How to Backup iPhone to iCloud Quickly and Easily

"How do I backup iPhone 5C to iCloud? I need to transfer all files to my new iPhone X."

"Is there any reliable method to backup phone to iCloud?"

There are many causes that make you lose data unexpectedly. For instance, when you update iPhone iOS system, reset iPhone to default settings or just free up storage space, your iPhone will suffer accidental data loss. So it is very important to backup iPhone to iCloud.

Backup iPhone to iCloud

As a result, you can restore iPhone with iCloud backups to get deleted or lost iOS data back easily. Furthermore, you can also transfer all content and settings from your old iOS device to a new iPhone 15/14/13, etc. wirelessly. Sometimes, your iOS data is more valuable than the iPhone itself. Thus, this article aims to show you how to backup iPhone to iCloud with or without a computer.

Part 1. What Is iCloud

Apple's iCloud is a cloud-based storage service that allows users to backup and restore photos, music, documents and other files. Once you enter your Apple ID on any Apple device, you can access all your iCloud content directly. The first time you register an Apple ID account, you can get 5 GB free iCloud storage to save iPhone to iCloud backup files.

iCloud allows users to backup iPhone to iCloud automatically or manually and do iCloud recovery after making backup. Thus, if you need to backup iPhone content frequently, you can turn on iCloud backup to initiate.

There is no need to connect iPhone to your computer. So if your computer is running out of space, or you just do not have a Windows PC or Mac around you, backing up iPhone to iCloud would be a nice choice. The only thing you need to check is the condition of your Wi-Fi network. The poor internet connection will interpret or even ruin the iCloud backup.

Part 2. How to Enable iCloud Backup on Your iPhone or iPad

To set up iCloud on your iPhone or iPad. Check whether you are running iOS 5 or later versions first. There is no need to install any other apps on your iOS device. You can open iCloud site on your computer and use the built-in iCloud settings to sync iPhone data across computers and smart phones. To start with, you need to access iCloud settings on your iPhone or iPad in advance.

Step 1. Launch iCloud on your iPhone or iPad

Open "Settings" app on your iOS device. If you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier versions, you can scroll down and choose "iCloud" below. For iOS 11 or later users, you should choose your name and then tap "iCloud" option. You may need to sign in the iCloud account with your Apple ID if it has not been signed in.

Step 2. Enable each iCloud content to backup

You can see all available choices that you can backup iPhone to iCloud remotely. For instance, there are photos, mail, calendars, notes, Safari and other options. Move the slider to On (green state) if you want to enable its related feature. Scroll down and choose "Storage & Backup" on the bottom. Trigger "iCloud Backup" or "Backup" option to the on state if you want to backup iPhone to iCloud on phone.

Back up to iCloud

Part 3. How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

Step 1. Connect to Wi-Fi on iPhone or iPad

Open "Settings" on your iPhone or iPad with a gear icon. Choose "Wi-Fi" and move the slider to the "On" state to make it green. Choose an available network from the "Choose a network" list. Enter a Wi-Fi password if you are required.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Step 2. Turn on iCloud backup

Set up iCloud backup settings as above has mentioned. Locate iCloud settings and select iCloud data types to manage. Choose "iCloud Backup" if you use iOS 10.2 or earlier versions, otherwise the option is "Backup". Just make sure the iCloud backup is turned on.

Turn on iCloud backup

Step 3. Backup an iPhone or iPad using iCloud

Tap "Back up Now" button at the bottom of iCloud backup settings menu. It takes several minutes to complete backing up iPhone to iCloud wirelessly. Later, you can go back to "Back Up Now" section again to see the date and time of your latest iCloud backup.

Back up Now

Note: To enable iCloud automatically backup your iPhone and iPad each day, just keep iCloud backup running all the time. Later, when your iOS device is locked, connect your Apple product to a power source and a strong Wi-Fi network. As a result, iCloud can back up your iPhone automatically and remotely. Well, do not forget to check the left iCloud storage space. Plans start at 50 GB for $ 0.99 per month.

In this way, you can easily backup iPhone to iCloud. As for iCloud backup, you cannot view them directly, but with iCloud backup extractor tool to view the details.

Bonus Tips: Backup iPhone with Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore

There is one versatile program that can backup and restore iPhone to Windows PC and Mac in one click. Compares with iTunes and iCloud, iOS Data Backup & Restore allows users to preview after backing up without hassle. All iOS models are supported including iPhone 14 series. It can help you backup iPhone to laptop with ease.

  • One click to backup and restore from iPhone to Windows/Mac PC
  • Output what you want from the backup to your computer selectively
  • Preview data after backup or before restoring data without hassle
  • Highly compatible with iOS 18/17/16/15/14 and former versions

iCloud VS iTunes VS Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore

 Backup iPhone to iCloudBackup iPhone with iTunesBackup iPhone via iOS Data Backup & Restore
Support all iOS modelsYesYesYes
Overwrite previous iPhone backup filesNoYesNo
Preview data after backupNoNoYes
Backup data from iPhone over the airYesNoNo
Make an encrypted backupNoYesYes
Restore Backup data to iPhone selectivelyNoNoYes

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Therefore, if you want to back up and preview iPhone files in detail, then you should use iOS Data Backup & Restore. That's all for how to backup iPhone to iCloud and its alternative programs. If you plan to buy an iPhone X/8 Plus/8 or update to iOS 11, then you can try above ways to backup iPhone with or without iCloud quickly and easily.

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