How to Recover It When You Forgot Your Gmail Username

Did you forget the Gmail username you haven't logged in for a while? That means you can't receive important emails or check wonderful or private emails in that account. It's necessary to bring back that Gmail account to ensure your privacy or keep up with new emails. This article will offer 3 ways to retrieve it when you forget your Gmail.

Forgot Gmail Username

Part 1: Proven Way to Recover Forgotten Gmail Username

The official method to recover the forgotten Gmail username is on the login page. Your Gmail account should be combined with your phone number. Therefore, the phone number is handy when you forget the Gmail username.

Step 1 Go to the Gmail login page and tap the Forgot email button.

Forgot Email

Step 2 To find the forgotten Gmail username, enter the phone number combined with that account. If you have combined another email account as a recovery approach, it's also workable. Then, click the Next button.

Enter Phone Number

Step 3 Your Gmail username is not the same as your Google account username. You should enter the username of your Google account and then click the Next button.

English Google Account Username

Step 4 Google can send a verification code to your phone or recovery email. Tap the Send button to allow it. Enter the verification code and tap the Next button. Google will show you the forgotten Gmail username.

Forgetting Gmail Username

Note: If you don't remember the combined phone number or the account name, Google can still help you recover the Google account. You only need to follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your identity.

Part 2: 2 Ways to Reach It When You Forgot Your Gmail Username

Aside from the proven method above, there are also other ways to reach it when you forget your Gmail account. However, those methods can't ensure a one hundred success.

1. Check the User Manager in Chrome

The user manager on your Chrome browser may contain your forgotten Gmail account if you've ever logged into it.

Step 1 Click the Profile button in the top right corner of your Chrome web page.


Go to the Other profiles section to check for other Google accounts. A profile could be your forgotten Gmail username.

Check Username in Other Profiles

2. Check the Mail App/Software

Have you ever logged into your Gmail on the built-in Mail app or software? If so, the account won't be logged out easily. You can go to Mail to check if there's your forgotten Gmail account.

When you open the Mail program, click the All accounts button to unlock all email addresses. Perhaps there's your forgotten Gmail username added before.

All Account In Mail

Part 3: Tips to Manage Your Gmail Account

There are 2 tips to protect your Gmail account securely, and you won't worry the next time you forget the Gmail username.

1. The Best Way to Manage Your iPhone Passwords

Suppose you don't want to forget your Gmail account anymore. imyPass iPhone Password Manager is your best choice. It can help you manage all passwords on your iPhone, including screen lock, Wi-Fi password, App Store account, mail addresses and passwords, etc. You can view those accounts and passwords easily. If you forget your Gmail password, this product can also help you retrieve it if you've ever saved it.

imyPass iPhone Password Manager Recommendation

imyPass iPhone Password Manager:

  • One-click scan your Gmail account saved on your iPhone.
  • View your Gmail username in the Email Account group.
  • Export your Gmail account and passwords to your computer easily.
  • Offer encryption scanning to protect your passwords and privacy.

2. Turn On Sync in Web Chrome

When you turn on the syncing feature on your Chrome browser, the changes in your Gmail username will be synced in Chrome, so you won't forget the Gmail username when you change it.

Click your profile in the top right corner of Chrome, and then click the Turn on sync button.

Turn On Sync Chrome

Part 4: FAQs of Forgetting Gmail Username

Is a Gmail username the same as a Google username?

No, it's not necessarily. Your Gmail username has a mailbox suffix, while your Google username can be anything. However, they are combined. That's why the Google username is helpful when you forget your Gmail username.

Will Google cancel my address if I forget the Gmail username for a long time?

Yes, it will. If your Gmail hasn't been used for 2 years, Google will send you a message to warn you that your Gmail account could be canceled.

How can I check emails when I forget my Gmail account?

If you forget your Gmail account and have logged out, you can't receive emails sent to that account. However, if you have synced your Gmail to your built-in Mail app, you can read those emails and even bring back your Gmail username.


You can follow the 3 methods above to obtain your address when you forget Gmail. The official way is not complicated to retrieve your Gmail account. But you can try other methods if you've forgotten your combined phone number. imyPass iPhone Password Manager can also manage your Gmail account and passwords well. You won't forget your Gmail username with this program.

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