Can I Add Apple Music or iTunes Music to iMovie for Video Editing?

FAQI Have a subscription of Apple music and I want to create a movie using the soundtrack I've got in Apple music using iMovie, is it possible to import Apple music to iMovie?

It seems that Apple users often have such question, whether you are a new user of Apple Music or iMovie. However, the pity is that although Apple Music and iMovie are both products of Apple company, there is no such feature to get the two Apple products work together. The reason lies in that Apple Music is a music streaming service for personal listening only, each of Apple Music song is protected, Apple will prevent users from using Apple Music songs freely, such as adding Apple Music to iMovie for video projects. That’s why you cannot import Apple Music to iMovie easily. But take it easy, it’s not the last result. It’s still possible to use Apple Music as the soundtrack of your video project in iMovie. Just read this guide carefully.

Add Music to iMovieAdd Apple Music to iMovie

Part 1. How to Add Apple Music to iMovie from iPhone

1Transfer Downloaded Apple Music to Mac

If you want to import Apple Music from your iPhone to iMovie, you need to download the songs in Apple Music app and transfer them to your Mac computer at first. Then you can add the Apple Music to iMovie from the folders in computer. To transfer the downloaded Apple Music to your Mac computer quickly and safely, you need a professional Apple Music transferring tool. Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer for Mac can do you a great favor.

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer for Mac

  • Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, messages and more iOS data among computer and iDevices without any data loss.
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Download for MacDownload for Win

Easily transfer Apple Music songs from iPhone to Mac with the guide below.

Step 1Free download this Apple Music transferring tool and install it on your Mac.

Step 2Launch the program and connect your iPhone to Mac with a USB cable.


For the first-time connection, you need to tap Trust on your iPhone screen to establish connection successfully.

Step 3Once your iPhone is detected by the software successfully, it will scan your device and list all the files in your iPhone in categories.

Step 4To transfer the downloaded Apple Music from iPhone to your computer, click the category of Music and select the Apple Music songs you want to use in iMovie projects, then click the Export to Mac icon to transfer the selected Apple Music songs to your Mac computer easily.

Export to Mac

Before using this software to transfer music from iPhone to computer, you must make sure the songs have been downloaded from Apple Music.

2Add the Transferred Apple Music to iMovie

After you transfer the Apple Music songs to your Mac successfully, now you can start to add them to your iMovie projects.

Step 1Launch iMovie on your Mac, open the movie item you are going to edit, and click the “Import” button to add Apple Music to iMovie.


Step 2Find and select the Apple Music song you want to use as the background music from your Mac folder, then click “Import Selected” button to add it to your movie.

Import Selected

Now, you have successfully added Apple Music to iMovie without hassle, the next you need to do is to edit the movie and Apple Music soundtrack as you like.

Part 2. How to Add Apple Music in iTunes to iMovie on Desktop

If you want to add a song from Apple Music to iMovie from your iTunes library on your computer directly, you can sync the Apple Music to iTunes library and import it to iMovie from iTunes. But when you click the Import button in iMovie to select music from iTunes, you will find that the Apple Music in iTunes does not appear, that’s because the songs from Apple Music are DRM protected, so they are unavailable in iMovie. To bypass this problem, you can transfer the Apple Music songs from iTunes library to Mac by using Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer for Mac, then import them to iMovie as background audio.

This can be done with one click, just follow the easy guide below.

Step 1Open iPhone Transfer for Mac and click the Toolbox option, select iTunes Library.


Step 2Now can you choose the Music option and click One-Click to Mac button to transfer all the Music files including Apple Music songs to your Mac computer.


Then you can easily add a song from Apple Music to iMovie just like the way in Part 1.

You can also learn how to get free Apple Music and use them as soundtrack in your iMovie video items.


In this article we have introduced how to add Apple Music to iMovie on iPhone and how to add Apple Music songs in iTunes to iMovie on desktop with the help of a professional iOS data transferring tool, Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer for Mac, then you can set your favorite song as the background music of your movie and edit the video in iMovie as per your own need.

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