5 Helpful Tips to Troubleshoot iPhone Predictive Text Not Working

iPhone Predictive is a useful messaging feature for aiding fast typing. It lets you easily input your sentences. You can enable the Predictive and Auto-Correction features to get the best way to type out the words on your iPhone. However, many users reported that the iPhone predictive text is not working correctly or predictive text disappears. This post shares five verified ways to help you fix the issue.

iPhone Predictive Text Not WorkingiPhone Predictive Text Not Working

Part 1. Enable iPhone Predictive Text

When your iPhone predictive text disappears, or you can't use it while messaging someone, you should ensure the predictive text feature is enabled.

To turn on the iPhone predictive text feature, open the Settings app, choose the General option, and then go to Keyboard. In the main interface of the Keyboard, you can scroll down to locate the Predictive feature and turn it on.

Enable iPhone Predictive Text

Part 2. Five Verified Ways to Fix iPhone Predictive Text Not Working

When your iPhone predictive text disappears or doesn't work properly, you should ensure the feature is enabled first. Then you can use the 5 tips below to troubleshoot the issue.

Turn off iPhone Predictive and then turn it on

The easiest way to fix the iPhone predictive text not working issue is to toggle the Predictive feature off and then on. You can go to the Keyboard interface from the Settings app to locate the Predictive setting. Please turn off the toggle next to the Predictive option, wait for a few seconds, and then enable it again.

Restart to fix iPhone predictive text not working

You should know that many issues and errors on an iPhone can be easily fixed by restarting. You can unlock your iPhone screen, keep pressing the side button to display the power off screen, and then drag the slider to the right to shut it down. You can wait for 2-3 minutes and then restart it. Afterward, you can message someone to check if the problem is solved.

Restart Your iPhone

Reset Keyboard Dictionary to fix iPhone predictive text not working

iOS has a resetting feature for resetting the keyboard dictionary and associated settings. You can open the Settings app, tap General, and choose the Transfer or Reset iPhone option at the bottom. Tap Reset to display more resetting options. Select Reset Keyboard Dictionary and then enter your passcode to confirm that. You can also choose Reset All Settings to troubleshoot the iPhone predictive text not working problem.

Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone IOS 16

Add a new keyboard to troubleshoot iPhone predictive text disappear

Apple doesn't support all languages when using the Predictive feature. You can check Apple's official list of supported languages and add a new keyboard for the supported language.

Quicktype Keyboard Predictive Supported Languages

Enter the Keyboard interface and choose the Keyboards option on the top. Tap Add New Keyboard and then select a language that supports Predictive Typing.

Add New Keyboards On iPhone

Professional solution to fix iPhone predictive text not working

iOS System Recovery is a powerful iOS issue-fixing tool that can help you fix various system-related issues, including iPhone Predictive or Auto-Correction not working.

iOS System Recovery

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Step 1Download, install, and open this recommended iOS System Recovery. Connect your iPhone and click the Start button to move on.

Select iPad State

Step 2To quickly solve the iPhone predictive text not working problem, you can first try using its Free Quick Fix feature.

Free Quick Fix

Step 3You can also click the Fix button and select Standard Mode or Advanced Mode to fix the iPhone keyboard issue. Follow the prompts to guide your iOS device into Recovery or DFU mode, and download a firmware package to repair your iPhone.

Select Fix Mode

Part 3. FAQs of iPhone Predictive Text Not Working

How to enable Auto-Correction on iPhone?

To turn on Auto-Correction on an iPhone, go to the Settings app, choose the General option, and tap Keyboard. Find the Auto-Correction option and then enable it.

How to delete the English keyboard on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app, tap General, and then choose Keyboard. Tap the Keyboards option to display all your added keyboards. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner, then tap the red - icon ahead of your English keyboard.

Can I contact Apple for help when iPhone predictive text is not working?

Yes. You can go to the official Apple Support website for help when you face any problem using an Apple product. When you reach the specific page, you can check the related topic to fix iPhone predictive text not working.


This post has mainly talked about the iPhone predictive text not working problem. You can get five helpful tips to troubleshoot it. For more associated iPhone keyboard questions, you can message us.

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