Why Didn't My Apps Transfer to New iPhone and How to Solve It

When you purchase a new phone like iPhone 14/13/12/11, the first thing you need to do is transfer all data and apps from your old iPhone. However, you encounter the apps didn't transfer to the new iPhone issue when migrating from your old device. You have come to the right place. The guide will explain some common reasons for the app's transferring issue. After that, you can get 5 solutions to fix it quickly. Come to read and select the most effective solution for your iPhone now.

My Apps Didnt Transfer To New iPhone

Part 1. Why Didn't My Apps Transfer to My New iPhone 14/13/12/11

Before fixing the iPhone app transferring issue, you should know why your apps failed to switch to a new iPhone. Remember that the app transferring process is only successful under some conditions. Read the common reasons below to figure out a specific way.

  • Unstable Network Condition
  • Insufficient iCloud Storage
  • Different Apple ID
  • Unavailable Apps
  • Download in Progress After Restoring

Part 2. How to Fix My Apps Didn't Transfer to New iPhone

If you have got the related factors of transferring apps between iPhones, you can know why your app cannot transfer successfully. Now, you can follow our guide to start the fixing process with 5 solutions mentioned below.

Solution 1. Reset Network Settings

When the apps cannot switch from the old iPhone to the new one, you should check if the internet condition is stable and available. When the new iPhone has no internet connection by Cellular Data or Wi-Fi, there is an issue with the network. Therefore, you can try to reset network settings before transferring apps to the new iPhone again. Follow the steps below.

Reset Network Settings

Step 1Go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Find and tap the General option.

Step 2Proceed to Transfer or Reset iPhone by sliding the screen to the bottom. Then, tap Reset.

Step 3Next, select the Reset Network Settings option and wait for a moment. It will reset the network on iPhone automatically.

After that, you can check if the connection is available by opening any webpage. You must consider other issues if it is still not transferring apps to iPhone after resetting.

Solution 2. Upgrade iCloud Storage

If your iCloud storage is full, the whole app may not be backed up to iCloud. Therefore, you cannot transfer all your apps to the new iPhone with iCloud. To upgrade insufficient storage, you can purchase more space for iCloud.

Upgrade iCloud Storage

Step 1Tap your Apple ID to access the iCloud option on Settings.

Step 2Proceed to Manage Account Storage on the top screen. Then you can get iCloud+ to ensure all your apps and services keep syncing with iCloud.

Step 3Tap Upgrade to iCloud+ to select one iCloud+ plan like 50GB, 200 GB, or 2TB. Tap Upgrade to iCloud+ again after selecting.

After purchase, you can migrate your apps to the new iPhone again. Then, you can view iCloud backup on the new iPhone.

Solution 3. Transfer Apps with the Same Apple ID

If you use different Apple ID on the old and new iPhone, you must encounter the apps transferring failure when restoring from iCloud Backup. Once you log in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on both iPhones, this issue can be solved. To check if you use the same Apple ID, follow the detailed steps below.

Log In Same Apple Id

Step 1Go to Settings and tap Apple ID on the top screen. Do the same on both the old and new iPhones.

Step 2If the Apple ID differs, tap Sign Out by sliding to the bottom of the new iPhone. You will be asked to enter the Apple ID Password and tap Turn Off in the top right corner.

Step 3Next, log in to your new iPhone using the same Apple ID logged on your old iPhone.

After logging into the same Apple ID, try to back up all your apps to the new iPhone again. You may encounter other problems on the new iPhone if it is not working.

Solution 4. Update iPhone to the Latest Version

If your iPhone is not the lasted iOS version, updating it to the newest is one of the solutions. It can usually solve undetected bugs and improve the app's reliability on iPhone. Try the following steps, then back up your apps from your old iPhone again.

Update iOS Version

Step 1Open Settings on your new iPhone. Select the General option.

Step 2Proceed to Software Update on the top screen.

Step 3Tap Download and Install and enter your passcode to confirm the process. Then you can select Use Cellular Date or Don't Use Cellular Date to update the version.

If you encounter iPhone stuck on the update, you must find ways to fix this issue first.

Solution 5. Transfer App Data with Apeaksoft MobileTrans

If you cannot find an effective way to transfer app to new iPhone after trying the above way manually, you need a professional tool to transfer app data. Apeaksoft MobieTrans is your best helper, which can let you to backup various app data, including photos, music, and videos from an old iPhone to new one. It supports batch backup of app files with a few clicks. In addition, these app data, like photos, will keep the original quality after sending to the new iPhone. Start the app transferring process with the following steps.


4,000,000+ Downloads

Transfer photos, music, videos, etc., from iPhone to iPhone with one click.

Back up important data from your iPhone to computer.

Manage your backup files to make the new iPhone well organized.

Compatible with various devices like iPhone 14/13 or before, Android, etc.

Step 1Connect the two iPhones to the PC

Open the app data transfer tool and connect the two iPhones to the PC with Lightning cables. Once connected, unfold the dropdown list on the top of the window and choose the old iPhone. Set it as your source device.

Mobietrance InterfaceStep 2Preview and select the app data

You can select the app data from the Photos, Music, and Videos tab on the left panel.

Click the Photo tab, and you will see some options like Live Photos, Favorites, QQ, etc. Choose the target photos you want to transfer from the specific folders one by one or tick Check All.

Select Target App Photos
Note : Do the same if you want to transfer other app data from the Videos and Music tap to the new iPhone.
Step 3Step 3. Transfer app data to the new iPhone

Go to the top toolbar and click the Export to Device icon. Now, your new iPhone will receive the app data as the target iPhone. Wait for a moment, and the successful window appears after completing.

Transfer App Data To New iPhone
Tips: Besides transferring app data between two iPhones, MobieTrans also allows you quickly transfer data from iPhone to Android or PC.

Part 3. FAQs about Transferring Apps to New iPhone Failure

How long does it take for apps to transfer to a new iPhone?

It is affected by many different factors, such as network conditions and data size. It usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour using Apple's official methods.

Why aren't all my apps showing up on my iPhone?

You cannot see all your apps if you have not turned the Show on Home Screen feature on the settings app. You can open the Settings app to ensure all your apps appear on the home screen. Then, you can find and enter Home Screen to tap Show on Home Screen.

Where do my apps go on my new iPhone?

Open the Home Screen and swipe left all the screen pages to enter App Library. Here you can see all your apps on your iPhone. In addition, you can enter the app's name in the search area at the top of the screen or scroll down to browse the app lists. Then you can find the app you are looking for.


In this article, you already learn 5 solutions to fix my apps won't transfer to a new iPhone. Once you know why your new iPhone cannot receive apps from the old iPhone, you can find one way to fix it quickly. If you have other questions about switching to a new iPhone, leave your comments here.

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