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100% Erase Everything on iPhone to Secure Your Personal Data

Wipe out all content and settings on (locked) iPhone iPad iPod permanently. Protect your personal privacy safely.

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Erase All Content and Settings on iOS Devices Permanently

The program offers 100% promise to securely erase all data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, including contacts, SMS, account information, photos, browser history, videos, songs, games, weather, notes, mails, apps, voice memos, calendars, Apple Maps, Reminders, voicemails, downloads, etc. Moreover, settings made on your device will also be clean to get a "new" device.

Note: You are able to erase more than one iOS device simultaneously to save time greatly.

Erase Data

Clean iPhone Safely to Secure Your Privacy

As one of the professional phone data erasing tools, iPhone Eraser guards your private information. It provides 100% promise to securely remove all the data and settings from your device safely. No personal information will be tracked after you sell your phone. iPhone Eraser guards your private information and protects your personal data from data criminals.

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Delete Device with Different Erasing Levels

This professional software provides you three modes to clear your iPhone iPad or iPod data. Whether you want to wipe out confidential documents on your job, or erase data for selling the device, you can choose one of the erasing levels to move on.
Low level: Erase data quickly with overwriting only one time, which can save you time for plenty of data files.
Medium level: Completely erase all data with overwriting the device for twice, remaining no trace. Nobody will know the data on your device is erased.
High level: Destroy data thoroughly with overwriting data for three times, which is the safest and most radical way to get your device started with a clean slate.


Works with All iOS Devices

iPhone Eraser enables you to erase data with more than one device simultaneously. The program is compatible with all iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad as well as iPod. Hence, your iPhone, iPad, iPod devices can be released for more free storage and the speed of your device will be improved a lot.

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How to Use iPhone Eraser

Connect Device Choose Erase Level Erase Photos

1 Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable, and run iPhone Eraser. Wait seconds, and your device will be detected automatically.

2 Choose the level that you want to apply to erase data. There are three levels, low, medium, and high level for your reference.

3 After choosing erasing level, you can click Start button to erase your iPhone, iPad or iPod data.

User Reviews

Check what users sayabout Apeaksoft Eraser

''iPhone Eraser works well to erase my data thoroughly from iPhone 7 Plus. I choose the low level to erase the data and settings, and my iPhone gets more space.---Olivia''

''To wipe out all data for selling my iPhone, I purchase Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser. No previous data shows after using with its high erasing level, even when I try some data recovery tools.---Anna''

''iPhone Eraser is a very useful tool as I manage to reset my iPhone 6 with it. The program lets the device free up much space and I find my iPhone runs faster than before.---Vivian''

Olivia Anna Vivian

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Reliable iPhone data cleaner to erase locked iOS device

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