Remove Getty Images Watermark Before Purchasing [3 Methods]

Getty Images is a supplier of stock images where you can purchase an image licensing for specific usage. However, you may feel hesitant because Getty Images doesn't allow you to preview and apply your desired image without the striking and inappropriate Getty Images watermark on your work. In that case, you can use practical tools on this page to remove the Getty Images watermark before purchasing at a good price.

Remove Getty Images Watermark

Part 1. What is Getty Images

Co-founded by Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein in 1995, Getty Images was first named Getty Investments LLC. In September 1997, the brand Getty Images was formed. Due to the rapid development of the Internet and its relentless acquisitions, Getty Images grabbed the chance. Getty Images turned into the most popular digital visual media company worldwide.

When surfing the Internet, everyone can more or less see images with highlighted Getty Images watermarks. Do you know the evolution of the famous Getty Images watermark? The old version of the Getty Images watermark was placed right in the middle of the image, which looked like an eyesore. The new version of the Getty Images watermark was moved to the right side of the image. It included the photographer's name on it. However, the new version still discourages potential customers from purchasing images because of the annoying watermarks. If you are one of them, you can try some Getty Images watermark remover on this page to see if the flawless images match your ideas and expectations.

Getty Image Watermark

Part 2. How to Remove Getty Images Watermark

1. Getty Images watermark remover online

The most time-saving and labor-saving way is to use an online Getty Images watermark remover to remove watermarks directly. Apeaksoft Free Watermark Remover can help you get rid of the Getty Images watermark quickly.

Although Apeaksoft Free Watermark Remover is a free online tool, it can quickly remove unwanted elements on your desired image with advanced inpainting AI. You don’t have to worry about complicated steps like Adobe Photoshop. With a few simple clicks, you can directly get a flawless image from Getty Images before deciding to buy. Here is the practical and intuitive procedure for you to wield this tool.

Step 1 Go to Apeaksoft Free Watermark Remover on your browser to start this Getty Images watermark remover. You can see and click the Remove Now button in the interface.

Free Watermark Remover

Step 2 In the new pop-up window, click the Upload Image button to select the watermarked image on your computer or directly drop the image into the blue dotted box.

UpLoad Image

Step 3 Then, you can see four buttons at the bottom of the new window: Brush, Lasso, Polygonal, and Eraser. The first three buttons are to select the Getty Images watermark area. The Eraser button erases unnecessary selected areas.

Once you draw and select the whole Getty Images watermark area, click the Remove button to remove the watermark from an image within seconds! Then, click the Download button to get Getty Images without a watermark.

Remove Watermark

2. Getty Images downloader without watermark

If you want to download Getty Images with no watermark, you can use a Getty Images free downloader called However, this free Getty Images downloader has many disturbing ads when it is used. You are likely to click on these annoying ads and jump to another page that you don’t know whether it is safe or not. So, when using this tool to download Getty Images without watermarks, be especially careful to avoid clicking on ads.

Step 1 Enter Getty Images on your browser to start downloading Getty Images with no watermark.

Step 2 First, go to the Getty Images website to find your desired image and copy its URL. Second, go back to this free downloader and paste the image URL in the search bar. Then, you can click the blue Download button beside the search bar.

Step 3 Once the loading process is done, the Download Now button will show up under the search bar. Click it to save the image without an annoying Getty Images watermark.

Download La Getty Images

Part 3. FAQs about How to Download Getty Images Without Watermark

Can I sell my photos to Getty Images?

Yes, you can sell your photo to Getty Images as a contributor. Here is the way you apply. First, download the Getty Images mobile app. Second, upload 3-6 sample photos of your own and wait for the review. Third, once accepted, you will get an agreement. Then, you can complete the enrollment.

Is it legal to use Getty Images?

If you buy the license of the specific image of Getty Images, you are legally allowed to use it on some particular occasions (non-negative). However, if you use embedded Getty Images content for events in the public interest, you can directly use Getty Images.

Can I download Getty Images without losing quality?

Yes, you can download Getty Images with high resolution. Open the desired image on Getty Images and click it to its detail page. Then, you can click the Large button to purchase and download Getty Images without losing quality.


On this page, you can learn how to remove the Getty Images watermark with two feasible tools. So, you can try any flawless image on your work before purchasing. Besides, you can learn to remove the watermark from the video if you want to apply the videos before purchasing from Getty Images.

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