How to Backup Photos from iPhone/Android

Backup Photos

Have too many photos stored in your iPhone or Android? Your Smartphone will be slowed down because of too much data saved inside. To release your digital device and keep your data safe, you can backup photos to the secondary storage. This article aims to show you top methods of backing up photos from iPhone or Android devices automatically or manually. You can read and choose the certain method to backup photos without data loss.

Part 1. How to Backup Android Photos

Method 1: Transfer Android Photos to Computer

It is the traditional way to backup photos from Android to PC or Mac. You just need to prepare one lightning USB cable to connect Android to computer. And then copy and paste Android photos.

Step 1. Plug your Android to computer through USB, and then unlock your Android.

Connect Device

Step 2. Find your Android device from "My Computer" or Start menu.

Step 3. Double click your internal storage or SD to move photos from Android to computer.

Method 2: Android Data Backup and Restore

You are able to backup and restore Android data to computer by one click with Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore. It is the versatile Android data backup app that allows you to backup photos, videos, contacts, audio and other files to computer selectively and flexibly. Furthermore, you can preview data in detail before you restore photos from backup.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to computer

Download and install Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore into your system. Connect your Android device to computer via USB cable. You need to debug USB mode on your Android tablet.

Free Download Free Download

Step 2. Select Photos to scan from Android

Launch it and then locate "Android Data Recovery" in the left pane. Wait for a while to detect your Android automatically. After that, there will be the pop-up instance asking you which data type you wanna backup to computer. Tick before "Gallery" and "Picture Library". Later, hit "Next" to move on.

Android Data Recovery

Step 3. Backup photos from Android to computer

After scanning, you can view all your photos in the interface. Select the Android photos you want to copy to PC or Mac. Tap "Recover" button to backup Android photos to computer safely.

Backup Photos

Method 3: Android Auto Backup

For people who want to backup all Android photos automatically, using Google Photos is the good choice. You will not miss any important photo.

Step 1. Open your Android and tap "Menu" icon

Step 2. Select "Photos" and then open Google Photos

Step 3. Click "Menu" inside Google photos. Tap "Settings" and "Auto Backup" in order.

Auto Backup

Method 4: Backup Android Photos to Dropbox

Dropbox is another Android data backup app that enables users to back up photos and videos from Android with ease. And you can get 2GB free space to save backed up photos.

Step 1. Download Dropbox from Google Play Store, and then sign in your Dropbox account

Step 2. Turn on Camera Upload under "Photos" menu by hitting "Turn on" button

Backup Android Photos to Dropbox

Method 5: Automatically Backup Photos to Google+

Or you can choose Google+ that allows users to backup photos automatically, too. Once you turn on the auto backup option, you can back up photos and videos to Google+ automatically.

Step 1. Sign in Google+ app on your Android tablet

Step 2. Choose "Settings" and turn on "Backup & Sync"

Step 3. Tick "Choose Folder to Backup" to select Android photos

Backup Photos to Google

Part 2. How to Backup iPhone Photos

Method 1: iOS Data Backup and Restore

You can use Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore to backup or restore iPhone, iPad and iPod data by one click as well. Your photos will be backed up in original high-resolutions. And almost all iOS devices are supported including iPhone X, iPhone 8, etc.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer

Launch Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore app on your system. And then use the USB cable to connect Android with computer.

Free Download Free Download iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 2. Backup photos from iPhone

Hit "iOS Data Backup" mode. Do not disconnect your iPhone while you are backing up your photos.

Backup Photos from iPhone

Step 3. View local backup data

Your backup file will display in the list. Or you can hit "View Now" button to view local backup data.

View Local Backup Data

Method 2: Backup Photos to iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library offers 5GB free storage space to save your backup files. Or you can upgrade iCloud to get more cloud storage space.

Step 1. Turn on iCloud Photo Library

For iOS 10.3 or later, click Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library. For iOS 10.2 or earlier, click Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library.

Step 2. Optimize iPhone storage

When you turn on "iCloud Photo Library" mode, it will start backing up photos and other iOS data to iCloud automatically. Then you can tap "Optimize iPhone Storage" to keep originals in iCloud and manage iPhone storage smartly.

Then you could download the photos from iCloud through on computer.

Optimize iPhone Storage

Method 3: Use iTunes to Backup iPhone Photos

iTunes is the iOS data backup and restore app you can turn to.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer

Step 2. Choose your phone icon and select "Photos" under "Summary" list

Step 3. Backup photos from iPhone to iTunes by clicking "Apply"


Method 4: Backup Pictures to Google Drive

You can enjoy auto data backup under Wi-Fi only feature from Google Drive. Thus, it is easy to back up photos to cloud storage automatically.

Step 1. Launch Google Drive on iOS device

Step 2. Open "Settings" and tap "Photos"

Step 3. Turn on "Auto Backup" and choose whether to backup photos under Wi-Fi or not

Auto Backup

Method 5: Copy and Paste iPhone Photos to Dropbox

Dropbox enables users to backup photos and videos from iPhone to Dropbox cloud storage space automatically too.

Step 1. Open Dropbox App

Step 2. Click "Recents" and the gear button

Step 3. Turn on "Camera Uploads"

Or you can also choose which photos you want to backup into the Camera Uploads folder. These are common methods to backup photos on computer and Smartphone. If you have anything hard to understand about backing up photos, feel free to contact us.

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