How to Trim a Video on Android Devices Without Losing Quality

With the rise of video content on social media, video editing has become an indispensable skill. Before you upload a story on TikTok, for example, you have to read the rules and follow them. At first, it allows users to upload a video no more than 15 seconds. Then extend to 3 minutes. Currently, the maximum video length is 10 minutes. Anyway, this tutorial will demonstrate the easiest ways to trim a video on your Android phone.

Trim a Video on Android

Part 1: How to Trim a Video on Android with Google Photos

Google Photos is a popular way to back up photos and videos on Android devices. It was released by Google and offers 15GB free storage for each account. Besides, it includes a video editor with basic features, such as trimming a video on Android. Here are the steps to get it.

Trim Google Photos

Step 1Run the Google Photos app from your app tray. If you do not have it, download it from Play Store for free. Sign in to your Google account.

Step 2Step 2: Tap the Add icon, and upload the desired video to Google Photos. Here you must connect your Android phone to an internet network.

Step 3Step 3: After uploading, open the video, and tap the Edit icon at the bottom. Then you will be presented with the timeline bar at the bottom.

Step 4Step 4: Move the starting and ending points to the desired positions with your fingers. Then tap the Save copy button at the bottom to export the trimmed video to Android.

Note: If you want to share the video, you can do it from Google Photos directly or download it to your memory.

Part 2: How to Trim a Video on Samsung Galaxy

Although Android phones are running the same mobile operating system, manufacturers redesign it. Samsung, for instance, has added basic video editing features into the built-in Gallery app on Galaxy including cutting a video on Android.

Gallery App

Step 1Run the Gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy device, head to the album, and open the video that you want to trim.

Step 2Step 2: Tap the Edit icon at the bottom, and select the Trim tool with a scissor icon.

Step 3Step 3: Move the right slider to the left side until it reaches the new beginning, and change the left slider to the right side until it reaches the new end.

Step 4Step 4: At last, tap the Save button to confirm the changes.

Note: This way is available to most Galaxy devices; however, the details may be a bit varied.

Part 3: Alternative Solution to Trim Android Videos

Smartphones are not a good place to edit videos due to the small screen and limited memory. The alternative solution is transferring the Android video to a PC and trimming it. From this point, we recommend Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate. It is an all-in-one solution to cut an Android video with a computer. More importantly, it includes multiple ways to do the job.

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How to Trim an Android Video without Quality Loss

Step 1Open the Android video

Transfer the target video from your Android phone to your computer. Install the best video trimmer tool on your desktop and launch it. Head to the top ribbon, switch to the Toolbox window and choose the Video Trimmer tool. Click the Add icon, find, and open the Android video to trim. Or drag and drop the video into the interface to open it directly.

Video TrimmerStep 2Trim the Android video

Once the video is loaded, you will see the main interface. There are three ways to cut an Android video:

If you just need to cut a clip from the video, reset starting and ending positions on the timeline by moving the sliders.

Another way to cut the Android video, play the video and click the Set Start button. Keep playing the video and click the Set End button at the new ending position.

To trim the Android video accurately, you can set the beginning and end points in the boxes under the timeline manually.

Next, click the Add Segment button to add the clip to the list. Then you can cut other clips from the video.

Trim Video
Tip : By default, the software cuts audio along with the images. You can add Fade in and Fade out effects to the clip.
Step 3Export trimmed video

When you are done, move to the bottom area. Write down a filename, set the output format, and select a specific folder to save the output. Finally, click on the Export button.

Part 4: FAQs about Trimming a Video on Android

Question 1. Does Samsung have a video editing app?

On Samsung Galaxy, you can do basic video editing, such as trimming or cutting off some unwanted parts, or slowing down the playback in the Gallery app. If you need advanced features, download a video editor app from Google Play Store.

Question 2. Why do you need to trim a video?

Trimming a long video into short clips allows you to transfer and share the content quickly. Moreover, all social networks have the maximum video length. A short video accelerates the time to load and buffer.

Question 3. How to cut an MP4 on an Android phone?

If your Gallery app has the MP4 cutter feature, you can do it directly. If not, you have to cut an MP4 using a video editor app.


This guide has identified the easiest ways to trim or cut a video on an Android device. The Google Photos app allows you to do it on most Android phones. The built-in feature in the Gallery app enables Galaxy users to trim a video without extra tools. Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate helps you shorten videos on desktops. If you have other questions about this topic, please feel free to leave a message below.

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