How to Back Up Text Messages on Android or iPhone

The more you send text messages, the less storage space you have. Once your Smartphone runs out of the storage space, you have to delete some important text messages. Or your Smartphone is lost, broken or crashed accidentally one day, which means that all your test message data stored in this phone will disappear, too. To avoid the tragedies above, it's always a good idea to keep your messages back up.

So how to back up your text messages? Or what is the best application for you to back up test messages? If you have no idea about what to do, then you come to the right place. This post is going to recommend 2 different software aimed at both Android and iOS devices to solve this problem.

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Part 1. How to Back Up Text Messages on Android

Android Data Backup & Restore is a free professional Android application that can help you to back up your text message without too much operation. Also, it is easy and convenient for you to recover them into your Android phone. To sum up, Android Data Backup & Restore earns a good reputation for its powerful features. It is really worth to have a try if you are interested. Now let's begin to back up your text message with this App out the way below.

Key Features:

  • Export text messages, contacts, apps, photos, call logs, music, movie, books, etc.
  • Selectively back up Android data, like call log, text messages, to your PC/Mac within one click.
  • Restore the text messages to Android Smartphone from the backup at any time.
  • Apply to all Android mobile devices, no matter they have root access or not.
  • Support a variety of data type for the users.
  • Provide a simple and convenient operation

How to Back Up Text Messages on Android via Android Data Backup & Restore:

Step 1. Launch Android Data Backup & Restore

Download and install Android Data Backup & Restore in your PC or Mac. And then launch it and select Android Data Backup & Restore in the main window.

Step 2. Connect your device to computer

Connect your Android device to computer through a data cable. Then this app will detect your phone automatically and show all data you can back up in the interface. Make sure your Android phone connecting during the whole backup process.

Connect Device to Computer

Step 3. Back up text messages to computer

You are allowed to choose a wide variety of data types to backup. Just click the option of "Messages" and then hit the "Start" button to start copying in the main interface. Please follow the guide asked during your backup process.

Back Up Text Messages

Step 4. Preview your text messages backup

You can click "Cancel" to stop the process of your text messages backup. It also allows you to preview your backup messages by clicking "Preview" button.

With Android Data Backup & Restore, you can backup and restore your text messages from or to any Android devices by one-click. Here you can learn how to save text messages from Android to computer.

Part 2. How to Back Up Text Messages on iPhone

iOS Data Backup & Restore is a one-click application to backup and restore data on computer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Devices. It is quit simple for you to backup, export and print text messages on your PC or Mac, and even you are allowed to selectively restore the backup data to your device. Generally speaking, it is an easy yet professional tool to help you back up text messages. And we strongly recommend this software if you are an Apple user. Read on and learn how to back up text messages on iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Click on the computer to back up all data of iOS devices, including text messages.
  • You can preview and recover text message from the backup to the iOS device.
  • Convert selected text message data from the backup to your computer.
  • There is no data lost after the recovery.
  • Selectively backup and recover anything you want to gain from the iOS devices and backup.
  • It supports all the files: text messages, iMessages, WhatsApp messages, Messenger.

How to Back Up Text Messages on iPhone via iOS Data Backup & Restore:

Step 1. Download and install iOS Data Backup & Restore

Download and start iOS Data Backup & Restore on your computer. Here we only take Windows computer as the example. Mac users learn the details here to sync text messages on iPhone to Mac.

Choose the tool list of program and click the selection of "iOS Data Backup". And then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer with a USB cable.

iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 2. Connect your device to computer

Then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer with a USB cable. After making sure your device is connected well, this software will detect your iPhone automatically.

Step 3. Backup your text messages to computer

When the detection is finished, it will show your data in the window. You can choose any file type, such as text messages, to backup. Then click the "backup" option. Depending on the text message storage of your device, it may take you a few minutes to complete the whole process.

Backup Text Messages to Computer

Step 4. View the backup of massage file

You can confirm all contents of the text message backup in the categories of program after the backup process is finished. If you want to recovery the selected massages to your iPhone or other device, just click on the button at the right lower corner of the window.

Backup of Massage File

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Above is our introduction about 2 ways to back up text messages. You can take them into consideration and choose your preferred one. Just follow those steps, we believe you can achieve it effortlessly. Now that you have already learn how to back up text messages with a useful tool, just go and enjoy it!

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