[PDF to TGA] How to Convert PDF Files to TGA on Windows and Mac

TGA is not a common format for ordinary people. But as a game developer, you must be familiar with it. Now you just got a good PDF file and the picture in it really interests you. You want it to show up in your video game but don’t know how to change the PDF to TGA format which will work better in your game. Here come the solutions. We have concluded the three best methods to convert PDF to TGA.


Part 1: The Ultimate Way to Convert PDF to TGA

We tested dozens of PDF to TGA converter programs. Apeaksoft PDF Converter Ultimate turned out to be the best one. It enables you to convert multiple PDF files to TGA format in batch with the least loss in image quality. The advanced hardware accelerating technology ensures you a peerless processing speed. The interface and operating style will also satisfy you.

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Apeaksoft PDF Converter Ultimate

  • Convert PDF to TGA in the highest quality but the smallest file size
  • Input multiple PDF files and process all of them in batch
  • Select the desired pages of the PDF file to convert to TGA
  • Advanced hardware accelerating offers an amazing converting speed
  • Support both Windows and macOS operating systems
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Steps to change PDF to TGA with Apeaksoft PDF Converter Ultimate:

Step 1 Free download Apeaksoft PDF Converter Ultimate from its official website, install and launch it on your Windows or Mac.

Launch Application

Step 2 In the main interface, click the Add File (s) button to input the file you want to convert from PDF to TGA. Here you can also drag and drop the file into the interface.

Add PDF Files

Step 3 If your PDF file contains more than one page, you can decide the exact pages of it to convert. Just click on the file and choose the Selected Pages option. Then you can enter the range of pages you want to convert.

Select PDF Pages to Converter

Step 4 Next step is to select the TGA in the Output Format settings. You can find the TGA on the top of the formats list.

Convert PDF to Html

Step 5 At last, you just need to click the big Start button at the bottom of the main interface to start converting the PDF file to TGA. The converting process will complete immediately.

Start PDF Conversion

Part 2: 2 Online Ways to Quickly Change PDF to TGA for Free

If you don’t care much about the image quality but just want a quick solution to convert the PDF file to TGA, you can turn to online PDF to TGA converter tools.

Method 1 – Quickest Solution to Convert PDF to TGA Online

Onlineconvertfree is a website that provides a free online format converting service. You can use its online PDF to TGA converter to handle the format conversion.

Step 1 Open your browser and go to Then you can click the Choose File button and upload the PDF file you want to convert to TGA format.

Onlineconvertfree Choose File to Convert

Step 2 When the Open window pops up, you just select the target PDF file and click the Open button at the bottom of the window. Now you have uploaded the file to the online PDF to TGA converter.

Onlineconvertfree Unloaded Files

Step 3 Click the Format button (the button shows not “Format” but the current chosen format). Then select the Images tab and find TGA from the list. Click the TGA button to select it as the output format.

Onlineconvertfree Select Output Format

Step 4 Click the Convert button in the middle of the webpage to start converting. When the process completes, your PDF is converted to TGA.

Onlineconvertfree Converting PDF to TGA

Step 5 Scroll down and you will see the converted TGA file waiting for you to download. Now you can click the Download button to download it.

Scroll Down to Download

Method 2 – An Alternative Online PDF to TGA Solution

Convertio also provides an excellent free format-converting service online. When onlineconvertfree does not work for some reason, you can still apply Convertio to convert your files between PDF and other formats, such as TGA, HEIC, DOCX, etc.

Step 1 Load the Convertio PDF to TGA Converter in your browser. Click the Choose Files button.

Convertio Choose Files Button

Step 2 In the Open window, select the PDF file you want to convert and then click the Open button. Then you can see the file you just uploaded.

Convertio Upload File

Step 3 Click the Format button for the file you uploaded. Then find and select the TGA as output format in the Image category.

Convertio Select Output Format

Step 4 Click the Convert button to start converting the PDF file to TGA format.

Convertio PDF to TGA Convert Button

Step 5 The converting process usually completes very quickly. When the PDF is converted to TGA successfully, you can download it by clicking the Download button.

PDF to TGA Completed On Convertio

Part 3: FAQs about Converting PDF to TGA

1. What is a TGA file?

TGA file, developed by Truevision Company, is used for various images like digital photos and video games. The compatibility of it seems bad because it is mainly designed for professional usage instead of common users.

2. How to change TGA to PDF?

You can try the online PDF converters we have mentioned above. For example, Convertio offers the TGA to PDF converter that is similar to the PDF to TGA Converter. You just need to change the input and output formats.

3. Will the conversion from PDF to TGA reduce the image quality?

Yes. The conversion will reduce the image quality. In addition, the output TGA file will be much larger than the original PDF file if you don’t reduce the file size.


In this article, we introduced 3 efficient methods for you to convert a PDF file to TGA format. They are Apeaksoft PDF Converter Ultimate, Onlineconvertfree PDF to TGA Converter, and Convertio PDF to TGA Converter. The first one can give you the best image quality but requires downloading and installing the program. If you are in urgent need of the quickest solution, you can go straight to the online solutions. By the way, please let us know if you find a better way to change PDF to TGA!

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