Delete/Recover Google Hangout Messages on iPhone/Android

Google Hangout is a useful application that can be used by users all over the world to chat with their contacts. As a result, all your conversations and contents will be stored to your Google account automatically. If you do not want the third person read those conversations, then you need to delete Hangout history in mobile or computer manually.

So how to disable Google Hangout history feature and delete all chat conversations? If you do not want to keep the backup of chat history with Google Hangouts app, then you can follow steps below to delete all Hangout history with ease.

Delete Hangout History

Part 1. How to Delete Hangout History on Windows/Mac

Delete Hangout History on Computer

Step 1. Open on your web browser.

Step 2. Locate the conversation with the certain person.

Step 3. Choose "Settings" button on the top-right corner.

Step 4. Uncheck "Conversation history" to disable Google Hangout history.

Step 5. Select "Delete" and confirm to delete Hangouts history permanently.

Part 2. How to Delete Messages in Hangout Permanently on Android Device

Step 1. Launch Google Hangouts app and pick one conversation to delete.

Step 2. Click "Menu" option and choose "Turn history off".

Step 3. Sign into your Gmail account.

Step 4. Choose "More" and select "Chats".

Step 5. Select the certain conversation and click "Delete Hangout history".

Step 6. Choose "Permanently delete history for this Hangout" to confirm the operation.

Part 3. How to Delete Google Hangouts Conversations on iPhone

Turn History Off and Delete It

Step 1. Open Hangouts app on your iPhone or iPod.

Step 2. Choose any conversation and select "More".

Step 3. Click "Options" and choose "History" under "Conversation" to disable Google Hangout.

Step 4. Choose "Delete conversation" under Google Hangout "Options" to delete Hangout history on iPad or iPhone.

Thus, the copy of your chat history and conversations will be deleted completely. And you are not able to view these messages anymore.

Part 4. FAQs of Deleting Google Hangout Messages

Can I delete a message sent on Hangouts?

Yes, you can delete a sent message from your end, but you cannot delete the message on someone else’s end.

How do I delete Hangouts messages on both sides?

No. You cannot delete Hangout messages on someone else’s side.

Can deleted Hangout messages be recovered?

The deleted Hangout messages cannot be recovered, whether you deleted them from or the hangouts mobile app.

At last but not least, you had better backup important data before you start to delete Hangout history on computer or mobile phone. You can also get useful tools here to recover deleted Google Hangout history with ease.

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