Tutorial to Clear Incognito History on Computer and Mobile

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Clear Incognito History

Part 1: How to Clear Incognito History on Mac?

Does Safari Private Browsing really protect your privacy? The answer is no. You can't rely on such an incognito mode. However, with Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner, you can make your online browsing process indeed secure and private.

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Clear incognito history in any web browsers on Mac in one click.

Prevent others from spying on your private browsing history.

Integrate rich functionalities, such as deleting duplicate files, uninstalling apps, clearing junk files, optimizing Mac performance, etc.

Support a wide range of Mac computers, such as MacBook Pro.

How to Quickly Clear Incognito History on Mac

Step 1Install the best incognito history cleaner

Download Mac Cleaner and install it on your machine.

Launch the application and select Cleaner to move on. If you want to monitor the status of your computer, click Status.

LaunchStep 2Delete incognito history on computer

Next, select the data types you intend to delete, such as System Junk, and then click Scan button. After that, click View button to preview the results. Check unwanted browsing history and click Clean button.

View System Junk

Part 2 How Do I Delete Incognito Mode History on Windows?

There are a lot of web browsers available to PC. Most major browsers have integrated the private browse mode. Here we will share step-by-step instructions for clearing incognito history in the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Delete Incognito History in Chrome


Step 1 Open your Chrome browser, click the Three-dots button in the upper right corner of the web page.

Step 2 Navigate to History from the drop-down menu and click it.

Step 3 In the new pop-up page, click Tabs from other devices. Then, you can select the incognito tab to delete. Then click the Three-dots button and click Close tab to close it and delete incognito history. In case you accidentally delete your bookmarks on Chrome, you can learn how to restore Chrome bookmarks here.

Delete Incognito History in Firefox

Delete Incognito History in Firefox

Step 1 Run your browser, copy and paste about:preferences#privacy into the address bar and hit Enter key.

Step 2 Navigate to Cookies and Site Data section. Enable the option said Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed. Locate the History section, select Use custom settings for history, and check Clear history when Firefox closes.

Step 3 Hit the Settings button and check all data types under History, click OK to complete it.

Clear Incognito History in Edge


Step 1 Open Microsoft Edge from Windows 10, click More > Settings > Choose what to clear.

Step 2 Check the data types to clear and turn on Always clear this when I close the browser.

Step 3 Once close Edge, incognito history will be deleted automatically.

Delete Incognito History in Opera


Step 1 To clear incognito history, open your Opera browser, head to Opera Menu > Settings.

Step 2 Locate the Cookies and other site data section and select Clear cookies and site data when you quit Opera.

Step 3 If you want to delete browsing history manually, go to Opera Menu > Settings > Privacy & security, click Clear browsing data, select what you want to delete and confirm it. If you change your mind, you can still see the deleted incognito history easily.

Part 3: How to Delete Incognito History on iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone, you are lucky since Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser is an all-in-one incognito clearer for iOS.

Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser

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Delete browsing history along with other personal data.

Clean up temporary & junk files, cache, etc. to give your iPhone a speed boost

Erase private data with advanced technology.

Compatible with the latest iPhone 15 series and iOS 17/iPad OS 17.

In short, it is the best option to clear your private browsing history and protect your privacy on iPhone and iPad.

How to Clear Incognito History on iOS

Step 1 Get iPhone Eraser

Open the best incognito history clearer for iOS after installing.

Connect your iPhone to the computer and run the program.

InterfaceStep 2 Select an erasing level

Choose from Low, Middle, and High erasing levels according to your need and then click OK.

Select Security LevelStep 3 Delete incognito history

Once click the Start button and then enter 0000 to begin deleting private browsing history, and other personal data and settings on your iPhone.

Start to Erase ios Device

This software will wipe all content and settings on your iPhone, and you should backup your iPhone to avoid any data loss.

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Part 4: How to Clear Incognito History on Android?

For Android phone users, Chrome is the most popular mobile browser. The built-in browser on Android 4.0 and earlier is called internet.

How to Delete Incognito History in Chrome App

Chrome App

Step 1 Start your Chrome app, head to Menu > History to load the screen.

Step 2 Tick the checkboxes next to the data types you want to delete, like Browsing history, and select a proper timestamp from the dropdown menu.

Step 3 Tap Clear Data button to achieve it immediately.

How to Clear Incognito History on Android 4.0 or earlier

Clear Incognito History on Android

Step 1 To delete incognito history from the built-in mobile browser, tap Menu > Settings in the browser app.

Step 2 Scroll down until you see the Privacy Settings section.

Step 3 Then tap Clear History, Clear Cache, Clear All Cookie Data and other options.

Note: The mobile browsers on Android have no option to automatically delete incognito history.

Part 5. FAQs about Deleting Incognito History

Can incognito history be traced?

While incognito mode allows you to leave no browsing history or cookies, it does not prevent web tracking. So your browser, some organizations, or third-party software can still track your activities on the Internet if needed, and you can also view the incognito history of some websites.

Can anyone see my incognito history on Wi-Fi?

Although turning on incognito mode prevents others from seeing your browsing history on your browser, your activity is recorded by the router. So the administrators of the network you are using can still find out information about you. This model is not foolproof. Some third-party tools can also be used to check incognito history.

How do I hide history from the Wi-Fi owner?

In addition to turning on privacy mode and deleting your browsing history on your browser, you can also try using a VPN. A VPN helps establish a protected internet connection, preventing your browsing history from being tracked to a certain extent.

Can parents see incognito history with parental controls?

If the parent applies the Parental Control feature, the child cannot use incognito mode. Parents can use this feature to limit the web pages their children can view and monitor their children's activities on the Internet. Apart from this, they can also control the activities on the browser with the help of third-party tools.

What is the difference between incognito and private browsing?

The two names mean the same thing, just called differently by different browsers. Google Chrome generally calls it incognito mode, while Firefox and Safari will adopt the Privacy Mode name. Microsoft's Edge calls it InPrivate, a mode that allows you to browse without leaving a browsing session history.


Although you have turned on the private browsing mode in your browser, there are still chances that someone else tracks your browsing history since it is stored on your machine. The only way to protect your privacy is to delete incognito history. We have shared the best ways on how to delete incognito history on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. What you need to do is to get the right way based on your need and follow our guide to get what you want.

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