Tutorial to Reset Hotmail Password with or without Current Password

In order to help people access information conveniently, many services always take care of themselves and offer auto-login feature, such as Hotmail, which is a free web-based email service and was renamed to Outlook in 2012; however, remembering the arcane combination of numbers and letters becomes more difficult. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about Hotmail password reset. Actually, even people did not forget Hotmail password, they should reset it frequently to enhance security and prevent from data loss. Anyway, if you want to learn about how to reset Hotmail password with or without current password, you will find that our guides are helpful.

Hotmail Passcode Reset

Part 1: Lost or forgot Hotmail password - How to recover

Many people search for how to perform Hotmail password reset when they cannot remember their passwords. The account recovery page is the best way to get back your Hotmail account when forgot your password. Make sure that you have accessed your account at least one time in the past 365 days; otherwise it will be deleted.

Recover Lost Passcode

Step 1. Visit in your browser. On the sign-in page, click the link titled Can't access your account instead of inputting your Hotmail account and the password.

Step 2. Choose I forget my password when prompted why are you having trouble signing in and click Next to open the next page. Here you are required to enter your Hotmail account and the Captcha code; then click Next to continue.

Step 3. Microsoft offers a variety of channels to get security code, your primary email associated with Hotmail account, SMS text messages or phone call. Select a proper channel and click Next to receive your security code.

If all channels are not available, you can click the link said I don't use these anymore; then you need to drop your account info to verify you are the owner. You will receive an email contains the Recovery code from Microsoft after your information is confirmed

Step 4. Put the security code you received into the right box and click Next to open the Hotmail password reset page. Then you can enter and re-enter your new password, click Next to confirm it.

As you can see, the Hotmail password reset process is easier than you thought. To avoid forgetting Hotmail password again, we suggest you to use somethings you are familiar with to create the longer password instead of short random passcode.

Part 2: How to reset Hotmail password

If you still remember your Hotmail password, resetting it is even simpler. Considering many people use Hotmail in business, we suggest you to reset Hotmail password regularly. That is to increase the security and safety for your Hotmail account.

Reset hotmail Password

Step 1. Put in the address bar of any browser and press Enter key to open the sign-in page. Enter your username and password in the corresponding field and click the Sign In button to open your Hotmail account.

Step 2. Once login, click your profile picture at upper right corner of the inbox, and then choose Account settings option on the menu list.

Step 3. Pick Security & password option on left sidebar, and then select SMS or backup email when you are asked to choose a channel to receive the verification code.

Step 4. Input the verification code into the right field, click Change password option to redirect to Hotmail password reset page. Here you can drop your old password and new password.

Your Hotmail password is also the Microsoft account password. So, when you reset Hotmail password, other Microsoft services are changed at the same time.

Step 5. If you prefer to check Hotmail on your smartphone, you have to reset the password on your iPhone or Android phone.

On iPhone, go to Settings > Mail > Accounts, select Hotmail and tap Account, input the new password and tap Done.

For Android device, head to Settings > Accounts, select your Hotmail account and tap Server Settings to open settings screen, enter the new password and tap OK to confirm it.

Part 3: Tips to protect Hotmail password after reset

According to our recent survey, many people have searched for Hotmail password reset because they still rely on their brains to remember and manage Hotmail passwords. That is rather difficult when you consider that we have so many accounts and passwords, such as various email accounts, social network accounts and more. Actually, there are several methods to protect and manage Hotmail password after reset.

Protect Hotmail password
  • 1. Excel is not only a utility for job, but also useful in daily life. You can save your Hotmail password after reset in Excel, if you already have Excel installed on your computer. The biggest advantage is easy to use. Plus, Excel allows you to password protect a sheet.
  • 2. Your browser is another cost-effective way to help you manage your Hotmail password. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and other browser software are able to record password when you sign in your Hotmail account. When forgot password, you can get it back from your browser's password manager easily.
  • 3. Outlook also has the ability to remember password for email account. If you prefer to use Outlook client on your computer, it is one of the best way to protect your Hotmail password. You can set it in Tools > Account Settings > E-mail of the Outlook application.
  • 4. The latest way to protect Hotmail password after reset is third party tools, such as 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass and more. They are usually compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. Plus, third party tools announce that they use advanced encryption technology to protect and manage your password on both desktop and mobile. But we cannot guarantee their security.

Anyway, these methods are better than remembering your Hotmail password by yourself.


Today, there are still many people use Hotmail and some people even use it in business. Besides, a Hotmail account is also the key to access many Microsoft services. Therefore, people need to grasp the correct skill of Hotmail password reset with current password or when forgot it. In this tutorial, we have shared the best way to reset Hotmail password in various cases. When you need to reset Hotmail password, just follow the guides above to complete it easily. On the other hand, we also shared several ways to help you manage and protect your Hotmail password after reset. If you have any questions about Hotmail password, feel free to leave a message below.

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