarPlay of Apple and Android Auto of Google.

2. Apple Music V.S. Amazon Music, Streaming Quality

Apple Music uses AAC format and stream music at 256KBPS. It has two options: regular and high quality, which works out to around 128KBPS and 256KBPS.

Amazon Music has 3 different audio quality options: low, medium and high. The HD tier delivers lossless, CD-quality sound with 16-bit audio and a minimum 44.1kHz sample rate.

It should be difficult to compare Apple Music and Amazon Music unless you are a hardcore audiophile with the best quality headphones.

3. Amazon Music V.S. Apple Music, Music Library

Amazon Music has a huge catalog of more than 50 million songs, which you can stream and download them for offline playback. You can access on up to 10 devices to download up to 100,000 songs offline.

Apple Music enables you to sync the library to different devices using the iCloud Music Library. You can access to 45 million songs with an option of offline listening in Apple Music and iTunes.

Compared Amazon Music, Apple Music goes the extra mile to secure artist exclusives including new releases, live performances and concert videos.

4. Amazon Music V.S. Apple Music, Music Discovery

Amazon Music has a For You section with recommended albums and playlists and Home screen is where the service's personalization is centered. But the features and recommended are very targeted.

Apple Music has the same For You section that is populated with new releases, daily mixes and playlists. You can access to Beat1 radio station, which offers 24/7 live radio to help you find music based on your taste.

When you compare the music discovery features, Apple Music is much more personalized than the Amazon Music.

Part 3: Best Alternative for Apple Music and Amazon Music

What should be the best alternative for Apple Music and Amazon Music? In order to take full advantage of both music-streaming services, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is the most professional method to record music files with the original quality.

Apeaksoft Screen Rcorder

  • Record music files from both Amazon Music and Apple Music easily.
  • Capture the audio, music and video files with the original quality.
  • Preview and listen to the music file before saving to a desired format.
  • Editing features to cut out the desired parts or add special filters.
Download for WinDownload for Mac
Step 1Download and install the music recorder
Once you have installed the music recorder, you can launch the program and music-streaming program. As for Apple Music, you should go to the iTunes Store to access to the files.
Screen Recorder Main InterfaceStep 2Choose the audio recorder to capture music
Select the Audio Recorder option and turn on the System Audio only. Make sure to turn off the Microphone option before clicking the REC button to capture Amazon Music or Apple Music.
Audio Recorder InterfaceStep 3Save the recorded streaming music to computer
When you recorded the music-streaming file, you can click the red square to finish recording. You can save the high quality Amazon Music offline as a desired audio format for any device.
Save Audio


Apple Music V.S. Amazon Music, which is a better choice? It is not easy to have a definition. Of course, you can learn more details about the review and comparison between the streaming services to make a final decision. In order to take advantage of both services, you can use a screen recorder to get the desired music with the original quality.

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