So holen Sie das iPhone ohne Computer aus dem Wiederherstellungsmodus

"My iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode while updating iOS, is there any way to exit recovery mode without plugging in the device since I have no access to a computer right now?" If you encounter the same problem, don't worry. This article explains how to get an iPhone out of the Recovery Mode without a computer for all models, including iPhone 8 and up, iPhone 7 flagship, iPhone 6s and earlier. 

Holen Sie das iPhone aus dem Wiederherstellungsmodus heraus ohne Computer

Teil 1: Wie kann ich den iPhone aus dem Wiederherstellungsmodus ohne Computer entfernen?

Some users reported that their iPhones stuck in the Recovery Mode and won't restore or update. In fact, that is not a new bug and may occur on any iPhone model. The workflow to fix this issue varies on different iPhones and we will demonstrate it accordingly.

How to Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone 8 and above

Make sure to unplug your iPhone from a computer and remove any peripheral devices, like headphones. If your device runs out of power, charge it first. Then follow the procedure below to exit the Recovery Mode on an iPhone 8 or later.

1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up . 

2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down .

3. Halten Sie die Taste gedrückt Seite button until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

Then your iPhone should reboot into the home screen.

Exit Recovery Mode iPhone

How to Get iPhone 7/7 Plus out of Recovery Mode

Hold down one of the Volume Tasten und die Top button at the same time. Wait for at least 10 seconds and the Apple logo will appear on your screen.

Exit Recovery Mode iPhone 7

How to Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone 6s and Earlier

Drücken und halten Sie beide Schlaf / Wach Taste und die Home button at the same time. You will see the Apple logo about 15 seconds later. Then let the buttons go.

Exit Recovery Mode iPhone 6

Note: The common methods can get iPhones out of Recovery Mode without a computer. However, if something is wrong with your device, these methods won't work.

Part 2: The Best Way to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode without Data Loss

Users put their iPhones into the Recovery Mode to fix software errors. If an iPhone gets stuck in Recovery Mode and won't restore or update, it means that the troubleshooting is unavailable. Further actions may damage your data and even your device. Therefore, you need a powerful tool, such as Apeaksoft iOS Systemwiederherstellung. It helps your iPhone get rid of Recovery Mode while protecting data and files on your device.

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How to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode

Schritt 1 Stellen Sie eine Verbindung zu Ihrem iPhone her

Start the best iPhone repair tool once you install the software on your PC. It is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7. There is another version for Mac users.

Auswählen  iOS Systemwiederherstellung um die Hauptschnittstelle aufzurufen.

Next, hook up your iPhone to your computer with a Lightning cable. For iOS 13 and above, you need to enter your passcode to authenticate the connection. After the software detects your iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, click the Start Taste, um weiterzugehen.

Tipp: If it is the first time to connect the iPhone to your computer, tap Trust on your screen.

Wählen Sie iPad ausSchritt 2 Wählen Sie einen Modus

Klicken Sie auf die Kostenlose Schnellkorrektur link to do a quick troubleshooting. If the problem persists, click the Fixieren button to enter the next screen. Here you will get two modes, Standart Modus und Erweiterter Modus. If you want to keep your data, select the former. Hit the Schichtannahme Taste, um weiterzugehen.

Wählen Sie Fix ModeSchritt 2 Exit iPhone Recovery Mode

Then check your iPhone information, like Kategorie, Type, and Modell. Correct any option if there is something wrong. If you wish to downgrade the software, select a proper version and click the Herunterladen button. If not, the software will install the latest iOS available for your iPhone. Click the Weiter button to start getting your iPhone out of the Recovery Mode. When the process is done, disconnect your device and restart it. Then your iPhone should boot into the home screen normally.

Starten Sie die Wiederherstellung

Part 3: FAQs about Getting iPhone out of Recovery Mode Without Computer

What is iPhone Recovery Mode?

Recovery Mode is a mode for iOS primarily used for installing software updates or wiping data. It is the last-resort troubleshooting step that iPhone or iPad users can take when their iOS devices encounter software issues. Even if your iOS device is inaccessible, this mode can help you troubleshoot with iTunes or Finder.

Why would I put my iPhone in Recovery Mode?

You have to put your iPhone in Recovery Mode when you encounter the problems below:

1. Cannot update software, such as your iPhone getting stuck in the updating screen, something going wrong with the update, or your battery running out during updating software.

2. Fail to restore a backup. Sometimes, iTunes cannot recognize your iPhone in the normal status.

3. Update from a beta iOS. Apple introduces beta versions of iOS to test the operating software. However, users have to update from a beta version using iTunes or Finder.

4. Restore the iPhone to factory status. If you need to factory reset an inaccessible iPhone, you have to restore it in Recovery Mode.

Can I put my iPad in Recovery Mode?

Yes, you can put an iPad in Recovery Mode, just connect it to a computer, and restore or update it directly.


Dieser Leitfaden hat gezeigt how to get an iPhone out of the Recovery Mode in various situations. We have listed the workflows for all iPhone models and flagships respectively. Moreover, Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery is recommended if the common methods do not work for you. If you have other questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us by leaving a message below, and we will reply to it as soon as possible.

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