Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working on iPhone and Android in 2023

Many people complain that they cannot receive any Facebook notification on the lock screen. Even though they unlock the smart phone, there is no alert showing up as well. If you have the same Facebook push notifications not working problem, then you will miss many important files and messages.

Facebook Notifications Not Working

To learn how to fix Facebook notifications stopped working solutions, you can read the following paragraphs carefully. In a word, this article shows common solutions to solve Facebook notifications not loading on iPhone and Android phones. Just read and follow.

Part 1: Things You Should Start with

Before fixing Facebook notifications not working iPhone and Android problems, you need to do some prepare work first.

Section 1: Make Sure APP Notification Is Turned on

You cannot receive any notification from your Facebook app if you have disabled App Notification before. Thus, you should check Facebook notifications on your iPhone and Android. The exact operations of turning on App notification differ on specific smart phones. However, the common process is clicking "Sound and Notifications" under "Settings", then choosing "App Notifications" to see all apps with push notifications. If you fail to find Facebook notification in this list, you can tap Facebook app to turn it on manually.

Turn on APP Notification

Section 2: Clear APP Cache of Facebook

When you find the Facebook notifications not working or other Facebook problems, you should not forget to clear app cache inside your Facebook. As for clearing Facebook app cache on iPhone, you can choose "Settings" > "General" > "Storage & iCloud usage" > "Manage Storage" in order.

If this method does not work, then try to hit "Delete App" to reinstall the Facebook app. Well, you will not lose any information if you do not forget your Facebook account and password.

Clear APP Cache of Facebook

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Section 3: Check If There's Any Background Data Restriction to Your Facebook APP

For instance, Facebook push notifications do not work if you have enabled any power saving modes. At present, many people prefer to install one or two power saving apps to prevent iPhone battery drain. Therefore, you should focus on not only native power saving functions but also the third party battery saving programs. In conclusion, make sure there is no background data restriction, which may block and cause Facebook notifications not working error.

Background Data Restriction

Part 2: How to Fix Facebook Not Working on Android Phone

- "I logged on to Facebook through Samsung internet and now push notifications won't work for the Facebook app. Can anybody show me how to troubleshoot Facebook notifications not showing up?"
- "You can turn on 'Auto-sync' on Android to fix the problem."

Step 1. Access all app accounts on Android

Unlock your Android phone and choose "Menu". Then you can click "Settings" and scroll down to select "Account and Sync". For some Android users, you may need to click "Accounts" instead according to different manufacturers.

Step 2. Enable auto sync to fix Facebook notifications not working Android

Find your Facebook icon in this list. If not, you can tap "Add account" at the bottom to add the Facebook account manually by yourself. Later, hit "More" icon with three-dot in the top right corner. Check if auto sync is enabled on Android. Otherwise, you can choose "Enable auto sync" and click "OK" to turn on this feature. As a result, you can ask your friend to send you a new message to have a test.

Fix Facebook Not Working on Android

Note: You can also login Facebook with your PC and go to "Settings". Choose "Apps" in the left panel and remove all accounts under "Logged in with Facebook". Then go back to Android settings to disable and then enable notifications.

You can try a soft reboot to fix system errors, app crashes and other small problems automatically too. Furthermore, do not forget to check your Android phone or tablet first with above steps.

Part 3: How to Fix Facebook Not Working on iPhone

- "I have turned on notifications of Facebook app in my iPhone settings. And I have tried countless times to get my push notification to work … I am still not getting any push notification on my iOS 10 device."
- "Check if you have activated 'Do not disturb' or other features. Otherwise, those new notifications will be blocked. Update your iPhone/iPad to the latest version. And make sure you have a strong wireless or cellular network. In addition, take a look at the mute button. Then you can follow steps below to solve Facebook notifications not working iOS 10."

Step 1. Access Facebook app in iPhone Settings

Open "Settings" app on your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down to choose "Notifications" and then select "Facebook" below.

Step 2. Solve Facebook not showing notifications on iPhone

Turn on both "Notification Center" and "View in Lock Screen" options. After that, you can check if notifications show properly.

Facebook Not Working on iPhone

Note: If you want to fix Facebook message push notifications not working, you can navigate "Notifications" under iPhone or iPad Settings as well. Choose "Messenger" and then trigger all options below including "Allow Notification", "Show in Notification Center", "Sounds", etc. This settings are also working when Instagram notification not working on iPhone.

At last but not least, you can turn to Facebook app settings to choose "Apps". Hit "Platform" and tap "Edit" button, and then select "Turn Off Platform". Reboot your iPhone and choose "Turn on Platform" to have a try. In addition, you can go to Push Notifications on Facebook app to solve the problem.

Push Notifications

With all above methods, you can fix Facebook notifications not working on iPhone and Android successfully. As a result, you can get every piece of message on Facebook without delay. Leave comments below if this post is helpful or you have any question during the process. And feel free to contact us if you need any technical support, we are glad to help you solve any problem of Facebook notifications not showing up.

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