Best Recovery Methods When I Forgot iCloud Password

Though forgetting iCloud password is one of the most terrible things for Apple customers, it happens very often. When you encountered such problem, what should you do? First of all, do not panic, take a deep breath. Actually, Apple has foreseen such stuff and developed multiple methods to recover and reset iCloud passcode in various situations. And to help you get rid of the problem of "forgot iCloud password", we will share these methods and their guides in detail. You can pick up a proper solution based on your condition and follow our tutorial to recover your iCloud account easily.

I Forgot iCloud Password

Part 1: Use Email authentication for iCloud password recovery

Email authentication is the easiest way to recover iCloud password. If you forgot iCloud password but still remembered the rescue or primary email address, this way is feasible.

Step 1. Put in the address bar of your browser and press "Enter" key to open it. Input your iCloud account or Apple ID, the email address that you used to sign up your Apple device.

Step 2. When you are presented the captcha, follow the onscreen instructions and enter the "Captcha code" shows in the image into the right box. This is to verify that you are human. After this, click "Continue" to open the next page.

Step 3. When Apple asks "what information you want to reset". Select "I need to reset my password" and click "Continue" to go to the reset option page. This time you should select "Get an email" and drop your rescue.

Tip: If you have set up two-step verification or two-factor authentication, the corresponding process will be triggered after entering Apple ID.

Step 4. Open your rescue email on a new tab and check the mail from Apple. Press the link in the Apple mail to redirect to forgotten iCloud password reset page. Next you can set a new password and click "Reset Password" to finish it.

Note: Sometimes, you cannot receive the password reset mail from Apple immediately due to server delay.

Email Authentication

Part 2: Recover iCloud password by answering security questions

Of course, even if you forgot iCloud password and rescue email as well, there are chances to recover your iCloud account. When set up Apple ID or iCloud account, Apple asks people to answer security questions. If you have written them down, you could recover iCloud password immediately.

Step 1. Got the Apple ID account page or in your browser and click "Forgot Apple ID or password". Make sure to turn off two-step verification or two-factor authentication.

Step 2. Follow the onscreen instructions until you see "Select what information you want to reset". Select "I need to reset my password" and press "Continue" to move on.

Step 3. Select the "Answer security questions" option and then input your exact answer in each question. When you are done, click "Continue", Apple will take you to the iCloud password reset page.

Security Questions

Part 3: Reset iCloud password using two-step verification

Two-step verification was developed by Apple aiming to enhance account security. Also, it is a very useful way to recover iCloud account when you forgot iCloud password. If you have set up two-step verification, please follow the guide below to get back your iCloud account.

Note: two-step verification passcode is not same as iPhone restriction password. For iPhone restriction password reset, visit here.

Step 1. Visit the Apple ID account page and hit "Forget Apple ID or password" to go to forgot iCloud password mode. Type in your Apple ID and enter the "CAPTCHA characters" based on the image to verify you are not a robot.

Step 2. Click "Continue" to go to the next page, you will be requested to input your recovery key, which was generated when setting up two-step verification. If you forgot your recovery key too, you can click "Lost your Recovery key" link and get it back in your primary email address.

Step 3. After you drop your recovery key, turn to your trusted device, you will receive a verification code. Enter the four-digit code into the box to open the password recovery page. Here you can reset your iCloud password.

Two-step Verification

Part 4: How to create a new iCloud account when I forgot iCloud password

If the methods above are not available, you can try to create a new iCloud account when forgot iCloud password. Firstly, connect your iOS device to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app and sign out the old Apple ID and iCloud account.

Step 2. Tap iCloud option in Settings screen and then touch "Create a new Apple ID" on the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Enter your birthday in the "Date of birth" box and press "Next" to continue. Next, drop your first name and last name in corresponding fields. Then tap "Next" on upper right corner.

Step 4. Select "Use your current email address", enter your email address and tap "Next". Then, drop your new password and verify it. Once it's finished, you will be brought to the Security Questions screen. After setting, tap "Agree" on the Terms and Conditions screen to complete the process.

Tip: You need to sign in your new iCloud account on your device.

Create a New iCloud Account

Part 5: How to recover data from iCloud when I forgot iCloud password

The iCloud is important, since many people use it to back up their devices. How to recover data from iCloud when you forgot iCloud passcode? FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery could help you. Its key features include:

iPhone Data Recovery

  • Recover data from iOS devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backup in one click.
  • Open iTunes backup or iCloud backup for selectively recovering.
  • Get back lost data to computer or iDevice in original conditions.
  • Support all iPhone and iPad models, including iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus and earlier.
  • Available to Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and Mac OS.
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In a word, it is the easiest way to protect your data.

How to recover data from iCloud backup

Step 1. Connect your device to your computer via Lightning USB cable and launch iPhone Data Recovery. Choose Recover from iCloud Backup File and then enter your Apple ID and new password.

Step 2. Select an iCloud backup and click "Download" button. And then you can preview the scanned files on the program. After that select the data you want to get back from the iCloud backup on detail window.

Step 3. Once click "Recover" button, the data will be restored to your computer when you forgot iCloud password.

iPhone Data Recovery

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In this tutorial, we have talked about what you should do when forgot iCloud password in different conditions. You can try to recover your iCloud password through the rescue email, security questions or two-step verification with our step by step guides. And if they are not feasible, you can create a new iCloud account. Finally, we also shared the best way to get you data back from iCloud backup, FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery.

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