[5 Hands-on Solutions] How to Fix iMessages Not Syncing on Mac

QUOTE "iMessages are not syncing from my iPhone X to since installing iOS 12.3. Why are my iPhone messages not showing up on Mac?"

Apple creates great convenience to work seamlessly among their products.

iMessage is one of the ease.

You could easily sync iPhone iMessages to Mac with the same Apple ID login with the help of the Internet connection.

However, recently, some users are reporting that they cannot get iPhone iMessages sync to Mac.

That is big trouble if someone sends you the iMessages, but your iPhone is not nearby.

Here, we gather 5 efficient solutions to fix iPhone iMessages not syncing to Mac. I also kick myself out of the trouble and get iMessages work again on my Mac.

iPhone iMessages not syncing to Mac

Solution 1. Check Network Connection on Mac

Whether you receive or send iMessages on Mac, you will need the Internet connection.

Different from messages, which is charged according to the carrier, iMessages are free to use with the Internet. (Check the difference between iMessages and messages.)

If you cannot see the latest iMessages on Mac, just check if your Mac has been connected with the Internet connection. Wi-Fi or network cable will be OK to sync iPhone iMessages on Mac.

After your Mac is connected with the Internet, wait for a second, and all the iPhone iMessages will sync.

If your Mac has been connected with the Internet, just reset the network to solve this problem.

Sync iPhone iMessages on Mac

iMessages are still not syncing on Mac? Move the next solution.

Solution 2. Make Sure iMessages Set-up Correctly on iPhone

On Mac, iMessages can be sent or received via the same Apple ID same as iPhone. To sync iMesasges on Mac, you need to make sure iMessages can be sent or received on iPhone via your phone number and Apple ID.

On your iPhone, go to "Settings" > "Messages" > Scroll down to find "Send & Receive" and tap it > Make sure your Apple ID is ticked to be enabled under "YOU CAN RECEIVE IMESSAGES TO AND REPLAY FROM".

Then, even if someone sends you the iMessages via your iPhone number, you could still update the iMessages on Mac directly via the Apple ID.

Enable Apple ID receive send iMessages

If the settings on iPhone are correct, but you still fail to sync iMessages on Mac, the next settings you may have done wrong.

Solution 3. Confirm iMessages Settings Correctly on Mac

To sync the updated iMessages sent to your iPhone on Mac, you must make sure your Mac can be reached at the same account as iPhone.

On Mac, open Messages > Select "Preferences" under the dropdown menu of "Messages" > Navigate the "Accounts" section to tick the box before "Enable this account", and the two boxes under "You can be reached for messages at:".

iMessages settings on mac
Tip :

Do not forget to confirm the iMessages account on Mac is the same as the Apple ID on iPhone. Otherwise, your Mac will not sync the iMessages from your iPhone. Moreover, if both settings are correct, but iMessages are still not working on Mac, just check the solutions here.

If all the settings are confirmed to be correct, but the iMessages are not syncing on Mac, just refer to the next part.

Solution 4. Disable and Enable iMessages on iPhone and Mac

Though all the settings on your iPhone and Mac are made correctly, the failure of syncing iPhone iMessages to Mac may be caused by a system error or unknown reasons.

Considering that, you could try to disable iMessages and enable iMessages to solve it.

On iPhone: Go to "Settings" > "Messages" > Toggle off "iMessages", and then repeat the steps to toggle on "iMessages".

Enable disable iMessages iPhone

On Mac: Run Messages app > Select "Preferences" under the dropdown menu of "Messages" > Uncheck the box before "Enable this account" and then just check the box to enable the iMessages account again.

Moreover, you could click "Sign Out" to leave the iMessages account and then sign in to it again.

Enable disable iMessages mac
Tips :

1. Once you set up iMessages account on Mac, all the iMessages sent or received on iPhone will sync automatically after the set-up time. The old iMessages sent or received before that time will not sync.

2. If you delete the iMessages sent or received on either iPhone or Mac, the other devices will not sync. (Regret iMessages deletion on iPhone? Just recover iMessages now).

Solution 5. Easiest Alternative to Syncing iPhone iMessages on Mac

The last solution to fix the problem is to get an iMessages sync alternative.

Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer is the iPhone iMessages to Mac transfer tool, which can sync all iMessages and messages from iPhone to mac quickly and safely.

Getting rid of the Internet connection, you could make all iMessages synced via the USB cable easily.

iPhone Transfer

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Sync iMessages and text messages from iPhone to Mac.

Export iPhone messages to Mac as HTML, TXT or CSV.

Manage iPhone photos, contacts, music, videos, and more on Mac directly.

Support iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS and available for both Windows and macOS.

Step 1Connect iPhone to Mac

Free download this iMessages sync transfer tool on your Mac, install and run it immediately.

Note : Do not update your iTunes and do not run it while using this software to avoid the conflict.

Connect your iPhone to Mac with the USB cable, and this software will detect your iPhone automatically.

Click purchase on the interface

Step 2Sync iMessages from iPhone to Mac

In the main interface, you will see various data types, Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Messages, Others and Toolbox.

Click "Messages" tab, and you will see all the message types, like text messages, app messages like Kik, Line, WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, WeChat, etc. Your iMessages will be included in Messages.

Select the iMessages that you want to sync, click the "Export to Mac" button and select one format that you want to save. Then the iMessages will be exported to Mac, including the old iMessages.

Sync iPhone iMessages to mac

Apart from messages sync tool, this software can also export iPhone photos, music, videos and contacts to Mac.


This post mainly talks about how to fix iMessages not syncing on Mac. For updating the iMessages from iPhone to Mac, you just need to make sure all the settings on iPhone and Mac correctly. The last method of fixing the problem is using the transfer tool to sync all iMessages from iPhone to Mac. It can sync even the old iMessages to Mac without hassle.

Have you synced all the iMessages on Mac?

Any solutions that also help to solve the issue from you, just let me know by leaving your comments.

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