Back up iPhone Contacts to Computer with Different Methods

It cannot be denied that digital address books are great. A decade ago, you had to take address book anywhere. Now, you can instant access to all your contacts, such as best friends' phone numbers, business partners' call history and so on, with just a few keystrokes away. Every coin has two sides, so does the digital address book. We may lose contacts on our mobile phones due to accidental mistake, software update, system crash, screen broken or phone loss. How to backup iPhone contacts to computer become an important skill to all users. Therefore, we plan to show you how to back up iPhone contacts to computer easily in this tutorial.

Back up iPhone Contacts to Computer

1. Back Up iPhone Contacts to Computer With iTunes

When we talk about how to back up iPhone contacts to computer, many people choose iTunes. It makes sense, because Apple released iTunes aiming to help users to back up and restore iPhone data. If you have the latest version of iTunes installation on your computer, the process is rather simple.


Step 1. Plug you iPhone to your computer and run iTunes. After it detects you iPhone, click on your iPhone name to continue.

Step 2. Press the "Summary" option on left sidebar to open it on right panel. Then click on the "Back Up Now" button and follow the onscreen instructions to start backing up your iPhone.

As you can see, it is easy to back up iPhone contacts to computer with iTunes on Windows and Mac computer. But the whole process may take a while, because iTunes back up but the entire iPhone data, not only contacts. Moreover, Apple uses unique technology to compress the iTunes backup files, so you cannot open or extract data from iTunes backup without third party tools.

If you want to get back lost contacts, the only way is to restore all data to your iPhone.

Otherwiese, you need to use the third-party tool to restore contacts here.

2. Back Up iPhone Contacts to Computer With iCloud

iCloud is another utility for iPhone users. When you bought an iPhone, Apple would give you 5GB free storage after registering an account. On the other hand, iCloud is an iPhone transfer tool, which could resolve the problem of how to back up iPhone contacts to computer. Of course, the prerequisite is that you have a good internet connection.


Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Internet and go to "Settings" > [your name]-> "iCloud".

If your iPhone uses iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to "Settings" > "iCloud" instead.

Step 2. Make sure to turn on the "Contacts" option and touch "Backup" on the list. On next screen, turn on "iCloud Backup" and tap "Back Up Now" button to start backup process.

Step 3. When it is done, turn to your computer, access iCloud in your browser and sign up your Apple ID and passcode. Then you can download iPhone contacts to computer.

Before backup, you should check that your iCloud account has enough space. And if the internet connection is poor, the process may spend several hours.

After you backup iPhone contacts to iCloud, you can visit this post to access your iPhone backup on iCloud.

3. Back Up iPhone Contacts to Computer With iOS Data Backup & Restore

We have summarized the advantages and shortcomings of iTunes backup and iCloud backup. Now you may wonder whether there is a more powerful tool to help you solve the problem of how to backup iPhone contacts to computer easily. iOS Data Backup & Restore may be the answer you are looking for. Its benefits include:

  • 1. It backs up contacts on iPhone to computers with USB connection, which is faster and safer.
  • 2. With iOS Data Backup & Restore, you can achieve contacts backup in one click, even beginners could grasp it easily.
  • 3. It allows you to open backup file and view contacts, call history and other data on your computer after backup.
  • 4. This iPhone contacts backup tool is compatible with the latest iPhone models (iPhone 15 series included) and iOS versions (iOS 17/iPadOS 17 included).

In a word, it is able to help you back up iPhone contacts effectively, no matter on a Windows PC or a Mac computer. Actually, it also has the capability to backup locked iPhone or iPad.

iOS Data Backup & Restore

How to backup iPhone contacts to computer

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to iOS Data Backup & Restore

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cord and launch the iPhone contact backup tool. If you have not installed it, you can download the right version from official website based on your operating system.

The original USB cable could make the connection safer.

Step 2. Back up iPhone contacts in one click

After the program detects your iPhone, click on the "iOS Data Backup" button on home interface. Then the utility will do its job automatically. All you need to do is to keep iPhone connecting to the computer during the process.

Step 3. Check iPhone contacts on computer

After backup, you will be brought into the preview window. Here you can select a backup file and open it by clicking on the "View Now" button. Then you can check iPhone contacts on your computer or execute restore at any time.

4. Back Up iPhone Contacts to Computer with iPhone Transfer

An iOS transfer tool is another way to help you get rid of the issue on how to backup iPhone contacts to computer. When choose a good iPhone transfer program, you may expect it offers more features than iTunes. Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is the best iPhone transfer software that allows you to transfer contacts between iPhone and computer.

You can also check this video quickly to backup iPhone contacts to computer:

Transfer iPhone Data to ComputerPlay

How to back up iPhone contacts to computer with iPhone Transfer

Step 1. Use the original USB cord to link your iPhone and computer. Start iPhone Transfer and let it recognize your iPhone.

Step 2. Click on "Contacts" option on left sidebar to load all iPhone contacts on the right panel.

Step 3. Click "Contact" > "Import/Export" > "Export All/Selected Contacts" > "to Outlook/CSF File/vCard", and then the contacts will be saved to local hard drive.

iPhone Contacts to Computer

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How to back up iPhone contacts to computer is a significant skill to iPhone users. According to news report, there were several iPhone 6 and relevant models exploded in the past few years. And after iPhone 8 released, more than ten users have reported similar accidents. To avoid iPhone contacts loss, we have showed how to back up iPhone contacts to computer easily and effectively. Anyway, read our recommendation, choose your favorite tool and follow our guides to achieve iPhone contacts backup simply. Then you can enjoy your advanced handset without any worry.

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