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Save Facebook Videos to iPhone – How to View Facebook Videos on iPhone Offline

How to enjoy multiple interesting Facebook videos offline during a journey? Facebook does not provide an option to download and save videos to iPhone that you can watch them later. If you want to save Facebook videos to iPhone, or even manage the files on iPhone, it should be a hard task.

Save Facebook Videos

The article shares 3 frequently-used methods to save Facebook videos to iPhone. Is the “Save video” option the right choice? If you only need to deal with few videos from Facebook, just find some recommended Facebook video downloaders. In order to transfer or manage the Facebook videos, you can find the best program you have to take into consideration.

Part 1: What is the Save video of Facebook on iPhone

If you download the latest version of Facebook, you can find an option as “Save offline”. Will it save Facebook videos to iPhone for offline previewing? Well, you can save a video to a list, but would still need an internet connection to buffer it.

Step 1: Open Facebook app on your iPhone, locate the Facebook videos you want to save for later previewing.

Step 2: Once you access to the playback screen of Facebook video, you can find the three-dot option in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: After that, you can find the “Save video” option to add this video to your saved video.

Save Video Facebook

The videos will be saved on your Facebook profile instead of iPhone. Instead of saving Facebook videos to iPhone, the option just saves the videos to Facebook.

Part 2: Best methods to save Facebook video to iPhone

In order to save Facebook videos to iPhone, the Save video feature of Facebook might not be enough. Here are some recommended Facebook video downloaders you should try.

FBDOWN is a popular online Facebook video downloader for iPhone. What you need is Firefox Web Browser app from App Store. After that, you can use Firefox for iOS to save your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos, etc. using FBDOWN.


Step 1: Open the Facebook app and tap the “Share now” option on any video on your feed or timeline. After that you can choose the “Copy Link” option, which you can get the URL of the Facebook video.

Step 2: Go to, which you can paste the URL of the Facebook video to the program, tap the ”Download” button to download and save Facebook videos to iPhone.

Step 3: Tap and hold on any video format available, which you can save as HD or SD. After that you can tap the “Download Link” and confirm to download the video to iPhone.


MyVideo is another Facebook video downloader for iPhone, which you can save the Facebook videos to the program with ease. Just learn more detailed process to get the desired videos as below with the program.

Step 1: Download and install MyMedia on your iPhone. After that you can launch the application and go to the video you need to download. Click on the “Share” button and select the “Copy Link”.

Step 2: Select the “Browser” tab on MyMedia application and go to FBDOWN using the Firefox. Paste the link you want to download and save Facebook videos to iPhone.


Step 3: After that you can name the Facebook video, tap the “Back” button and choose the “Media” tab. After that you can tap the name of the video and select the “Save to Camera Roll”.

Part 3: How to transfer and manage videos from Facebook on iPhone

When there are a large number of downloaded Facebook videos to iPhone, how to manage them on iPhone? Apeaksoft MobieTrans should be a nice solution to transfer and manage Facebook videos between iPhone and computer with efficient.

Transfer downloaded Facebook videos to computer

Once you save the Facebook video to iPhone, you can transfer the videos to computer for backup. If you have downloaded a large number of Facebook videos, you can save them to computer in order to release more space for iPhone.

Transfer Photo to Computer

Convert video to music for iPhone ringtone

Beside the transferring features, you can also make an iPhone ringtone from the downloaded Facebook videos. Choose the “Open Ringtone Maker for custom converting” to customize the Facebook videos accordingly. Just within few clicks, you can get the desired music from Facebook video.

Import Music Video

Transfer videos from iPhone to computer within one click

What should you do after the journey? You do not have to delete them from iPhone or iCloud, which will take up much storage space. Instead, you can save them to your computer with the program. As for the case, you can take full advantage of the saved Facebook videos on iPhone.


In order to save Facebook videos to iPhone, you can find the detailed information from the article. Besides the Save video option of Facebook, you can also get the online Facebook video downloader and Facebook video downloader application for iOS.

If there are dozens of Facebook videos to download or manage, it is recommended to use Apeaksoft Mobietrans, which helps you transfer and manage the video files with ease, especially you download the files on your computer instead of iPhone.

If you have any other query about how to download Facebook videos on iPhone, you can share more detailed information in the comment.

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