Troubleshoot Steps to Fix Samsung Screen Rotate Not Working

The Screen Rotate feature on Android is designed to dynamically adjust the screen orientation based on the device's physical position. However, there are instances where Android Screen Rotate maybe not working, leaving users stuck with a fixed screen orientation. Many Samsung users will meet this issue. And this article will explore common reasons why Samsung Android Screen Rotate may not work and provide troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. While the focus is on Samsung devices, the solutions discussed can be applicable to other Android phones as well.

Samsung Screen Rotate Is Not Working

Part 1. Why My Samsung Screen Rotate Is Not Working

Some Samsung users reported that their Samsung Screen Rotate is not working. They have already turned off the Screen Rotate feature, but when the Android detects there are some screen changes, the Android will still also rotate the screen. And there are many reasons why you met auto-rotate not working problem.

Screen Rotate On Samsung

Auto-rotate Disabled: First, ensure that the auto-rotate feature is enabled.

App-specific Settings: Some apps have their own screen rotation settings. If screen rotation is not working in a specific app, open the app's settings and look for an option related to screen rotation or orientation.

Outdated Software: Ensure that your Samsung device is running the latest software version. Updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can address screen rotation issues.

Software Glitches: Temporary software glitches can affect screen rotation. Some software will also auto-rotate the screen even if you enable the feature on your Android.

Hardware Issue: If none of the above solutions work, there may be a hardware problem with the accelerometer sensor or other related components.

Part 2. How to Fix Samsung Screen Rotate

After knowing why your Samsung Screen Rotate is not working, there are some solutions. You cannot only use them to solve the Samsung problem but also fix most Android Screen Rotate issues.

Solution 1: Restart Device

A simple restart can sometimes resolve temporary software glitches. Press and hold the power button, then tap Restart.

Solution 2: Disable and Re-enable Auto-rotate

Go to the Quick Settings panel by swiping down from the top of the screen. Look for the Screen Rotate and tap it to turn off auto-rotate. Wait a few seconds, then tap it again to enable auto-rotate.

Solution 3: Calibrate the Accelerometer

Sometimes, the accelerometer, which detects the orientation of your device, may need recalibration. Open the dialer app on your Samsung device and enter the code #0#. This will open a diagnostic menu. Tap Sensor or Accelerometer, then follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate the sensor.

Samsung Accelerometer

Solution 4: Clear Cache Partition

Turn off your Samsung device and enter recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up button, the Power button, and the Home button simultaneously. Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and tap Wipe cache partition. Confirm the selection and wait for the wipe cache partition process to complete. Restart your device afterward.

Clear Cache on Samsung

Solution 5: Update Software

Ensure that your Samsung device is running the latest software version. Open the Settings app, go to Software Update, and check for any available updates.

Solution 6: Apeaksoft Broken Android Data Extraction

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Part 3. FAQs about Samsung Screen Rotate

Does screen rotation work on all apps and screens?

No. Screen rotation is generally supported in most apps and screens on Samsung devices. However, some apps or screens may have fixed orientations, preventing them from rotating. For example, the home screen and lock screen may not rotate by default.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer on my Samsung device?

No. Samsung devices do not provide a built-in option to adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer. The calibration process helps recalibrate the sensor but does not allow you to modify its sensitivity directly.

Why does my Samsung device's screen rotate when I don't want it to?

If your Samsung device's screen rotates when you don't want it to, it could be due to unintentional movements or gestures triggering the screen rotation. Try holding your device steady or adjusting your grip to prevent inadvertent rotations.

Can I set specific apps always to rotate the screen on my Samsung device?

Yes, you can customize the screen rotation behavior for specific apps on your Samsung device. To do this, open the app and then access its settings or options menu. Look for a Screen Rotation or Orientation setting and adjust it to your preference.

Will factory reset my Samsung device fix screen rotation issues?

Factory resetting your Samsung device can potentially resolve screen rotation issues if they are caused by software glitches or misconfigurations.


If your Samsung Screen Rotate is not working, the above troubleshooting steps should help you resolve the issue. Remember, these solutions can also apply to other Android phones experiencing auto-rotate not working problems. If the issue persists, it's recommended to use Apeaksoft Broken Android Data Extraction. This software will support all Android models, including all Samsung series. You can easily detect why your Samsung auto-rotation is not working and fix it with its help.

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