4 Excellent Ways to Remove the Date Stamp on Images

A time stamp image adds a remembrance to a photo and indicates when the photo was taken, and the event happened. Sometimes, however, those photo date stampers may hinder you from viewing the entire image and affect a photo's composition. Beauty is also essential compared with nostalgia. Therefore, this article introduces 4 ways to remove the date stamp from a photo.

How to Remove Date From Photo

Part 1: The Best Way to Remove Date Stamp on Images Free Online

Do you want to use the best and quickest photo stamp remover? An online remover is the best choice. Apeaksoft Free Watermark Remover is a website that removes any object on a photo, no matter how busy the background is. It lets you choose an area on a photo; then, this website will exclusively detect, recognize, and remove the photo time stamper or any other unnecessary objects.

  • Remove the time stamp on a photo for free without a watermark.
  • Erase the photo date stamper while retaining the original image quality.
  • Zoom in on the photo to recognize the date stamper precisely.
  • Download the original-quality photo after removing the time stamper.

Step 1 Go to Apeaksoft Free Watermark Remover and click the Remove Now button to add a photo to this website.

Add Photo

Step 2 The photo is added. You can use the Brush tool to cover the photo date stamper. Click and swipe right on the Brush Size slider to magnify the Brush tool. After you cover the date, click the Remove button.

Cover Date Stamper

Step 3 You've successfully removed the date from the photo. You can see that AI techniques perfectly padded the photo. Then, click the Download to save the processed photo.

Check Result

Part 2: How to Remove Date Stamp on Photos with Photoshop

If you've ever been let down by an online tool and won’t believe in AI recognition anymore, Photoshop can help you do it yourself. Photoshop is said to be tough to use; for example, only pro creators sharpen an image in Photoshop, but what you need is only time and learning.

To remove a photo date stamper, Photoshop helps you precisely choose every time stamper or unwanted object on a photo. The busier the background is, the more challenges you'll face. You can read the guide below if you want to remove the date from a photo while improving your photo editing skills.

Step 1 Open Photoshop and click the File button in the top left corner, then the Open button to add a photo with time stamper.

Add time

Step 2 When the photo date stamper is small with a busy background, click the Zoom Tool button on the left side and swipe right on the canvas to magnify the photo to select the date precisely.


Step 3 Locate the Selection tool on the left side and click the Object Selection Tool button.

Object Selection

Step 4 Draw a line to roughly circle the photo time stamper, and then you'll see how accurately Photoshop can select it.

Roughly Circle

Step 5 The selection tool fails to select the subtle edge of the date by now. Don’t worry; click the Edit button on the top left side, then the Fill button.


Step 6 Choose Content-Aware in the Fill panel and click the OK button. It will pad the place where the date was removed from the photo.


Step 7 The photo date stamper is not entirely removed, so you can keep using the Object Selection Tool and the Edit feature to process the date.


Step 8 When you remove the date, click the File button, then the Export and Export As buttons to save the photo.

Date Remove

Part 3: Remove the Date on Photos on Mobile

A mobile photo stamp remover is also necessary because you increasingly deal with many things with a mobile phone. How can you remove the date from an iPhone/Android photo? Pic Retouch is a convenient and easy-to-use app. This AI-based photo editor can remove dates and remove watermarks from a photo quickly. However, you'll randomly encounter ads when you use it.

Step 1 Open Pic Retouch and tap the Remove Object button, then choose a photo with a date stamper to add to the app. Tap the AI Remove button.

Step 2 With the Remove Object tool, you can brush on the photo to cover the date stamper. Then, tap the Remove button. You'll see the photo date stamper disappear after some wait.

Remove Date Stamp

Part 4: FAQs about How to Remove Date on Photo

Why is there a date stamper on a photo?

Some camera apps have the feature to add a time stamper after you take a photo with it. However, although it looks very nostalgic, some photos don't match this stamp. Therefore, you need a photo stamp remover.

How does a photo editor pad a photo after stamp removal?

AI techniques undertake this process. AI techniques are always there, from old Photoshop to today's grand number of so-called one-click AI apps. Otherwise, you'll need to copy a part of the photo and paste it to the blank where the photo date stamper was removed.

Why is there distortion after I remove the date from a photo?

Probably because the date is big and has a busy background, the editing program you use can't perfectly pad the photo. You can learn how to fix it in Photoshop or resort to a pro photo editor.


This article shows you three powerful photo stamp removers online and on mobile/desktop. Pic Retouch is a lightweight app, but it usually shows ads. Photoshop is a pro editing software requiring a long learning curve. Apeaksoft Free Watermark Remover is the best way to perfectly remove a photo date stamper. We hope you can quickly process a photo and obtain the true beauty of the original image.

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