How to Use Verizon Content Transfer App to Transfer Data to New Phone

Verizon Content Transfer app is a data transferring app available to Verizon users. When you get your new smartphone, you may want to transfer your personal files from the old phone. In such case, you need a data transferring app. Of course, you have a lot of options, from Google Drive to Move to iOS or Samsung Smart Switch. This article focuses on one of them, Verizon Content Transfer. Read the guide carefully, so you can find everything you need to know about it.

Verizon Content Transfer appVerizon Content Transfer App

Part 1: What Is Verizon Content Transfer?

The Verizon Content Transfer app is a simple way to transfer personal media files as well as contacts, call logs and text messages from your old mobile device to the new one.

Unlike Verizon Backup that transfers data to online cloud, the Verizon Content Transfer app works on both iPhone and Android phone. Moreover, the app does not use your subscribed 3G/4G/5G data connection since contents are transferred over the air with Wi-Fi networks.

  • PROS
  • 1. Transfer personal files and data to new phone without any restriction.
  • 2. Available to photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs and SMS.
  • 3. Download from App Store or Play Store without paying a penny.
  • 4. Totally free to use without ads or in-app purchase.
  • 5. Work on most iPhone running iOS 8.0 or above and Android 4.0.3 or later.
  • CONS
  • 1. Verizon Content Transfer app cannot transfer apps to new device.
  • 2. It must work with a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • 3. Some files are unreadable on the target device due to incompatibility.

Part 2: How to Use Verizon Content Transfer

If you do not mind the drawbacks, Verizon Content Transfer app is a simple way to transfer content from Android to Android, from iPhone to iPhone, between iPhone and Android. With it, you can achieve data migration even without a computer.

Step 1 Firstly, connect both mobile devices to a good Wi-Fi network. It cannot work via cellular data. Then download Verizon Content Transfer to the two mobile devices from App Store and Play Store.

Step 2 Open the Verizon Content Transfer app on the source device, such as iPhone, read the terms and conditions, and click Start transfer button to move on.

Step 3Select This is my old phone, tap Next, choose the right combination based on your situation, and then tap Next again. Then the app will display the QR code.

Verizon content transfer

Step 4 Turn to the new phone, and open the Verizon Content Transfer app. Tap Start transfer, select This is my new phone, tap Next, pick up the right combination, and tap Next. Then scan the QR code displayed on the old device. When prompted, tap Confirm.

Scan code

Step 5 Once the connection is ready, you will be taken to the data types screen. Here you can decide what to transfer, like Photos, Videos, etc. Finally, tap Transfer button to begin Verizon content transfer from iPhone to Android.

Note : If the transfer speed is slow, you could reset network settings on iPhone and Android.

Part 3: FAQ of Verizon Content Transfer

Question 1: How do I transfer content to a new phone?

Verizon Content Transfer app is a simple way to help you transfer content to a new phone. Plus, you can follow the guide above to complete it smoothly.

Question 2: How do I transfer my contacts to my new phone Verizon?

You can download Verizon Content Transfer app to new Android phone and the old device. When you reach the data type screen, make sure to check Contacts and start transferring it by tapping Transfer button.

Question 3: Does Verizon Content Transfer transfers apps?

Unfortunately, Verizon Content Transfer app cannot handle apps or app data. If you need to transfer an app or app data to another phone, you have to try another tool.

Question 4: Does Verizon automatically backup contacts?

Verizon Content Transfer app was developed for data migration. Alternatively, Verizon Cloud lets you back up your contacts, photos, videos and music, text messages and call logs.

Part 4: The Best Alternative of Verizon Content Transfer

If Verizon Content Transfer app is not available to your smartphone, Apeaksoft MobieTrans is a good alternative solution to sync data between two mobile devices at any time.


4,000,000+ Downloads

Transfer content between mobile devices through USB cables.

Support a wide range of data types including app data.

Preview contents on the source device for selectively syncing.

Back up your files from mobile device to computer quickly.

Convert files according to the target device automatically.

In short, it is the best alternative to Verizon Content Transfer for content syncing between iPhone and Android.

How to Transfer Content from iPhone to Android

Step 1Connect the two mobile devices

After you get the new Android phone, install MobieTrans to your PC. Then connect the two mobile devices to the same computer with USB cords. Launch the alternative to Verizon Content Transfer and your devices will be recognized immediately.

Connect iPhone

Step 2Preview content on source device

To scan the content on source iPhone, select it from the drop-down list on the top of the interface. Then you can preview your files by categories. To transfer photos, for example, go to the Photos tab and select the desired contents.

Transfer photo to idevice

Step 3Transfer content to target phone

Once content selecting is done, click the Phone icon at the top ribbon and pick up the target Android phone to initiate data syncing. When you see the success dialog, quit the software and disconnect your devices. Now, you can check and access your contents on the target device.

Note : This way is also available to transfer data from Android to iPhone, between iOS devices, and from Android to Android.
Finish transfer


You should understand what is Verizon Content Transfer app and how to use it. As a simple data transferring app, it is good starting point to do data migration when you get a new phone. If you need a more powerful tool, we suggest you to try Apeaksoft MobieTrans. It offers fast speed and can protect your files during the process. If you have other questions related to data transfer, please write it down below this article.

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