The Full Guide of iTunes Error

When you receive an iTunes error with the specific number, it means there is something wrong with your computer or iTunes. There are many different iTunes error codes. Thus, the first thing you need to do is figuring out what's the meaning of the iTunes error code.

iTunes Error

Then you can find the real reason why iTunes error occurs from this article to solve the problem. If you fail to fix an iTunes error and need to use iTunes features immediately, there is one versatile iTunes alternative program you can refer to. Thus, this article is your full guide of iTunes error troubleshooting.

Part 1: iTunes Error Codes List

ITunes Error CodesWhy iTunes Error OccursHow to Fix iTunes Error
iTunes Error 1/ iTunes Error 3/ iTunes Error 10/ iTunes Error 11/ iTunes Error 12/ iTunes Error 13/ iTunes Error 14/ iTunes Error 16/ iTunes Error 20/ iTunes Error 21/ iTunes Error 23/ iTunes Error 26/ iTunes Error 27/ iTunes Error 28/ iTunes Error 29/ iTunes Error 34/ iTunes Error 35/ iTunes Error 36/ iTunes Error 37/ iTunes Error 40/ iTunes Error 53/ iTunes Error 56/ iTunes Error 1002/ iTunes Error 1004/ iTunes Error 1011/ iTunes Error 1012/ iTunes Error 1014/ iTunes Error 1667/ iTunes Error 1669Hardware issues• Reopen iTunes.
• Check the connection of your USB cable, computer and network.
• See if there is outdated or modified software.
iTunes Error 17/ iTunes Error 1638/ iTunes Error 3014/ iTunes Error 3000/ iTunes Error 3002/ iTunes Error 3004/ iTunes Error 3013/ iTunes Error 3014/ iTunes Error 3015/ iTunes Error 3194/ iTunes Error 3200Inability of iTunes to establish a communication with Apple servers• Wait for the download to finish, then try again.
• Make sure your computer can connect to Apple servers or your iOS device.
• Check your third-party security software.
iTunes Error 2/ iTunes Error 4/ iTunes Error 6/ iTunes Error 9/iTunes Error 1611Software issues• Disable or remove the installed security software from your computer.
• Check the USB connection between your iPhone/iPad with a computer.
• Contact Apple Support.
iTunes Error 13/ iTunes Error 14/ iTunes Error 1600/ iTunes Error 1602/ iTunes Error 1603/ iTunes Error 1604/ iTunes Error 1611/ iTunes Error 1643-1650/ iTunes Error 2000/ iTunes Error 2001/ iTunes Error 2002/ iTunes Error 2005/ iTunes Error 2006/ iTunes Error 2009/ iTunes error 4005/ iTunes Error 4013/ iTunes Error 4014Poor baseband or USB connection• Update iTunes and the operating system to the latest version on your computer.
• Reboot your computer to restore iPhone on iTunes for a second time.
• Change another computer or lightning USB cable.
• Switch to another USB port.

Part 2: Causes to iTunes Errors

You can see many different kinds of iTunes errors. In spite of above iTunes error codes, here are some common iTunes errors you should know. As a result, next time you have the same or similar iTunes error alert message, you can fix the disabled or broken part by yourself.

iTunes Install Error

Case 1: There are many similar cases about iTunes error 2, or you can call it as Windows error 2. The common situation is that you cannot update or install iTunes on a Windows computer.

Reasons: If something interprets the iTunes installation, then definitely you will receive the iTunes install error. In addition, virus attack can cause Apple iTunes error 2 too. Furthermore, make sure you have not deleted iTunes-related files before.

Error 2

Case 2: How can I fix iTunes error code 7? I receive the message that "iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. error 7 (Windows error 127).".

Reasons: Poor internet connection is the main cause of iTunes install error 7. Thus, you need to remove and reinstall the latest iTunes again. Well, you had better restart your computer first.

Error 7

iTunes Sync Error

Case 1: I was notified with "The iPhone/iPad/iPod [device name] cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54).". Why iTunes sync unknown error -54 occurs?

Reasons: iTunes sync error -54 happens because you have not update iPhone/iPad/iPod, iTunes and OS on your computer to the latest version.

Otherwise, you may send the incompatible files or those files are locked. Sometimes the third-party security software can interrupt iTunes syncing process as well.

This error also occurs when iTunes won't let you add music, iTunes fails to sync data.

Error 54

Case 2: When people sync iPhone to Mac or PC, iTunes error 39 is the common iTunes sync error for them. And some people report that iTunes sync error occurs when they try to delete photos from iPhone.

Reasons: System crashes can cause iTunes error 39. So you need to free up more space and resync iPhone to iTunes for a second time.

Error 39

iTunes Upgrade/Restore Errors

Case 1: Some people complain that they have iTunes error 45 when they update the firmware of Apple iPhones.

Reasons: Your iTunes version is outdated. The damaged firmware and system corruptions can cause iTunes error 45, too.

Case 2: My iPhone is locked. So I try to connect it to iTunes on my laptop. But it fails with iTunes error 0xE8000015.

Reasons: It is because iTunes cannot recognize the iOS device you have connected. Therefore, you need to restart and reconnect iPhone to your computer. Then trust this computer and disable iPhone restrictions.

Alternatively, if you only want to reset iPhone using iTunes, then here you are able to find an alternative way to restore iPhone to factory settings without iTunes here.

Error E8000015

Case 3: The popping-up message notifying me "The iPhone 'iPhone' could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (-1).".

Reasons: iTunes error -1 iPhone means there are something wrong with the hardware. For instance, the baseband cannot connect to the CPU due to overheating with jailbroken iPhone or dry solder joints. During this time, you can restart iPhone and iTunes to cool them down.

Error 1

Part 3: Avoid iTunes Error Codes with The Best iTunes Alternative

If you are looking for an iTunes alternative program without iTunes error codes, then Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery is your best choice. You can recover and output iOS data from iTunes backup to PC without data loss. Moreover, it allows users to preview and choose which file to recover from iTunes backup freely. Thus, you can access most iTunes features without any iTunes error. All your iOS data is safe and you can customize iTunes backup files with ease. In addition, there are other two methods you can transfer data from iPhone to PC. You are able to recover data from an iOS device directly. In addition, you can also extract data from iCloud backup without data loss. In a word, iPhone Data Recovery is your all-in-one iTunes alternative software.

FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery

  • Recover and extract files from iTunes backup with no data loss.
  • Export lost data from any iOS device directly.
  • Download and choose any iOS data to restore from iCloud backup.
  • Scan and preview both lost and existing files in detail.
  • Support iOS 18 and the latest iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and more.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 1. Run iPhone Data Recovery

Make sure you have synced iPhone with iTunes on this computer before. Otherwise, you may fail to analyze data from iTunes backup. Download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch this iTunes alternative and click "Recover from iTunes Backup File". Later, you can see all your previous iTunes backup files.

Access iTunes backup

Step 2. Scan your iTunes backup

Choose the most relevant iTunes backup file. Click "Start Scan" button in the lower right corner. Then iPhone Data Recovery will scan the iTunes backup entirely. When the process finishes, you can see all file types display in categories.

Scan an iTunes backup

Step 3. Manage iOS data in iTunes backup

Select one file type to see all files in the main interface. If you are not sure which file to recover, you can click that file and use the preview window in the right panel. With all iPhone files are selected, choose "Recover" to copy iOS data from iTunes backup to PC safely.

Select and recover iPhone


At last but not least, if you still have iTunes error problems or you do not know iTunes error codes meanings, you can leave your question below. We are glad to help you solve any problem about Apple error codes.

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