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The most professional way to record any video/audio in various popular formats and take snapshot of game and screen with high quality.

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Available for Mac OS X 10.12 or later

Available for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

A Flexible Video Recorder to Get All You Want

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is a professional tool to record any video/audio and capture screen on your Windows or Mac. This screen recorder enables you to record any on-screen activities you want with original image/sound quality. For instance, you can use it to record local videos, Skype calls, GoToMeeting, games, webinars, lectures, online conference, webcam videos, etc. in full screen or customized screen size.

  • Capture Game
    For Gamers

    With up to 60 fps frame rate, you can record any gameplay and then share the project with friends. Wheather the gaming screen or the camera screen, you can get all in recording.

  • YouTube
    For Business Presentation

    Record videos and take pictures about your products and service to show its features and functions detailedly, how to use and other information for business partners and clients.

  • Streaming
    For Vloggers

    Any video can be easily recorded by this screencast software and shared with your friends, and you can edit any video/audio before uploading it.

  • E-learning
    For E-learning

    It will in time record any on-screen activities on your computer, including online webcam video or audio calls. You can highlight your mouse cursor with customized size and color.

Easy-to-Use Video Recorder to Capture Video with High Quality

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder can help you easily get record games, make video tutorials, capture webcam videos, take screenshot, etc. on your computer. During the recording, you can magnify a certain part of the recorded area. Moreover, you are able to annotate the recording with a text box, arrow, highlight and more. It enables you to make various settings before video and audio recording. It is pretty convenient if you have lots of on-screen activities to record in the same demand. Screen Recorder enables you to record lock window as well. If you have more than one screen devices, you can also select which screen you would like to record.

User-Friendly Audio Recorder to Capture Beautiful Sound/Voice

Apart from videos, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder has the capability to record audio from System Audio, Microphone or both with high sound quality. This feature enables you to record many kinds of music. You can save the captured audio in MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, FLAC, Ogg, Opus, etc. for easy playback. It can remove audio noise and enhance audio recording to optimize audio quality easily. You can test audio before starting recording to output the best quality.

Record Audio
Phone Screen Recorder Phone Recorder Flicker

Convenient Phone Recorder to Cap Your Phone Screen

Phone Screen Recorder

Apart from recording videos/audio on your computer, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder also can record your phone screen and audio conveniently. For an Android phone, you can choose either PIN Code or QR Code to connect it to the computer. By connecting your phone like iOS to the computer, you can record your phone screen or your phone audio only with ease. Besides, you can adjust the resolution to 4K, 2K, 1080p, and so on according to your need before recording. You can also take screenshots while recording your phone screen so you can easily share them with your friends.

Helpful Window Recorder to Capture One Window Only

You often open many windows when you use the computer to work or entertain. So, sometimes you may need to record one window only and do not want to record your operations on other windows. In this case, you can use the Window Recorder function of Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. In this function, you can select either opening window to record. And during the process of recording, you can do anything on other windows without concern.

WindoW Recorder
Recorder Capture Cut Star Star

Intelligent Screen Capture to Draw and Annotate Your Project

Take Screenshot

Apart from videos/audio recording, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder also enables you to capture your Windows/Mac screen with ease. This function allows you to get the screenshot as you want. For example, capturing scrolling window enables you to keep as much information as possible. The popup menu can be captured individually, which brings great convenience. In addition, you can make drawings on the capture as well. For example, you are able to mark up your screenshot with a text box, arrow, highlight and more.

Functional Video Audio Recorder
and Screenshot Capture

Above all, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is definitely what you want. As an all-in-one screen recorder/capture tool, this program will let enjoy the greatest experience.

How to Use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

Video Recorder Feature Record Settings Record Video

1. Launch Screen Recorder on your computer and choose record video, audio or take screenshot according to your need.

2. Set video recording area, audio source, and other settings.

3. Click REC to capture screen or record audio. While recording, you are allowed to make drawings or add annotations.

User Reviews

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''Even though the free version has some restrictions it still allows you to record short videos that are perfect for YouTube. Unlike other screen recorder, this video recording software will let me export the video without watermark. I will purchase it exactly.---Samwell''

''Great for creating YouTube videos. Much better than the inbuilt screen recorder in Windows 10. What's more, the built-in editing features in this screen recorder help creating a video tutorial with the detailed steps.---Bran''

''Apeaksoft Screen Recorder allows you to record the screen of your PC. You can record games, create tutorials, take screenshots, and capture videos from the webcam.---Ann Young''

Samwell Bran Ann Young

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