Why iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode and How to Fix It

QUOTE "I prepared to restore my iPhone 5, but it stuck in the Recovery mode and stopped restoring, how to fix this problem and turn my iPhone normal?"

Recovery mode was developed to troubleshoot for iPhone and iPad users. If your iOS device stuck in Recovery mode, it will not connect to iTunes.

As someone has experienced on more than one occasion, we tested all solutions to fix this problem and identified the effective ones. In this article, we will share these 5 in-depth solutions that can get your iPhone rid of Recovery mode efficiently.

iPhone Stuck in Restore Mode

Part 1: Why iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

The reasons lead to iPhone stuck in Recovery mode can be divided into two categories, a software issue or a hardware error. Most of the time, it is a serious software problem that cause iPhone to get stuck in Recovery mode, such as iTunes bug, jailbreaking, software outdated, faulty operations and more.

The bad news is that chances are your personal data will be lost if you have not backed up your iPhone.

Part 2: 5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

Recovery mode for iOS is used to prevent the iPhone or iPad from more damage. It is a part of iPhone's bootloader, which is able to check, scan and search for errors. When something is wrong with iOS firmware, iOS will enter the Recovery mode automatically. If your iPhone is stuck in Recovery mode, follow the solutions below to exit it.

Solution 1: Force Restart iPhone

Force-restart is the first solution you should try when your iPhone 7 get stuck in Recovery mode. Don't restore it directly so that you do not have to lose your data. Moreover, it does not require extra software or computer. The procedure is a bit different on various iPhone models.

Force restart iPhone

On iPhone X/8/8 Plus or upper: Press the Volume up button and quickly release it, press and release the Volume down button, then keep pressing the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Hold down the Volume down and Side buttons at the same time, let them go when the Apple logo appears on your screen.

On iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus and earlier: Hold down both the Side and Home buttons simultaneously, and then release them when you see the Apple logo.

Now, your iPhone will get rid of stuck in Recovery mode and boot into the home screen.

Solution 2: Restore iPhone with iTunes

iTunes has the capability to restore iPhone in Recovery mode. It also an effective way to fix iPhone stuck in Recovery mode. Bear in mind that your iPhone will be erased and reset to the factory status after the process. This way is especially available when your iPhone gets stuck after software update failed.

Restore iPhone using iTunes

Step 1Run iTunes on your computer and update it to the latest version.

Step 2Hook up your iPhone that gets stuck in Recovery mode to your computer with a lightning cable.

Step 3Wait for iTunes to recognize your iPhone. Then click the Device button at upper left corner, and go to the Summary tab.

Step 4Click the Restore iPhone button, and enter your password if prompted. iTunes will start downloading firmware and set up your iPhone as a new device.

When your iPhone restarts, close iTunes and disconnect your device. Now, you can use your iPhone as usual.

Solution 3: Fix iPhone in DFU mode

DFU mode refers to Device Firmware Upgrade mode. It is able to troubleshoot the issue that iPhone 8/7/6/5 gets stuck in Recovery mode and won't restore.

Restore iPhone DFU

Step 1Open iTunes and update to the latest version.

Step 2Hold down the Side + Home buttons on iPhone 6 and earlier, Side + Volume Down buttons on iPhone 7 and later for 10 seconds.

Step 3Release the Side button after 10 seconds, and connect your iPhone to your computer with a lightning cable. Keep holding the other button for another 5 second.

Step 4Then iTunes will pop up the message with several buttons. Click Restore button to start restoring iPhone in the DFU mode. Then issue that iPhone gets stuck in Recovery mode will disappear.

Note : Similar to restore iPhone with iTunes, this solution will erase iPhone as well. If you did not back up your iPhone before it stuck in Recovery mode, all your files and personal setting will lose.

Solution 4: 100% Wording Troubleshooting

Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery is a professional solution to fix iPhone stuck in Recovery mode.

Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery

  • Repair various issues without erasing iPhone.
  • Fix iOS system, such as stuck in Recovery mode.
  • Troubleshoot in Recovery mode or DFU mode.
  • Available to iPhone running iOS 17/16/15/14/13/12/11 and earlier.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

In short, iOS System Recovery is the best solution to fix iPhone in a single click.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

Step 1Get iOS System Recovery

Download iOS System Recovery and install it to your PC.

Next, hook up your iPhone that gets stuck in Recovery mode to your computer with the lightning cable came with your device. Then launch the application.

Step 2Download firmware

Click the Start button to scan your iPhone and detect the software issues that lead to iPhone stuck in Recovery mode. Then click the Question button and follow the onscreen guide to put your iPhone into DFU mode or Recovery mode.

On the firmware download window, select your iOS device category, type, model and more.

Check iOS info
Step 3Fix iPhone stuck in Recovery mode

After setting, click the Repair button to begin downloading the firmware. Then iOS System Recovery will initiate fixing iPhone the gets stuck in Recovery mode. After that, your iPhone will restart to normal.


Solution 5: Repair iPhone from Apple Store

If all the solutions above fail to get your iPhone quit the Recovery mode, it may be a hardware problem lead to the problem. In such case, you need to ask help from Apple support team. Firstly, you should extract your data from iPhone and back up them to your computer with Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore. It is able to back up entire iPhone or selected files in one click. You can preview all your iPhone data and set password protection for iOS backup. Moreover, it has the ability to restore backup to your iPhone after repairing.

iOS Data Backup and Restore

Then access in your web browser and check the warranty status of your iPhone. Then search for the nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider and contact with technology team directly.

Bear in mind that it may take several days or a month to repair iPhone stuck in Recovery mode by Apple support team.

Apple warranty


Based on the sharing above, you should learn what you can do when your iPhone gets stuck in Recovery mode and won't restore. It is difficult for average people to repair iPhone, even though Apple has developed lots of advanced services and utilities. Force-restart is the official way to exit recovery mode. Plus, iTunes is able to fix the stuck problem by restoring. If they are not working for you, Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery supports one-click troubleshooting. Have more problems? Please leave your messages below this article.

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