Ways to Solve SD Card Stopped Working

Recently, I have always heard about people complaining about their SD cards not working. Some say that their SD cards can't be recognized on their computers or mobile phones. Others say their SD cards won't show up when connecting to computers. Sometimes, there would be a prompt window saying your SD card should be formatted. SD card is so important for people who usually save their images, documents and videos into it. When you are told that your SD card might be corrupted or broken, it always means that your data on the SD card is probably ruined or lost. That's really terrible news. What should you do about these situations of SD card not working? Can those important data in your SD card be restored completely?

No worry any more. In this article, I will show several ways to fix your SD card not working with detailed steps given below. You can follow these methods after reading. In addition, if you are facing the scenario that your SD card is irrecoverable, professional recovery tools will be introduced to save your essential data. Also, steps of how to recover data from your SD card will be shown together.

SD Card Stopped Working

Part 1: How to fix SD card stopped working

I guess you must be surprised and depressed at the time you realized that your SD card can't work. Cheer up, you are supposed to try out these methods to save your SD card with your important data.

Method 1:Test out your SD card

If your SD card is not working on your computer, try to put it onto your mobile phone. Maybe the key problem is just the matter of your computer card reader. In this case, you are advised to connect your device with your SD card to the computer, by a USB cable. After the successful connection, transfer all data on your SD card to your computer. Please note that in case data lost, you had better get a new SD card instead.

Test out your SD card

Method 2: Check the SD card reader

There is another possibility that the built-in SD card reader breaks down when your SD card can not work on the computer. To find out the truth, get another SD card and insert it. If the SD hard operates normally on your computer, you have to change a new SD card. Otherwise, there's something wrong with the SD card reader.

Check the SD Card Reader

Method 3: Turn off the "Write-protection"

Some SD card stops working because it has been protected by write-protection. If so, take out your SD card, you will notice a switch on the left side of your SD card, which is the crime of your SD card not working. Once it has been turned on, this SD card can't be modified or edited. So, just turn off the write-protection.

Turn off the Write Protection

Part 2: A recovery tool to recover data from SD card

If all these methods seem no sense to you, I recommend you buy an alternative to fix your SD card not working. However, all your important data must be saved out from the old SD card to another place. How to achieve that? Here, you can't afford to miss a professional and powerful recovery tool – Android Data Recovery to help you fix SD card stopped working.

As a recovery tool, it boasts several outstanding features that attract crowds of people and receive good reviews all the time. Let's see some of its main features. And main steps will be listed to teach you how to recover all data from SD card when SD card is not working.

Android Data Recovery

  • It provides 2 versions both for Windows and Mac.
  • Various kinds of data formats are supported, such as images, videos, audio files, documents, contacts and so on.
  • It is highly compatible with up to 5000 Android devices for users' convenience.
  • This versatile application also supports backup, allowing you to back up your data to computers.
  • You are allowed to view the data you want to recover before you operate.
  • With simple and clear interface to instructs all users.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Part 3: How to recover data from SD card

Let's take Android Data Recovery for example to show how to recover your important data from SD card under the circumstance that your SD card is not working.

Step 1. Download Android Data Recovery onto your computer.

First of all, you need to download the Android Data Recovery onto your PC or Mac. Follow its instruction to install it. With its user-friendly interface, you will easily get the software done.

Android Data Recovery

Step 2. Turn on USB debugging

In order to let your Android phone, connect with your computer, you are supposed to turn on the USB debugging on your phone. Enter the "Settings" and find "About device". Tap" Build number" 7 times continually. Go back to the "Settings" and choose "Developer options"

Turn on USB Debugging

Step 3. Connect your phone to the computer

Open up the Android Data Recovery. At the same time, connect your Android devices to PC with SD card.

Connect Phone to the Computer

Step 4. Scan SD card

Right at the time you connect your Android device to your computer, it will automatically scan the SD card. And then you are free to choose the formats you want to recover. Then tap "Next".

Scan SD Card

Step 5. Recover from your SD card

On the left side of the interface, there are all kinds of formats for you to choose. And you are allowed to preview them ahead of time. Click "Recover" after selecting all you need.

Recover from SD Card

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I think you must have learnt something useful after reading the whole passage. And now, you can check out why your SD card stopped working and choose the most suitable solution to help you. Don't forget to recover all your data on the SD card.

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