How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

When you have accidentally deleted all text messages on Android phone, or even just an important piece of text message, what is the best way for you to recover deleted text messages from Android? What if you've lost all the Android text messages by app failure, virus attack and so on? Many Android users may think that those text messages that have been deleted cannot be recovered. Actually, you are able to recover the deleted Android text messages. Those lost message are recoverable but not readable, and they are stored in the portion of memory. The deleted text messages data will be overwritten during app downloading or update. So you should quickly recover the deleted text messages as soon as possible. This guide is going to show a best way for deleted text messages recovery for Android.

Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

Android Data Recovery can be your best choice to recover deleted text messages on Android. With the intuitive interface and powerful compatibility, you are able to easily and quickly recover all deleted text messages from Android phone in Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, ASUS, HUIWEI, Xiaomi, etc. Using this best Android text messages recovery tool, you can recover deleted SMS text messages including names, phone numbers, and detailed texting contents with ease.

Steps to recover deleted text messages on Android

Step 1. Connect Android to computer

First of all, download and install Android Data Recovery . Launch the deleted text message recovery tool, and connect your Samsung Galaxy S7/S8, HTC P10, Motorola MOTO X or other Android phone to computer via a USB cable.


Step 2. Enable Android USB debugging

Then you need to enable the USB debugging. When your Android phone is connected to computer, there should be a popup notice for USB debugging showing on your phone. Tap on "OK". If not, you can follow the tutorial to turn on the USB debugging mode.

Android USB Debugging
Tips for USB Debugging:

For Android 4.2 or newer (including Android 7.0/8.0): Hit "Settings" > "About phone". Tab "Build number" for about 7 times till the dialogue box saying "You are under developer mode" shows up. Then go back to "Settings" > "Developer options" > "USB Debugging".

Step 3. Choose messages to recover

When your Android device manages to be connected, you should now select the file types. Besides messages, you are able to use Android Data Recovery to recover deleted videos, contacts, message attachments, call logs, Whatsapp messages, gallery, audio, documents, etc. Here you want to recover deleted text messages on Android, so you are able to only check the box followed by "Messages". Click the "Next" button.

Choose messages to Recover

Step 4. Preview and Recover Text Messages from Android

Android Data Recovery will quickly scan the data. After scanning, you are able to view and read deleted text messages on Android. With the program, you can view names, dates or other information about all the Android text messages. Click the each name, and you will see the detailed message content from the right display window.

Recover Text Messages from Android

Here you can learn how to save text messages from Android to computer.

In addition, this smart Android data recovering tool distinguishes between the deleted text messages(marked in red ) and the existing ones (marked in black). If you only wnat to recover the deleted text messages, just toggle the option of "Only display the deleted item(s)" to "ON", then all the deleted text messages will be shown. Choose and check the items you want and then click the "Recover" button. Android Data Recovery will help you recover deleted text messages on Android soon. The text messages that you recovered will be saved in the format of CSV and HTML formats. Then you can open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel or Notepad. And the HTML file is able to list more clearly the deleted Android text messages.

In this article, we mainly show you how to recover deleted text messages on Android. Android Data Recovery can do a great job if you want to recover the deleted Android text messages. You may also intrested in how to backup text messages in case of loss.

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