How to Clear Your Safari History on iPhone and Mac

Your Safari history acts as a convenient record of websites you've visited. It allows you to quickly revisit a website you recently viewed without having to remember or search for the URL. In this way, you can access to your frequently visited websites more conveniently. In addition, you can use Safari to sync browsing history across multiple Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Thus you can seamlessly continue browsing on a different device from where you left off, as long as you're signed in with the same Apple ID.

However, despite the convenience and efficiency of Safari history, you may want to delete history on Safari from time to time. It might be for privacy or security reasons, or you are running out of your disk space, or you have encountered issues with Safari, such as slow loading times, website errors, or unexpected behavior, clearing the history and caches can sometimes resolve these problems.

Thus, here we give you a detailed guide on how to clear history on Safari on iPhone, iPad , and Mac, continue reading to learn the 4 easy methods.

Clear History on Safari

Part 1: How to Clear Your Safari Browsing History on an iPhone or iPad

In the first part, we like to tell you 2 simple methods to remove your Safari history from an iOS device. Whatever the reason, when you need to clear history on Safari, you can use either solution below.

Common way to clear Safari history

Step 1Go to the Settings app on your iOS device. Here in this part, we take iPhone as an example to show you how to delete your Safari history. Scroll down to find the Safari option. You need to tap on it to enter the main Safari interface.

Step 2iOS is designed with a Clear History and Website Data feature for you to remove your browsing history from the Safari app. You can scroll down to the bottom screen to find the option. Tap on it and then tap Clear History and Data to confirm your operation.

Delete Safari History on iPhone

With this method, you can easily delete history on Safari from your iPhone or iPad. In the Safari interface, you are also allowed to block all cookies, protect your privacy, prevent tracking, and adjust other settings.

Better way to thoroughly clear history on Safari

iPhone Eraser Box

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Clear browsing history, caches, cookies, and other useless data on Safari.

Offer 3 erasing levels to wipe all iOS data on iPhone and iPad permanently.

Delete junk files, duplicates, large and old data, and more to free up iPhone space.

Uninstall unused apps, protect private data, and compress large photos.

Step 1 Free download and open this Safari history remover software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to computer and make it connect successfully.

Connect iPhone to PC

Step 2 Choose Free Up Space from the left sidebar after connecting. You can click on the Quick Scan button to start scanning all types of data on this iPhone.

Select Quick Scan

Step 3 You are offered 4 options to manage your iPhone storage, Erase Junk Files, Uninstall Applications, Delete Large Files, and Clean up Photos. You can rely on them to delete unwanted data including the Safari history on your iPhone.

Erase Junk Files

Part 2: How to Clear Safari History, Cookies, and Caches on Your Mac

If you are a Mac user and want to remove your browsing history, cookies, and caches from Safari, you can also learn 2 easy methods in this part.

Regular way to clear history on Mac Safari

Step 1 Mac offers a straightforward way to quickly clear your browsing history, cookies, caches, and other website data from Safari. You can open the Safari app on your Mac, click on the top Safari menu, and then choose the Clear History option.

Mac Safari Clear History Option

Step 2 You can select a specific period time like the last hour, today, today and yesterday, or all history from the Clear drop-down list to clear history on Safari. This operation will also remove related cookies and other website data.

Safari Clear and Cookies Mac

Step 3 To remove your Safari history from Mac, you can also click on the top History menu and then use the Clear History option. Here you will get the same options, the last hour, today, today and yesterday, and all history.

Clear Cache Safari Mac

Professional way to clear Safari history on Mac

You can also rely on the easy-to-use Mac Safari data cleaning software, Mac Cleaner to clear history, caches, and cookies in Safari.

Data Recovery

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Remove junk files, unwanted old and large data to fresh Mac storage space.

Monitor the current macOS system performance and keep Mac in a good state.

Manage Mac storage, hide/encrypt private data, and optimize Mac performance.

Step 1 When you enter the Mac Cleaner, you are offered 3 key features, Status, Cleaner, and Toolkit. You can first click on the Status to check the current Mac status like CPU, Memory and Disk.

Preview System Status

Step 2 To clear Safari history on your Mac, you should choose the Cleaner feature. Click the Scan button to start scanning Safari history, caches, cookies and other junk files on your Mac.

Scan System Junk

Step 3 When the scanning is finished, click the View button to check them. Then you can select all the browsing histories, cache, and cookies in Safari, and remove them from your Mac by clicking on the Clean button.

View System Junk

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Part 3 : FAQs of How to Clear History on Safari

Will uninstalling Safari app delete all history and website data?

Yes. After you uninstall the Safari app, all related data including history will also be removed.

How to block all Safari cookies and website data on a Mac?

To prevent Safari cookies and various website data, you can open the Safari app, click the Safari menu, and then select the Preferences option from the dropdown. Click on the Privacy tab, and then enable Block all cookies.

How to create private browsing on Safari?

With Safari Private browsing, you can easily prevent all website data from being saved. You can open Safari, tap the File button, and then choose New Private Window. You can also tap the Tabs button to view the incognito browsing history of websites.

Will it delete all my bookmarks when clearing Safari history?

No, clearing your browsing history in Safari will not delete your bookmarks. Bookmarks are separate from your browsing history and can be accessed even after clearing the history.

Does clearing history on one device clear it on all my devices?

Clearing Safari history on one device will not automatically clear it on all your devices. However, if you have Safari enabled for iCloud syncing, clearing history on one device may trigger the syncing process and eventually remove the history from other synced devices as well.


Collected Safari history on your iPhone or Mac will take up lots of storage space. Moreover, these browsing histories, caches, and cookies on Safari may also slow down performance and reveal your personal information. You can use the methods above to easily clear history on Safari.

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