Contacts Backup on Your iPhone or Android Phone With Ease

Contacts are so essential. It might be very troublesome if some important contacts are deleted or lost due to device system upgrade, accidental deletion or anything else. If you want to know how to backup contacts on your iPhone or Android phone, this article is for you.

Contacts Backup

Part 1. How to backup contacts on iPhone

For iPhone contacts backup, there are many ways for you. The two main methods for most iOS users to back up contacts are through iTunes or iCloud. It seems convenient for contacts backup with iTunes or iCloud. However, once you want to restore contacts from iCloud or iTunes backup, all the current data on your iPhone will be overwritten, you don't want that happen, right? To better backup and restore contacts on iPhone, here we introduce two easier methods.

Method 1. Contacts backup on iPhone with My Contacts Backup

To back up iPhone contacts on iPhone directly, you can use a contacts backup application, like My Contacts Backup. We are going to take My Contacts Backup as an example to show you how to backup iPhone contacts.

Contacts Backup

Step 1. Download and install My Contacts Backup app from App Store.

Step 2. Open My Contacts Backup, it should automatically detect and scan all your contacts. Tap on the Backup button and wait till it completes contacts backup.

Step 3. Tap on the Email button and the application will send an email with the contacts copy. You can save this email in a folder on your phone or on your computer.

With My Contacts Backup, all backup contacts will be saved in a vCard file, so that it will be convenient if you want to restore the contacts to iPhone.

Method 2. Backup iPhone contacts with iPhone Data Recovery

Why not choose to backup iPhone contacts to computer? In that way, you need one software to help you. iOS Data Backup & Restore is highly recommended.

Key features:

• Backup contacts on iPhone safely and selectively.

• Restore any contact to iPhone or to PC from the backup file in case of information lost.

• Preview name, phone, email, company or other information before contacts backup & restore.

• Fully support all iPhone/iPad, including latest iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, running iOS 12/11/10.

Step 1. Free download iPhone Data Recovery and choose iOS Data Backup & Restore feature.

iOS Data Backup & Restore

Step 2. In order to backup contacts on iPhone, connect your iOS device to your computer, and then select iOS Data Backup option.

iOS Data Backup & Restore Interface

Step 3. Wait until your iPhone was detected by the program automatically. Then click Start button after you choose Standard backup or Encrypted backup.

Standard Backup

Select file type you want to backup. Here just choose Contacts.

Select File

Note: You can also choose the default Standard backup option to iPhone Encrypted backup in order to protect private information.

Set Backup Password

Step 4. Backup iPhone contacts

Click Next button, and confirm the backup path in the pop-up window, then click Backup button to save your backup files in the local disk.

Backup iPhone Contacts

The above method tells you how to backup data currently stored on your iPhone. However, you may get the question:

"if I deleted data like iMessages, can I back up the deleted items?"

Of course, you can. Just visit this page to backup deleted iMessages.

Part 2. How to backup contacts on Android

You are able to backup Android contacts with the two following methods. One is to use Gmail, another is to use the best Android Data Backup & Restore.

Method 1. Backup Android contacts to Gmail

Backup Android contacts to Gmail

Step 1. Go to your Android phone and tap on Settings app on the screen.

Step 2. In Settings, go to "Account" > "Google Account" > "Contacts" and it would automatically sync and backup your contracts on Android to Google account.

Check Gmail Contacts

Step 3. Sign into Gmail on your computer, and click "Contacts", you can see that all your device contacts have been made a backup to Gmail. Click "More" button and you can export Gmail contacts to computer if you want.

Method 2. Contacts backup with Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is a powerful android data backup and management program. It is very easy for you to backup contacts on Android phone to computer, but also work well in restoring contacts .

Key features:

• Copy and transfer Contacts from Android to computer safely and selectively.

• Backup Contacts from Android as vCard file, CSV file or TXT file.

• Restore contacts to android phone any time.

• Support any Android models, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony, Sharp, etc.

Step 1. Open Android Data Recovery, choose Android Data Backup & Restore feature from the left module. Click Device Data Backup on the main interface if you want to selectively backup Android contacts. One-click Backup option will let you backup all data from your Android phone, including contacts, messages, gallery, videos, call history, etc.


Step 2. Connect your Android phone to your computer. Then you'll be asked to select data type to back up. Here you need to select Contacts.

Select Data Type

Notes: You can also check Encrypted Backup to better protect your contacts backup. But you need to keep the encrypted password well as you'll need it whenever you want to restore contacts.

Encrypted Backup

Step 3. Click Start button, then you'll see a Backup File Output pop-up. Set the path for saving the backup file and click OK button. Wait for seconds, and the program will soon manage to backup your Android contacts.

Android Data Backup

In this article, we have mainly showed you how to backup contacts on iPhone or Android phone. Welcome to contact us if you have any other better way for contacts backup.

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