How to Brainstorm with Mind Maps Easily

There are various ways to proceed effective brainstorming, including mind mapping, five whys analysis, brainwriting, rolestorming, starbursting, and more. Undoubtedly, a mind map is a visual thinking tool used by many marketing teams, writers, creatives, project managers, and visual thinkers to brainstorm and grab inspiration and ideas. At this moment, we'd like to show you some valuable techniques to brainstorm with mind maps for boosting productivity, creativity, and memory.

Brainstorm With Mind Map

Part 1. What Is Brainstorming

Whether you're planning an important project or writing an essay, brainstorming can be used by a variety of people for multiple purposes. Brainstorming is a versatile technique to capture ideas, organize your thoughts, and create plans through writing, drawing, or communication. The brainstorming process enables people to be creative and think without any limit so that many good ideas can be generated. The major advantages of brainstorming include:

  • Spark ideas and increase creativity through open discussion in a group.

  • Develop enthusiasm and innovative methods.

  • Speed up the planning process.

  • Essential to find the best solution for a problem.

Part 2. What Is a Mind Map

A mind map is referred to as a spider diagram that is used to brainstorm, capture information and ideas, present data, and many other uses. It is a powerful visual tool that allows you to think visually and discuss ideas clearly. A mind map starts with a concept or central idea, and then you can add branches and child nodes to go into related sub-topics or concepts. You can use different colors to highlight a distinct concept within the map.

Part 3. How to Brainstorm with Mind Maps

MindOnMap is an innovative and much-loved visual thinking tool that makes it fun and easy to draw a mind map and boost productivity. Aiming to generate ideas and better analyze them, MindOnMap is quite easy to use and great for idea sparking, structure building, and information recalling. While creating a mind map, there are some points you should not miss, like central concept, branches, sub-nodes, keywords, images, and colors. Now, let's take a look at how to brainstorm with a mind map in five simple steps:

Step 1Choose a template and theme for your mind map

To start with, you should go, and hit on the Create Your Mind Map button.

Create Button

Then, a new window will appear where you can select a mind map template by clicking New from the left panel of the window.

Create New Mind Map

You can choose the desired theme in Recommended Theme to customize your mind map.

Choose A Theme

Step 2Write the central idea you intend to develop

In the middle of the mind map, draw the main idea of the mind map.

Step 3Develop the related subtopics

Then, you should come up with three to five subtopics around the central topic and place them into a square called node. Repeat the same process for developing lower-level subtopics for each subtopic.

Mind Map Add Node

Step 4Customize the mind map

You can use colors, drawings and symbols to highlight the idea you want to emphasize.

Change Color

Step 5Share and export

You can share your mind map with others by clicking the Share button and copying the link and password.

Set Password Valid Date

Or you can choose to export the mind map in high resolution by pressing the Export button.

Export Mind Map

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Part 4: FAQs of Brainstorming with Mind Map

What is the difference between a mind map and brainstorming?

Brainstorming is used to generate and organize more ideas in a short time; and mind map is a visual tool to gather information and show relationships among parts of the whole.

What are the benefits of mind mapping?

A mind map can help you gather information, learn new concepts, improve your presentation, and boost your creativity.

How do I make a mind map online?

MindOnMap is a free and online mind map maker, and you can easily create a beautiful mind map design.


Brainstorming with a mind map is a rich topic, and this post only scratches the surface. We recommend you create a mind map using a mind mapping maker, like MindOnMap, to save time. You can use the above exercise to brainstorm and come up with excellent and creative ideas to empower your team to grow better.

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