How to Show iPhone Screen on Mac

Have you ever met the situations that you want to share your game video with friends, enjoy iPhone photos with family or give a creative tutorial about iPhone online? In order to have a better view, you need to show iPhone screen on Mac. So what should be the best solution to achieve the goal?

Show iPhone Screen on Mac

As we all know, Apple does not allow any screen recording apps show up on App Store. And it is really troublesome to jailbreak the iPhone. But do not get frustrated. There are better solutions for you to solve this issue, and using your Mac to record iPhone screen will be a good choice. This passage will teach you how to show iPhone screen on Mac through three different methods. Just read more to get more detailed information.

Part 1: The Apple way to show iPhone screen to Mac

Ever since OS X Yosemite was published, it is much easier to show iPhone screen on Mac. QuickTime, developed by Apple, is rated as one of the most powerful screen recorder with built in type media player. You can view wide number of file formats using this software tool. The advanced video recording technology results in rich quality output with improved audio combination. Just follow the instructions below to learn how to use QuickTime to show iPhone screen on Mac:

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Mac

To show your iPhone screen on Mac, turn on your Mac first, and then use a USB cable to plug your iPhone into Mac.

Step 2. Turn on QuickTime

Launch QuickTime on Mac, and navigate to "File" in the upper left corner, choose "New Movie Recording" option.

Launch QuickTime

Step 3. Select your iPhone

Move the mouse to the arrow near the recording button, and choose your iPhone in the camera list.

Select Camera Source

Step 4. Start recording

Now you can see the screen of iPhone is shown on Mac. And it will start recording as soon as you click on the record button.

Start recording

Part 2: The wireless way to show iPhone screen to Mac

Though it is really easy and simple to use QuickTime to show iPhone screen on Mac, it may be troublesome when you have no lightning cable with you. At such a situation, the wireless solution to mirror iPhone screen on Mac should play a curial role.

And you need to use a third-party program to help you show iPhone screen on Mac, LonelyScreen should be a nice choice. LonelyScreen is an easy-to-use app that takes capturing, recording, video and image editing to the next level. With an intelligent file manager and quick sharing options, LonelyScreen is perfect for these in need of a powerful, yet easy-to-use screen capture tool. Here are the detailed instructions:

Step 1. Download and install LonelyScreen

To start showing iPhone screen on Mac, download LonelyScreen on your Mac, and install it according to the instructions. This software is available for free.


Step 2. Turn on Control Center

After launching LonelyScreen, go back to your iPhone. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone to open Control Center, click on "AirPlay Mirroring", and choose "LonelyScreen" from the lists.

Open Control Center

Step 3. Start recording process

Now you can see the iPhone screen is shown on Mac. Then hit on the big red record button to start recording your iPhone screen.

If you want to adjust more settings, just click on the small arrow in the bottom right corner to expand the menu.

Start recording process

Step 4. Stop recording process

Next click the recording button again to finish recording process. The video will be saved in Movies folder on Mac by default.

Part 3: The best way to show iPhone screen to Mac

If you are looking for the best way to show and record iPhone screen on Mac, you can take AirServer into consideration, which can help you get more control over your iPhone Screen recording. AirServer support you to act Mac as an AirPlay receiver, therefore allowing you to mirror your iPhone screen on Mac. AirServer works wirelessly, and is supported to adjust the mirroring quality, on the basis of resolutions (from 720p to 1080p and etc), and also on the basis of the connected device. Read on and learn how to show iPhone screen to Mac using AirServer:

Step 1. Connect to the same Wi-Fi

To beginning, make sure both your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Open Control Center

Pull up the Control Center from the bottom of your iPhone, tap on the AirPlay Mirroring option, and select the which Airplay receiver you want to show iPhone screen to from the list.

Airplay Mirror

Step 3. Connect iPhone to Mac

Then your iPhone is connected to the Mac. And you can start steaming content from AirPlay-enable app to AirSever.

Step 4. Mirror iPhone on Mac

Simply click on the mirroring switch and turn the switch green, you have enabled iPhone screen shown on Mac successfully.

Mirror iPhone screen

Best way to show iPhone screen on Windows

What should you do if you want to show iPhone screen on Windows? Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder should be the program you need to take into consideration. Whether you need to take screenshots for iPhone, or make some video tutorial, it just provides the best quality for the videos.

iOS Screen Recorder

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Above is all the content about how to show your iPhone screen on Mac. And we listed three different solutions for you to take into consideration. The Apple way is really easy and for free, but it requires a lightning cable. The wireless way is convenient and available for free, but it provides a bare minimum functionality only to show iPhone screen on Mac. While compared to QuickTime and Lonely Screen mentionded above, the AirServer way is feature rich and has a lot of advanced options to meet higher demands.

If you have more thoughts about how to show iPhone screen on Mac, you are welcomed to share them in the comments below. And please share this post to these in need if it can help you to solve your problem to some extent.

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