Navigation Review - Pros & Cons, Pricing, Download, and Alternative is a popular online diagramming tool that is mainly used for Confluence teams to collaborate using diagrams. If you occasionally need to make diagrams, you can rely on This post gives you a full review to tell its key features, pros, cons, pricing, download, and other related information.

Review Drawio

Part 1. Full Review, Pros, Cons, Price, and Download is a free online diagramming platform that can help you create high-quality designs, custom flow charts, network diagrams, Unified Modelling Language system layouts, and more. Here in this part, we like to guide you to know its functionality, pros and cons, price, download, and other related information.

What is is a free flowchart or diagramming tool that helps you create diagrams and other visuals. It carries good collaboration features to ensure you produce professional diagrams with ease. This vector graphics editor is designed with a beginner-friendly interface for you to quickly start creating your diagram. allows you to collaborate on diagrams and whiteboards in real-time. It can integrate with Google, Confluence, and Jira.

Free Flowchart Maker Drawio is freely available across platforms and browsers. You can easily access a variety of tools and features to design on any device based on your needs. It will help you get right to work and get real results without inhibition. As a reliable and feature-rich diagramming tool, also extends its support for revision management, process mapping, organizational charting, and more. pros and cons offers useful diagramming features for you to quickly make organizational charts, mind maps, flowcharts, whiteboards, UML and process diagrams, ERDs, and more. More importantly, has good support for real-time collaboration. In that case, more than one person can work on a diagram or whiteboard simultaneously.

After you connect to your Google account, you can directly access all the same collaborative tools when editing any other documents in Google Drive. As mentioned above, is specially designed for Confluence teams. It offers unique features like real-time Confluence-native collaborative editing. provides you with a vast array of diagram types for different cases. You are allowed to freely mix, match, and experiment with customized shape libraries. You can directly drag and drop SVG, JPEG, and PNG images into your projects. It works well with VSDX, Lucidchart, and Gliffy. In addition, it enables you to export projects in various formats like SVG, XML, HTML, and PDF. You can easily store your created diagrams on your device or a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Drawio Diagram Types offers an enterprise-grade privacy service. You get full control of data residency. Your data will only be stored in Confluence. is easy-to-use. What's more, you can easily get video tutorials, interactive tutorials, and step-by-step guides from its official website to efficiently set up the diagrams you need.

Drawio Tutorials Guides does not offer any advanced examples, templates, or themes for you to quickly start your projects. So you may not be satisfied with its layout catalog. You need to find some templates first, then add shapes and words, and arrange them manually. Also, lacks an auto-save function. While making a diagram, you need to manually save your changes at times. What's more, as a free diagramming tool, the technical support of is fairly limited. price - Is free offers a totally free level of diagramming service. It only has one paid version for Confluence Server. This version is a plug-in for Confluence and lives entirely behind the firewall. It allows you to create diagrams within those spaces so that you and your teammates have visual aids and representations of the work. While this for Confluence Server doesn't contain any collaboration features. Its prices vary based on the number of people on your team.

Drawio App Pricing download

You can directly use on any modern web browser, including Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Yahoo, and Safari. Also, you can download the Diagrams app for Windows and Mac. As a Windows user, you can free download it in Microsoft Store.

Part 2. Best Alternative to Make Diagrams

MindOnMap is a great diagramming alternative to Compared with, it offers many read-made themes, templates, and objects for you to quickly start your projects. You don't need to find a diagram example and then manually build a project based on it. Similar to, it allows you to easily create organizational charts, mind maps, fishbone diagrams, tree diagrams, and other visuals for free. Also, you are allowed to import from and export to multiple file types.

Best Flowchart Maker Mindonmap

As an online diagramming tool, MindOnMap is compatible with all commonly-used web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Yahoo. You don't need to download any third-party installations or plugins to use it. When you get to the official website of MindOnMap, you can simply click the Create Your Mind Map button to start your diagram creation.

Create Button

You can sign in with your Google account or email. After that, many themes and templates are listed there for you to choose from. You can scroll down to select your preferred one.

Mindonmap Flowchart Mindmap Templates

This alternative carries all the necessary tools and shapes. You can freely add nodes, shapes, and other elements. Moreover, you can customize the theme, style, icon, and outline according to your need. With a concise interface, you can easily find the tools you need to create your diagram, including the flowchart. It will automatically save your editing after you stop operating in a few seconds.

Mind Map Add Node

Part 3. FAQs of

Question 1. How to import a VSDX file to

Click the top File menu in, choose the Import from option from its dropdown, and then choose Device. Here you can also choose to add a diagram from one of the cloud services. Find the .vsdx file you want to export, and then click Open to confirm your operation. You should know that only VSDX files saved from Visio can be supported.

Question 2. Can I use to make diagrams offline?

Yes. allows you to work on your diagrams even when you are offline. Without an internet connection, you can still use on any popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. As a Mac user, you should use its offline app when you are connected to the internet.

Question 3. Does Google have a diagramming tool like

Yes, Google has a diagramming tool called Google Drawings. You can go to Google Drive, click + New, and then choose the More option. Now you can find Google Drawings and use it to build diagrams, paint an image, or create flowcharts.


In this full review, we have discussed the key features of, the pros and cons of using this software package, and its pricing and plans. What's more, we introduce you to a great alternative for quickly making diagrams. If you still have any questions about, you can leave us a message.

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