How to Backup iPhone in the Easiest Way

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch probably stores many important or precious data, such as photos, contacts, messages, notes, documents, WhatsApp data and more. What if your iOS device got stolen, lost, severely damaged? Bad thing may happen. You'd better backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod in advance.

Backup iPhone

Apple gives you two very simple and free ways to back up your information. One option is to use iTunes and the other is to use iCloud. iTunes may be best known as Apple's media playing and management program, but it is also helpful for you to duplicate a copy of your iOS device data. iCloud offers you 5 GB free space for backup. However, both of them have some disadvantages. Here we would like to recommend an easiest way to backup your iPhone contacts, messages, videos, documents, WhatsApp data, photos, notes, etc.

iOS Data Backup & Restore enables you to safely and selectively back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod data without any hassle. With this program, you are able to easily choose what you want to backup or wholly back up data. The backup process is very fast. Most importantly, the backup you use the software to make won't overwrite any previous data. It is the best iTunes alternative to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod files.

If you didn't back up any notes on iCloud or iTunes, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted or lost notes on iPhone without any backup. It is straightforward and risk-free. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Install and launch. Powerful as the program is, it offers you three features: iPhone Data Recovery, iOS System Recovery and iOS Data Backup & Restore. Here choose the option of iOS Data Backup & Restore.


Step 2. You can now choose iOS Data Backup or iOS Data Restore. Here, we take the feature iOS Data Backup as the example.


Step 3. Connect your iOS device with computer and the program will soon detect it automatically. Two backup options are provided, Standard backup as well as Encrypted backup.

Standard Backup

Step 4. If you choose Standard backup, then you need to choose the file type for backup. This program enables you to backup voice memos, photos, contacts, messages, call history, photos, notes, app data, Safari history and so on. Click the "Next" button.

Select File Type

For iPhone Encrypted backup, you'll first set an encrypted password for protecting your privacy. Keep well the password, as it is needed once you restore data from this encrypted backup to iOS device or to PC. After that, choose the file type for backup, then the program will back up the selected data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod immediately.

Set Backup Password

Step 5. Finally, iOS Data Backup & Restore will manage to backup iPhone. You can learn the backup information clearly, including the backup size and path. Here you may want to know some great iPhone backup viewers.


Step 6. Click the OK button and you can find the backup from the list. You can easily view the backup you made anytime you want. Moreover, you can selectively restore the data to iOS device or to PC according to your need.


In addition, the program also enables you to restore iPhone data as long as you register it. You are able to choose any backup from the list, and then choose what you want to restore to iPhone/iPad or to PC.

The above steps show you how to backup iPhone to PC, if you running a Mac, just visit this page to backup iPhone files to Mac.

You couldn't restore data from the backup to iOS device in the free-trial version, but you can free restore data from backup to PC for 3 times.

Step 1. Choose iOS Data Backup & Restore from the main interface.

iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 2. Click the button of iOS Data Restore and you'll see all available backup files from the list. Choose the one you prefer and click the View Now button.

Backup File List

Step 3. You can view the detailed data information from the interface. Choose what you want to restore.


Notes: Currently, only contacts and notes can be restored to the iOS device. For other data, you are able to click Restore to PC to meet your need.

Restore to Device

Step 4. To restore data to your iOS device, click Restore to Device. To restore data to your PC, click the Restore to PC button and choose the file folder to save the backup data.

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In this article, we mainly show you how to backup iPhone data with the best iOS Data Backup & Restore. You are also able to use the program to restore iOS data from the backup to iPhone/iPad/iPod or to PC according to your need.

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