Detailed Guide to Fix iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 No Sound

Apple Community: "I thought my speaker went out because when I tried going on apps, no audio would play, but the volume was all the way up. Any tips on how to fix this?"

It's confusing when you have turned the volume up, but there is still no sound on an iPhone. This problem may come up no matter whether you are watching a video, receiving notifications, answering a call, or your iPhone has to ring the alarm, etc. Although it sounds very intricate to solve this iPhone problem, you can get a complete introduction to the reasons and detailed instructions on how to fix your iPhone with no sound. Please check all you need in this article.

iPhone No Sound

Part 1. Why Does iPhone Have No Sound

Your iPhone must give off the sound in the 3 distinct functions: notifications, calls, videos/audio. Please check the detailed reasons why the sound on your iPhone is not working under the 3 situations.

Sound Not Working on Notifications

Notifications/alarms work in different ways compared with calls and videos, so it doesn't mean you may fix your iPhone having no sound when receiving notifications if you've merely turned up the volume.

1. The Sound Feature Is Off

Maybe one app has been disabled to the Sound feature when notifications come, so you can't hear the notifications' alerts. You should know that you can change notification sounds in settings and turn on and off the sound feature.

2. The Silent Switch Is On

You must know that the Silent Switch can determine whether notifications give off sound. If the Silent Switch is on, your iPhone will have no sound on notifications. So, just check the Silent Switch near the volume buttons on the upper left side of your iPhone.

Silent Switch iPhone

Sound Not Working on Videos

If the videos still have no sound on your iPhone when you've turned up the volume, you can check the probable reasons below.

1. Earphone Mode

Why is your iPhone switched to the headphone mode? Maybe you forgot to disconnect your AirPods or wire headphones, or there's dirt blocking your earphone port on your iPhone 6 series or older models, which will cause your iPhone to switch to the headphone mode, and then there's no video sound on your iPhone.

Headphone Mode iPhone

2. Bluetooth Connection

If your iPhone has connected to a speaker by Bluetooth, and the speaker is mute or doesn't work by accident, you still can't hear the video sound on your iPhone. This is too bad luck, but it still has the chance to happen. Also, this will cause your iPhone to have no sound in all situations.

Bluetooth Speaker iPhone

3. Sound Not Working on Calls

If the call ringer doesn't work, it may be caused by all reasons mentioned above. Whether it's alerts or video sound, the causes are similar when they give off no sound on your iPhone. The worst case is a malfunction of your iPhone speaker. In this situation, you can only resort to a repair store or Apple after-sales services.

Repair iPhone

Part 2. 5 Ultimate Solutions on iPhone Has No Sound on All Situations

If you've viewed the reasons why your iPhone has no sound, then you need to know how to fix this irritating problem. You can find 5 powerful methods that can deal with different causes.

No Sound on Videos

If you find your iPhone still has no sound when playing videos or music even though you've turned up the volume, you can check if your iPhone has connected to a Bluetooth speaker that doesn't work currently. If so, just disconnect the Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Go to your iPhone's Settings app, and then tap the Bluetooth button. On the following interface, tap the Bluetooth button to turn it off.

Turn Off Bluetooth iPhone

If the video still has no sound on your iPhone, it should be your iPhone speaker's or the video's issues. A broken or dirty speaker should be sent for repair, while a powerful video fixer can deal with the video's issues.

One of the Solutions: Apeaksoft Video Fixer

Apeaksoft Video Fixer can quickly fix a damaged or unplayable video without quality loss. With this practical software, you may fix your video with no sound on your iPhone.

Step 1 Free download Apeaksoft Video Fixer and launch it. Click the Add button on the left side to import your broken video, and then click the Add button on the right side to add a sample video as a reference for the program to fix the broken video. As your video has no sound on your iPhone, you need to add a video with sound. After that, click the Repair button.

Add Videos Apeaksoft

Step 2 Click the Preview button to check if it works. Then, click the Save button to export your video.

Save Video Apeaksoft

No Sound on Notifications/Alarms

When notifications have no sound on an iPhone, the causes will be diverse. Aside from Bluetooth connection, silent mode, speaker problems, or headphone mode, a wrong notification setting should also be considered.

Go to Settings and slide down to find an app whose notifications have no sound. Then, tap the Notifications button. You'll see many settings here. You need to tap the Sounds button to turn it on. The next time the app sends you notifications, your iPhone will give off a sound when the banner appears.

Notifications Settings iPhone

As for iPhone alarms without sound, an additional reason may be the conflicts between Alarm and Health. If you set the alarm to the same schedule as the Health feature, and the Health feature has no access to the Sounds feature, then your iPhone may have no sound when the alarm rings.

Open the Health app and tap the Browse button. Slide down to tap the Sleep button. Then, tap the Ful Schedule & Options button. In the new window, tap the Sleep Schedule button to turn it off.

Health Settings iPhone

No Sound on Calls

The causes of calls without sound on your iPhone are the same as mentioned above so you can find corresponding solutions in this article. Maybe you can try soft resetting your iPhone, which is the least method. However, you can follow the below to check if your speaker is broken.

Go to "Settings" and tap the Sounds & Haptics button. Drag the volume bar front and back. If you can't hear the sound, you can send your iPhone for repair.

Test Volume iPhone

One of the Solutions: Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery

Some system errors may cause your iPhone to have no sound when it receives calls or notifications. You need to remove all those errors or bugs. Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery can help you one-click erase all system failures. What's more, it can easily upgrade your iPhone's iOS version to solve the problem that your iPhone has no sound.

iOS System Recovery

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Remove all system failures in your iPhone with only one click.

Update the iOS version to solve iPhone sound problems.

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Quickly solve the iPhone sound problems within seconds.

Step 1 Free download Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery and launch it. Connect your iPhone to your PC by USB. Click the Start button.

Connect iPhone Apeaksoft

Step 2 Check the information on your iPhone. If it's correct, you can click the Fix button.

Check iPhone Information Apeaksoft

Step 3 The Standard Mode can quickly fix your iPhone that has no sound, and you can also change an iOS version. The Advanced Mode will erase your iPhone to fix all system errors. Please click the Confirm button after you make the decision.

Choose A Mode Apeaksoft

Step 4 Choose your desired iOS version and click the Download button. When downloaded, you need to click the Next button to fix your iPhone which has no sound.

Download Firmware To Fix Apeaksoft

Part 3. FAQs about No Sound on iPhone

Does the iPhone Do Not Disturb mode block all calls?

No, it doesn't. You can set the Do Not Disturb mode to let in calls from your desired contacts. Then, you'll receive their calls even in the Do Not Disturb mode.

Why can't I hear anything on my iPhone unless it's on speaker?

This is probably because of hardware issues. Your iPhone's bottom speakers fail to work, so the system sound doesn't work on your iPhone unless you turn to speaker mode.

Why does the iPhone ringer still have no sound even though I've turned up the volume?

Make sure that you don't turn up the volume in a video or audio interface, or the volume won’t work on the ringer. You can turn up the ringer's volume directly in Settings.


You've learned how to fix your iPhone, which has no sound on videos, alarms, calls, and notifications. In addition to those hardware issues and wrong settings, software issues deserve your attention. Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery can always help you remove system errors to ensure that you can use your iPhone with ease.

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